The Nike Team Color Block Suits Redesigned

The Nike Team Color Block Suits Redesigned

The Nike Team Color suits provide you with multiple customization options.

Each year, swimsuit companies aim to create new designs for their suits that will not only help enhance a swimmer’s ability in the water, but provide a comfortable, fashionable look as well. The Nike Team Color Block suits have been redesigned with each of these elements in mind. You can purchase these new designs to give your swim team an updated look without impacting performance.

Cut-Out Tank

The Nike Team Color Block Cut-Out Tank suit has been designed with the female elite swimmer in mind. The suit design features a traditional tank style swimsuit with an open back and a low-cut front. The straps are thin to cut down on resistance and provide comfort for the swimmer. The suits come in navy blue or black with white accents. Choose the secondary accent color based on your team colors.

Power Back

If your female team members prefer a more solid back, the new Nike Team Color Power Back suit provides thicker comfortable straps that are designed to reduce rubbing as the swimmer moves. This creates a smooth fit for maximum comfort. This suit is designed with as few seams as possible for a more streamlined effect in the water. Like the Cut-Out Tank suit, this suit comes in navy blue or black with accents in white and your choice of secondary colors. These suits are customizable with your team information.


Designed for men who like the lower cut suits, the Nike Team Color Brief suit provides men with the support they need to swim cleanly through the water. Available in black or navy blue with your choice of colors on the sides of the brief, you can choose the one that best matches your team colors. If you want to further customize the brief, you can order your team logo printed on the back hip.


For men who prefer the jammer style, the Nike Team Color Jammer suit can provide additional support as you swim through the water. The greater coverage of the jammer style will help make your body more streamlined so you can cut through the water seamlessly. These jammers are available in black or navy blue with streaks of white and your choice of colors down the sides. You can customize the jammers with your team logo.

Choosing the right swimsuit for your swim team doesn’t have to be difficult. The newly designed Nike Team Color Block line of swim team suits provides you with the coverage and comfort you expect from a swim team suit, along with the ability to choose the colors that reflect your team and customize with your team logo.

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