4 Benefits of Joining the High School Swim Team

4 Benefits of Joining the High School Swim Team

Consider joining your high school swim team
The high school swim team offers many benefits.

Once children reach high school age, they find there are a variety of teams and organizations from which they can choose. Everyone can find something that suits their interests. However, before you start shopping for training suits and team suits, such as jammers, briefs or knee skins, it’s important to determine if the swim team is right for you.

A Great Alternative

The high school swim team isn’t something you often hear about when you’re considering clubs to join. However, if none of the other clubs appeal to you or you don’t fit into any of the other groups or teams, this can be the perfect option. Just about everyone can swim well if they put the time and effort into it.

A Challenge for All Levels

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced swimmer or you are just getting started, the high school swim team can be an exciting and challenging experience. When you use the right training suits, you will learn valuable lessons about not only swimming, but also team work and camaraderie.

Become Part of a Team

One of the biggest appeals to joining the high school swim team is it may be your first chance to truly be part of a team. The level of bonding teenagers get from being part of a team can help them develop important traits that will benefit them throughout their school years and their careers. Teamwork is an important skill to learn for individuals of any age.

Get Professional Guidance

Many high school coaches are trained and experienced swimmers who have participated on a competitive level themselves. This means students can get valuable guidance and training that can help them take their swimming to the next level if they choose. Even if you don’t plan to swim competitively beyond high school, joining the team and learning from an experienced coach can be useful in the future.

When children reach high school, there are a number of teams and clubs they can join. While many people are aware of drama clubs, chess clubs and many of the major sports like baseball and football, there are a variety of other options, including swim teams. If you’re looking for something different that promotes team work and teaches valuable life skills, swimming can be the perfect choice.

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Drag Suits for Training

Drag Suits for Training

Drag Suits
Purchasing a quality drag suit is a useful tool for your training.

When you are looking to train your body to become a better swimmer, you will need to make use of various tools you have at your disposal. One of these tools is the use of drag suits. While you want to keep your body as streamlined as possible when you are swimming competitively, creating drag on your body when you practice can help strengthen your muscles and develop your swimming technique.

Speedo Drag Suits

If you enjoy the Speedo brand of suits, you will enjoy the Poly Mesh Square Leg suit when you are looking for a suit to help build strength and stamina. This suit has a slightly baggy fit for increased drag in the water. Available in five color combinations, this Speedo suit is fade resistant so it will last you a long time. The suit is lined and features a draw string inside the waist for the best fit.

Dolfin Drag Suits

The Dolfin Solid Dragsters suits are perfect for adding some resistance to your training. These suits are made from baggier mesh, which allows the water to flow through the suit, resulting in more drag. You can find the right one for you in one of the four newer colors available.

Nike Drag Suits

The Nike Reversible Mesh Drag suit provides swimmers with a more versatile training suit to help build up strength and stamina in the pool. Because the suit is reversible, you can achieve a different look each time you put it on for more versatility. With three different color combinations, you can find the one that suits you best.

Swim Stuff Drag Suits

If you are looking for a lower-cost alternative for your drag training suits, the Swim Stuff Poly Mesh Drag suit and Poly Mesh Training suit can be a great option. Both suits offer the baggy fit required to create more drag for training purposes. The drag suit comes in four colors, while the training suit comes in just two. Both suits are fade-resistant and feature a drawstring cord on the inside for the best fit.

As you consider your training tools, purchasing a drag suit to help train your body to increase strength and stamina, you need to know which suits each company offers. While there are slight differences in the design of these suits, many of them are similar, as long as you stick to the brands you can trust.

Nike Training/Practice Suits for Summer

Nike Training/Practice Suits for Summer

Your Nike training/practice suit provides you with more options over your competition suit.

If you are looking for a good swimsuit to use for your team swim practices over the summer, Nike offers a full line of high-quality training/practice suits. These suits come in a variety of styles and color designs so you can choose one that is the most comfortable for you during those long periods of practice and training. Your training swimsuit can be one with which you can show a little of your personality with the colors and patterns available.

Cut-Out Suits

The popular Nike Cut-Out suits are designed with thin straps that reduce the resistance in the water and provide you with maximum comfort as you swim. You can feel confident that this suit won’t impede your ability to train and practice with its sleek, feminine design. This swimsuit is available in both the Labyrinth and Horizon designs in a variety of colors in both designs.

Spider Back Tank

Similar to the Nike Cut-Out suits is the Spider Back Tank. This suit features the same basic body style as the Cut-Out suits with a different kind of straps. The double criss-cross straps provide you with comfort and additional support. This suit comes in the leaf Batik design in several colors so you can choose the one that best fits your style.

Lingerie Tank

The Lingerie Tank suits by Nike offer another look for women who want a one-piece suit for training and practice purposes. This suit features a wider strap around your back that will provide you with a secure fit that doesn’t cause additional resistance in the water. In fact, this sleek suit will allow you to cut through the water with ease to increase your efficiency as you swim. The lingerie tank comes in two designs: Labyrinth and Horizon, each in a variety of colors.

Halter Top Two-Piece

When you are competing, you are going to have to wear a one-piece suit. However, when it comes to practice, you may want to try a Halter Top Two-Piecesuit instead. The Nike Halter Top Two-Piece comes in the Batik leaf style in several colors. The top of the suit can be worn in one of several configurations: crossed, tied and over-the-shoulder.

Choosing your training/practice suit is much different than buying ones to wear during the meets. You want a suit that will be comfortable and provide you with all the advantages of your competition suit. However, you can be creative and choose a different style, design and color for your practice suit.