Nike Cut-Out Tank Swimsuits Are All the Rage

Nike Cut-Out Tank Swimsuits Are All the Rage

If you are looking for one of the top swimsuits of the year, the Nike Cut-Out Tank is right for you.

Women want to look great when they are swimming in a competition, but they also want a suit that will be functional. One of the hottest suits for the 2012 swimming season is the Nike cut-out tank suit. These suits provide women with the feminine look they want, as well as the functionality they need from a cut out tank suit.

Suit Construction

The Nike cutout tank swimsuits are made from a combination of polyester and some spandex to give you the flexibility you need in a suit so it moves with you as you swim. This will reduce the resistance you experience as you cut through the water and race to the finish line. While most of the suits are constructed with low-cut backs and thin straps, the reversible solids lingerie style gives you the advantage of having two suits in one.


When you are looking for the perfect cutout tank swimsuits for your team, you can choose from a wide range of designs. While the most basic of the designs is a solid color, either reversible or one-sided, you can also choose from a variety of other designs. If you want to suit your whole team in Nike cut-out tank suits, you may want to look into the Team Color Block suits, which come in many different colors so you are sure to find the one that best matches your team. Some of the other options include the all-new Horizon and the Labyrinth, which was named 2012 best girls swim team suit for 2012.

Making a Statement

Most people don’t enter the swimming field to make a statement. However, the Nike cutout tank suits provide you with the opportunity to do just that without wearing something that isn’t appropriate for a swim team competition. With all the available designs you have to choose from, you can outfit your whole team with an eye-catching suit that will also provide the style that your swimmers need to showcase their skills in the water.

Nike works hard to stay ahead of the crowd with its swimsuit designs. The cut out tank suit provides your swimmers with everything they need, from a good fit to a feminine look, followed by a streamlined fit that will help swimmers cut through the water without creating additional drag. These suits have it all, which is what makes them in such high demand for this season.

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