Use the Best 25-Yard Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines

Use the Best 25-Yard Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines

Racing Swim Lanes
The right racing lanes make swimming easier.

Every competition pool needs lane ropes and lines to keep swimmers in their lane. Aside from keeping swimmers in their lanes, the best 25yard swim lane ropes and lane lines also contain various numbers of fins on the side of each individual disc that help calm the water, giving swimmers a smooth surface to perfect their swimming strokes and swimming times. There are a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right lane ropes and lines for your pool. The two leaders in the industry are the AntiWave Forerunner and Competitor Racing Lane Line.

AntiWave   Forerunner Racing Lane Line

The AntiWave Forerunner 25-Yard Racing Line is a leader in the industry. The discs on the lane line measure 4.75 inches. This is a bit larger than the industry standard 4-inch disc, enabling them to successfully fight the waves by sending them down the swimming lane to stop the momentum and provide a smooth surface for your swimmers. They are available in a large variety of colors, as well as various patterns. As is industry standard, the first and last 15 meters must be an alternate color to alert backstroke swimmers of the wall that is coming up behind them. One of the largest benefits of investing in the AntiWave brand is its standard three-year warranty for its products, in addition to its popularity throughout the industry for durable, long lasting products.

Competitor 25-Meter Racing Lane Line

Another leader in the industry is the Competitor 25-Meter 4-Inch Racing Lane Line and the 6-Inch Racing Line. The Competitor brand has been popular in the swimming industry for the last 20 years, ranking at the top of coaches’ and swimmers’ lists of quality products. The 6-inch lane line was introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. What sets the Competitor lines apart from the rest are the five fins that surround the center of the disc, allowing maximum dispersion of the waves for competitive swimmers. A vinyl coating that extends the longevity of the discs protects each disc. They are available in nine different colors, as well as various color combinations, in both the 4- and 6-inch varieties. As is the industry standard, the first and last 15-feet will be a solid color.

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