Find the Best Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines for Summer Teams

Find the Best Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines for Summer Teams

Swimming Lane Ropes
Swimming lane ropes help keep swimmers in their lanes.

When you are swimming competitively, lane lines help you stay away from other swimmers and can provide you with a clear lane without dealing with the draft from other swimmers. Swim lane lines for summer teams are the same as they are for any other competitive swimming, regardless of the time of year. However, summer can be a great time to replace your swimming lane ropes.

Choose the Right Lengths

Every pool is a different size. Some summer teams swim in shorter pools, while others use longer regulation pools. Regardless of which size your pool may be, you can find swim lane markers in a variety of lengths to accommodate. The Antiwave Forerunner comes in 25 and 50 meter lengths, as does the Competitor. However, the Competitor is also available in a 75 meter length, which is ideal for non-traditional longer pools.

Select Your Marker Colors

If you take a close look at a swimming lane rope, you will see it features alternating colors that help swimmers identify where they are in the pool as they swim. However, the exact colors don’t matter. When you purchase the Antiwave Forerunner or Competitor swim lane ropes, you can select to the colors of the markers to match your swim team colors. This allows you to customize your pool so everyone remembers where they are.

Replacement Parts

You don’t always have to completely replace your swimming lane ropes at your summer team pool. Depending on the damage that has occurred, you may be able to use replacement parts. While it can be difficult to replace a few of the parts in your lane ropes, it becomes easier when you do it more often. These replacement parts will ensure you can continue to use your lane lines without spending more money on replacing the lines completely.

Swim lane ropes are one of the most essential aspects of your pool when you use it for competitions. Whether you are in the market for new Antiwave Forerunner or Competitor lane lines, you will find a variety of lengths and marker colors from which you can choose. In addition to purchasing new swimming lane ropes, you may also keep some replacement parts on hand, allowing you to make minor fixes without replacing your ropes completely.

If you need to replace your swim lane ropes or you need replacement parts, contact us. We carry everything you need in the best brands.

Learn How to Restring Racing Lines Fast

Learn How to Restring Racing Lines Fast

Racing Lane Ropes
Replacing the cable in racing lane lines doesn’t have to be tedious.

The racing lane lines are an important element in a competitive swimming pool. Without these lines swimmers would not be able to keep a straight line and the currents created by other swimmers would interfere with each individual. These lane lines may need new ropes, though, or may require a replacement for a float. Learning to restring these lines quickly will save you time and effort.

Prep the Lane Line

The first thing you need to do is remove the racing lane line from the water and lay it out alongside the pool. Make sure it is as straight as possible. Remove any slack from the line so it will be easier to work with. It is also best to unreel the new rope to ensure it is easier to work with as you thread the new line through.

Fast Restringing

Once everything is ready to go, you will need to cut the old rope at a spot before the floats work. Take the end of the new cable and set it end to end with the old cable. Use clear packing tape to tape the two ends together. You can then move to the other end of the racing lane line and pull the old cable out, guiding the new cable through the floats. It is often best to have someone else nearby to ensure the spliced cables don’t become snagged and detach.

Replacing a Float

If you must replace a float while you are restringing the racing lane line, stop the taped ends just before you reach the pool float that must be replaced. Remove the tape, pull out the damaged pool float and thread the new pool float onto the cable. You can then tape the two ends back together and resume pulling the new cable through the rest of the floats.

Reattach the Ends

Once the old cable is completely removed and the new one is in place, you will need to reattach the connectors on the ends of the cables. Make sure you tie all knots securely so the lane markers do not break loose during a swim meet or practice.

Restringing pool lane lines can be one of the most frustrating maintenance jobs at the pool. However, when you follow these tips for faster restringing, you can have your pool back in operating condition in no time.

Use the Best 25-Yard Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines

Use the Best 25-Yard Swim Lane Ropes and Lane Lines

Racing Swim Lanes
The right racing lanes make swimming easier.

Every competition pool needs lane ropes and lines to keep swimmers in their lane. Aside from keeping swimmers in their lanes, the best 25yard swim lane ropes and lane lines also contain various numbers of fins on the side of each individual disc that help calm the water, giving swimmers a smooth surface to perfect their swimming strokes and swimming times. There are a variety of choices when it comes to choosing the right lane ropes and lines for your pool. The two leaders in the industry are the AntiWave Forerunner and Competitor Racing Lane Line.

AntiWave   Forerunner Racing Lane Line

The AntiWave Forerunner 25-Yard Racing Line is a leader in the industry. The discs on the lane line measure 4.75 inches. This is a bit larger than the industry standard 4-inch disc, enabling them to successfully fight the waves by sending them down the swimming lane to stop the momentum and provide a smooth surface for your swimmers. They are available in a large variety of colors, as well as various patterns. As is industry standard, the first and last 15 meters must be an alternate color to alert backstroke swimmers of the wall that is coming up behind them. One of the largest benefits of investing in the AntiWave brand is its standard three-year warranty for its products, in addition to its popularity throughout the industry for durable, long lasting products.

Competitor 25-Meter Racing Lane Line

Another leader in the industry is the Competitor 25-Meter 4-Inch Racing Lane Line and the 6-Inch Racing Line. The Competitor brand has been popular in the swimming industry for the last 20 years, ranking at the top of coaches’ and swimmers’ lists of quality products. The 6-inch lane line was introduced at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona. What sets the Competitor lines apart from the rest are the five fins that surround the center of the disc, allowing maximum dispersion of the waves for competitive swimmers. A vinyl coating that extends the longevity of the discs protects each disc. They are available in nine different colors, as well as various color combinations, in both the 4- and 6-inch varieties. As is the industry standard, the first and last 15-feet will be a solid color.

The Best Swimming Pool Lane Rope Storage

The Best Swimming Pool Lane Rope Storage

Lane Line Storage Reel
Proper storage of your lane lines is critical when you aren’t using them.

When you are dealing with lane markers in the swimming pool, you will need to care for them and have a place to store them. While these lane lines are critical when you are swimming competitively because they stop the wave action, which can slow you down, you won’t always have them in the pool. Having proper lane rope storage is important. The Antiwave Ultimate storage reel can be a great asset.

When to Use Storage

When you are completing certain training exercises or are using the pool for a free swim, the lane lines will only get in the way. During the colder months when the pool isn’t in use or when you are cleaning the pool, the line lanes need to be removed. When you remove those lane lines, you can’t just throw them in a storage closet or in a pile in the corner of the pool deck. This will cause damage and can lead to mold and other problems. Having a storage reel for your lane lines will work best.


The Ultimate lane line storage reel from Antiwave can accommodate enough lane lines for an entire pool. The reel features a 6-inch spindle that will help prevent damage to the discs regardless of which size discs you use. This storage reel can store up to eight lanes of 75-foot Forerunner lane lines, which has a diameter of 4.75 inches, or up to five lanes of 75-foot Ultimate lane lines, which has 6-inch diameter discs. This is a larger capacity than many other reels on the market.

Additional Features

This best swimming pool lane rope storage provides you with a long list of additional benefits that make it a great choice. The reel is made from lightweight metal that allows you to move it easily, as well as reduces the shipping costs for you. It comes in pieces to also cut down on the costs of shipping it to you. The four wheels on the storage unit lock and rotate to help you move it around, as well as keep it in place when you are storing the lane lines.

Storing your lane lines properly is important whenever you take them out of the pool. When you choose the Antiwave Ultimate lane line storage reel will provide you with storage for up to eight lines, depending on the diameter of the discs on your line. This is the best swimming pool lane rope storage due to its ease of use and capacity.


Swimming Lane Lines

Swimming Lane Lines

As the preliminary design for the wildly successful 6-inch Maximum lanes used in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the AntiWave ForeRunner lane lines introduced a new design concept calculated to disperse the waves along the lane line and then downwards to stop all momentum.  Today, it is the cornerstone of the Anti Wave racing lane family. However you choose to define value–cost, quality, function, style or performance–it is easy to see why the ForeRunner lane rope is AntiWave’s best-selling lane rope by far. The AntiWave ForeRunner Racing Lanes have a disc diameter of 4.75 inches. This increased size provides greater wave-quell capability than the standard 4-inch lanes offered in the swimming industry. They are equipped with the unique Supertensioner, the original turnbuckle tensioning device that does not require a lane rope wrench. The Anti Wave lanelines come in a wide range of standard color choices of discs, floats and Supertensioners to suit your pool or swim team colors. They are molded and factory assembled in Sanger, Texas, using the highest quality materials. All of the Anti-Wave lane lines come with AntiWave’s comprehensive standard 3-Year Warranty. They are great value for money and the lane lines consistently outperform the competition with regards to price and value.