Watershoes for the Beach

Watershoes for the Beach

Whether you are going to beach or pool at your leisure or you are going to be working out in a pool setting, there are various types of watershoes for the beach you should consider. Even though some local stores may carry watershoes, you will feel much better if you purchase watershoes from a bigger swimming brand, such as Speedo. Understanding the various types of watershoes will help you pick the pair that is the best for your situation.

Men’s Surf Walker Pro

If you are looking for men’s watershoes to wear to the beach, the Surfwalker Pro is an all-purpose beach watershoe that will work well for your beach excursions and trips to the pool. Available in black, lime, navy blue and electric blue, these shoes will give you a great fit without being difficult to put on. The jersey and mesh material will dry quickly so you don’t need to walk around in wet shoes all day.

Women’s Surf Walker Pro

The women’s version of the Surfwalker Pro watershoes offers the same features as the male version, suited for the size and shape of a woman’s foot. Just like the men’s version, these shoes are a perfect addition to your beach bag or pool bag so you can walk around without worrying about stepping on something that can hurt your foot. Even if wear them in the water, they will dry quickly so you can wear a dry pair of shoes. The women’s version is available in your choice of aqua, berry, black, black and pink, and black and purple.

Women’s Hydro Trainer

Beach Watershoes
Hydro Trainers look like regular shoes, but they are really watershoes.

If you take part in water aerobics or some other type of water training, the women’s Hydro Trainer watershoes are a great option. Even though they look and feel like typical tennis shoes, they are meant to be worn in the water. Not only will they provide better grip on the bottom of the pool, they give your feet the support they need while you work out. These shoes are available in navy, pink and red so you can find a pair to match your suit.

Watershoes can provide you with protection and support while you are spending time on the beach or at the pool, both in and out of the water. If you just want a pair you can wear for recreational use, the general purpose watershoes will fit the bill. However, if you plan to participate in water aerobics or another aquatic fitness routine, hydro trainers can be the perfect choice for you.

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