BlueSeventy Suits Back on the Approved FINA List

BlueSeventy Suits Back on the Approved FINA List

As of this morning Blue Seventy suits are back on the approved FINA list. BlueSeventy has made their argument that their suits do not trap air and FINA has listened and approved some of their suits.

FINA Executive held a meeting in Lausanne Switzerland on June 19, 2009 to consider the swimsuits approvals under the transitory regulations in accordance with the Dubai Charter.

The Executive reviewed the recommendations of the Swimsuit Commission issued on June 18, 2009 in connection with the swimsuits subject to re-examination further to the first Commission Meeting on May 19, 2009.

The Manufacturers have re-presented their swimsuits with modifications. In certain cases, the Manufacturers have submitted arguments regarding the fact the construction or material of their swimsuits would not create air trapping effects.

The Executive approved the swimsuits as per attached list.

Regarding the application of the criteria, the Executive found that the evidence of “in use” air trapping effect is complex and that it would require considerable time to create and implement comprehensive control mechanisms and test methods which would permit to establish the effect with absolute certainty in connection with particular swimsuits. In a transitory period where the industry had little time to anticipate the requirements, it is also important to take into account that the outcome of the approval process can have substantial impact on existing production and stocks. Therefore, in cases where there was a reasonable doubt as to the effect, such doubt had to be taken into account in the decision concerning the respective swimsuits.

To secure a level-playing field, the swimsuits approved will be available to all swimmers at the World Championships in Rome.

The approved swimsuits will be labelled and will be checked in Rome prior to competition.

The rules regarding shape, use of only one swimsuit and no taping will be strictly applied and controlled in the first call room.

FINA will continue the process of controlling the evolution of swimsuits and will issue new rules including new criteria for 2010.

Here are the FINA Approved BlueSeventy swimsuits: 

Blueseventy Ltd Nero Seamless Bodyskin full
  Nero Seamless Kneeskin full – knee
  Nero 10K Bodyskin full
  Nero Comp Bodyskin full
  Nero Open Back Bodyskin full
  Nero Comp Kneeskin full – knee
  Nero Open Back Kneeskin full – knee
  Nero Legskin pants – long
  Nero Jammer pants – short
  Pointzero3+ Long Leg / Calf full
  Pointzero3+ Kneeskin full – knee

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