Antiwave Lane Lines

Antiwave Lane Lines

Antiwave Lane Ropes

Are you looking for new racing lanes for your swimming pool? The Antiwave racing lanes are the answer.

Antiwave pool products are a leader in the swim rope and racing lane line industry. They offer an exclusive 3 year warranty on all of their products, including they lane lines. The basic 4 inch lane rope is not your ordinary 4 inch lane rope, Antiwave has made the Forerunner Lane Line slightly bigger (4.75 inches) to help quell waves better. Plus they offer the supertensioner take up system that does not require you to keep track of a lane rope wrench anymore.

Ok so you want the best lane ropes for your swimming pool? Then Antiwave has the answer in the 6 inch maximum lane line. This is the top of the line model with the best wave quelling technology on the market.

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