Learn How to Restring Racing Lines Fast

Learn How to Restring Racing Lines Fast

Racing Lane Ropes
Replacing the cable in racing lane lines doesn’t have to be tedious.

The racing lane lines are an important element in a competitive swimming pool. Without these lines swimmers would not be able to keep a straight line and the currents created by other swimmers would interfere with each individual. These lane lines may need new ropes, though, or may require a replacement for a float. Learning to restring these lines quickly will save you time and effort.

Prep the Lane Line

The first thing you need to do is remove the racing lane line from the water and lay it out alongside the pool. Make sure it is as straight as possible. Remove any slack from the line so it will be easier to work with. It is also best to unreel the new rope to ensure it is easier to work with as you thread the new line through.

Fast Restringing

Once everything is ready to go, you will need to cut the old rope at a spot before the floats work. Take the end of the new cable and set it end to end with the old cable. Use clear packing tape to tape the two ends together. You can then move to the other end of the racing lane line and pull the old cable out, guiding the new cable through the floats. It is often best to have someone else nearby to ensure the spliced cables don’t become snagged and detach.

Replacing a Float

If you must replace a float while you are restringing the racing lane line, stop the taped ends just before you reach the pool float that must be replaced. Remove the tape, pull out the damaged pool float and thread the new pool float onto the cable. You can then tape the two ends back together and resume pulling the new cable through the rest of the floats.

Reattach the Ends

Once the old cable is completely removed and the new one is in place, you will need to reattach the connectors on the ends of the cables. Make sure you tie all knots securely so the lane markers do not break loose during a swim meet or practice.

Restringing pool lane lines can be one of the most frustrating maintenance jobs at the pool. However, when you follow these tips for faster restringing, you can have your pool back in operating condition in no time.

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