Drag Suits for Training

Drag Suits for Training

Drag Suits
Purchasing a quality drag suit is a useful tool for your training.

When you are looking to train your body to become a better swimmer, you will need to make use of various tools you have at your disposal. One of these tools is the use of drag suits. While you want to keep your body as streamlined as possible when you are swimming competitively, creating drag on your body when you practice can help strengthen your muscles and develop your swimming technique.

Speedo Drag Suits

If you enjoy the Speedo brand of suits, you will enjoy the Poly Mesh Square Leg suit when you are looking for a suit to help build strength and stamina. This suit has a slightly baggy fit for increased drag in the water. Available in five color combinations, this Speedo suit is fade resistant so it will last you a long time. The suit is lined and features a draw string inside the waist for the best fit.

Dolfin Drag Suits

The Dolfin Solid Dragsters suits are perfect for adding some resistance to your training. These suits are made from baggier mesh, which allows the water to flow through the suit, resulting in more drag. You can find the right one for you in one of the four newer colors available.

Nike Drag Suits

The Nike Reversible Mesh Drag suit provides swimmers with a more versatile training suit to help build up strength and stamina in the pool. Because the suit is reversible, you can achieve a different look each time you put it on for more versatility. With three different color combinations, you can find the one that suits you best.

Swim Stuff Drag Suits

If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative for your drag training suits, the Swim Stuff Poly Mesh Drag suit and Poly Mesh Training suit can be a great option. Both suits offer the baggy fit required to create more drag for training purposes. The drag suit comes in four colors, while the training suit comes in just two. Both suits are fade-resistant and feature a drawstring cord on the inside for the best fit.

As you consider your training tools, purchasing a drag suit to help train your body to increase strength and stamina, you need to know which suits each company offers. While there are slight differences in the design of these suits, many of them are similar, as long as you stick to the brands you can trust.

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