Two Types of Water Swim Shoes

Two Types of Water Swim Shoes

Whether you are looking for a great pair of water swim shoes to wear for your day on the beach or an afternoon at the pool, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the choices you have. There are many brands that make these shoes that are meant for use in the water, but how do you find the right one? Are the cheaper pairs just as good as the more expensive brands? Understanding the two basic types of water shoes will help you decide which pair is right for you.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro

If you are looking for more traditional water swim shoes, the men’s and women’s versions of the Surfwalker Pro by Speedo can be a great option for you. With a sleek fit and great colors, you will enjoy the way these shoes fit your feet and allow you to enjoy the water without worrying about stepping on anything. These water shoes are made from quick drying mesh, which allows you to enjoy them while you are in the water and not feel as though you are walking in slush when you are out of the water. Choose the pair that matches your swimsuit or best fits your style.

Water Swim Shoes
Water swim shoes are a must-have when you participate in water training.

Speedo Hydro Trainer

Not everyone uses water swim shoes for swimming alone. If you are enrolled in a water aerobics class or another type of water fitness training program, the Speedo Hydro Trainer shoes for men and women give you a sturdy fit more like tennis shoes. In fact, they even look like tennis shoes at first glance. The main difference in these shoes from the tennis shoes they replicate is their ability to use in the water. The advantages of these shoes for water training are better traction, good shock absorption and breathability. The bungee laces will allow you to get the best fit from these water swim shoes.

When you are in the water, protecting your feet should be your top priority. Whether you are swimming in the pool or enjoying a day on the beach, the type of swim shoe you wear is important. If you are just looking for a casual fit for your leisure, the Speedo Surfwalker Pro is a great option. However, if you need more support for water aerobics or any other water training, the Hydro Trainer can provide you with all the comfort and support you need to ensure your safety in the water as you train.

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