Is that a Mermaid?

Is that a Mermaid?

Okay, maybe mermaids are fictional…  If you didn’t know any better though you would swear Nadya Vessey was the real thing.  Nadya’s longtime wish to become a mermaid came true thanks to New Zealand special-effects company Weta Workshop.  Nadya now has a fully functional mermaid tail with an attached suit for when she hits the water.  As of now there is no word on whether FINA will approve the tail for competitive use.

Don’t expect to get your hands on your own mermaid tail since Weta Workshop isn’t expected to put them up for sale anytime soon.  However, you can get similar training effects with the Finis Monofin.  The monofin is a great training device that benefits all swimming strokes and overall aquatic fitness.  It is ideal for lengthening the stroke, improving body balance, and core muscle conditioning.  Also, the Finis Shooter Monofin provides the same benefits while allowing for a quicker kick pace.  Monofins are available at D&J Sports, mermaid suits sold separately.

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