How to fit a female practice suit

How to fit a female practice suit

Ok so you want to buy a practice suit or grab bag suit, but you don’t know what size? Don’t worry here is a little advice to help you out. Your race suit should be at least one size smaller than your practice suits. When you try one on make sure when you pull the strap up it doesn’t go up to your ear, then it is too big. Your practice suit should just be comfortable and it should be slightly tight but not too much. Just put on what feels the best. It doesn’t matter too much as long as it fits. For practice suits, you want them a comfortable size because you wear them for long periods of time. Your racing suit should feel tight. It will loosen up in the water, but I like mine to feel like a second skin. Ok so now you know how the practice suits fit, now you need somewhere to get a good deal? There are lot’s of great deals at D&J Sports on grab bag swimsuits.

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