2010 Speedo LZR Elite Swimsuits Preordering

2010 Speedo LZR Elite Swimsuits Preordering

The new 2010 Speedo LZR Elite suits are now available for preordering. The Speedo LZR Elite will be the replacement for the Speedo LZR Racer. It uses the same LZR Pulse fabric as both the LZR Racer and the Speedo FS-Pro swimsuits do. Plus it has bonded seams just like the LZR Racer. Which reduce drag and create a more streamline suit. The new Speedo LZR Elite suit is available in 2 female styles including the Recordbreaker and the recordbreaker knee suit. The male style is the Speedo LZR Elite jammer. Order yours today for delivery estimated sometime in mid to late December 2009. Just in time for the 2010 championship racing season. The Speedo LZR Elite is FINA approved and can be used for High School and NCAA swimming competitions. Preorders are available from D&J Sports Swim Shop.

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