Customize Your Swimming Gear with the Speedo LZR Elite

Customize Your Swimming Gear with the Speedo LZR Elite

Speedo LZR Elite FastSkin3 Racing System
The Speedo FastSkin3 Racing System is adding back the Speedo LZR Elite.

When you are putting together your swim gear for your competitive swimming career, you will need to think about your own personal preferences. As you consider your options, you will be pleased to know that a big name like Speedo understands that each swimmer has different needs and tastes. When it comes to the FastSkin3 Racing System by Speedo, swimmers will have more than 13 different pieces to choose from. Instead of only having a couple of choices or having to choose a specific set, swimmers can put together a package, including racing swimsuit, cap and goggles, that works best for them.

Speedo LZR Elite

While the FastSkin3 Racing System of swimsuits, caps and goggles has been around for a while, the Speedo LZR Elite, available in both men’s and women’s styles, was not always a part of the racing system. It had previously been a part of the system but was discontinued. However, because of the demand by swimmers who are looking for changes to the line, Speedo has redesigned and again included the LZR Elite swimsuit into its line. This means swimmers now have three different suits from which to choose, each one offering its own range of benefits to swimmers.

LZR Elite Features

If you aren’t sure if the LZR Elite is the right swimsuit to add to your FastSkin3 Racing System goggles and swim cap, you will want to examine the features of the suit. This will help you determine if it is the right suit for your racing needs. The LZR Elite is a fully bonded suit that is made from lightweight material so you feel less constricted. You will experience the benefits of all-over compression, as well as comfortable leg openings so you can enjoy all the comforts while helping your body perform better in the water. In addition, the suit features core stabilizing features for optimal performance.

Your performance in the water isn’t only limited by your skills and experience. You will also need the help of a quality competition swimsuit, combined with the right goggles and swim cap for your body style and swimming technique. To increase your combination options for the FastSkin3 Racing System, Speedo has again added the redesigned LZR Elite swimsuit to the line. Whether you already have a suit and are looking for a replacement or you are using the FastSkin3 system for the first time, this suit or one of the other two available suits in the system may be the right option for you.

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