New Speedo FS-Pro Recordbreaker Style

New Speedo FS-Pro Recordbreaker Style

Speedo has just released a new body style in the Fastskin FS-PRO swimsuit. The Speedo Fastskin FS-PRO Female Recordbreaker style is now available for sale online at Now you have a regular swimsuit style with the performance of of the FS-PRO fabric. The LZR Pulse fabric is a high density microfiber fabric woven from chlorine resistant elastane and ultra fine nylon thread. 15% more powerful compression than any other lightweight suit on the market. Significantly improved stretch and shape retention. Water repellent coating limits water absorption resulting in a long lasting durable fabric. The limited water absorption creates an incredibly lightweight feel in the water. The Speedo FS Pro fabric has significantly greater fabric power and compression than any other lightweight suit on the market and it is now avaliable in the female recordbreaker style. The compression provides core stability and firmness during competition without feeling restrictive or heavy.

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