Swim Shoes 101: How to Choose the Right Pair

Swim Shoes 101: How to Choose the Right Pair

Protect your feet around the pool with swim shoes.
Swim shoes help protect your feet around the pool.

When you spend time at the side of the pool, you may find many people are simply hanging out in their bare feet. However, water shoes can be a better option to help protect your feet from various  health conditions that can easily spread by the pool, as well as provide you with greater comfort. The key lies in finding the right swim shoes to both fit your needs and offer you the level of comfort you’re looking for.

The Purpose

First and foremost, you need to determine the purpose of the swim shoes. If you’re simply looking for something to wear on the pool deck or as you walk through the sand at the beach, a good pair of sandals may be your best bet to protect your feet and give you a greater level of comfort as you walk around. However, if you want to wear them while you are actually in the water, it’s best to choose water shoes that offer additional protection to all parts of your foot and are more likely to stay in place as you swim or otherwise move through the water.

Good Grip

One of the most important elements when it comes to choosing the right shoes for the water is the grip. Surfaces that are either fully covered by water or may have wet surfaces are more likely to be slippery. This means you need shoes that have a good tread so they can grip the surface and keep you safe as you move around. The pool is one of the most dangerous places when it comes to slip and fall accidents. If you take the time to find shoes with a good grip, you can feel more confident you will be safe.

Hybrid Options

While some types of water shoes will require you to change out of them before you leave the pool, there are options that can serve as your normal shoes as well. These hybrid shoes can be a great option for hanging out at the beach and taking a walk.

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Keep Your Kids Safe with Speedo Kids’ Surf Walker Extreme

Keep Your Kids Safe with Speedo Kids’ Surf Walker Extreme

Kids Water Shoes
Keep your children safe in and around the water with the proper water shoes.

Kids’ water shoes are important for children of all ages who spend any time in the water during the summer months. Water sports are a great way for families to get together and enjoy summertime activities, as well as a great way for kids to burn energy. In order to protect your children from getting hurt, it is important to know how to shop for the appropriate footwear, such as the Speedo Kids Surf Walker Extreme.

Proper Fit

As with any other type of footwear, a proper fit is important when you shop for water shoes. A majority of the shoes that are made to go in the water are made from a thinner material than you are used to. This means you will likely need to purchase a smaller size than you normally purchase for your child. A secure fit is important for them to stay on your child’s feet as they swim, boat or even play in the sand.

Quick Drying

Because you are looking for shoes that are to be worn at the beach, pool or other body of water, you want them to be made of quick-drying jersey like the Speedo Kids Surf Walker Extreme. The quick drying material allows children’s feet to quickly dry once they leave the water. This is important to keep children comfortable. Cold, wet feet are never pleasant and could make a child feel even colder than they already are when they leave the water.

Durable Outsole

Another reason many parents purchase water shoes for kids is to give them traction in and out of the water. If your child is swimming in a pool, the bottom of the pool can be slippery, causing kids to lose their footing, putting them at great risk for an accident in the water. If they are swimming at the beach, a rocky bottom can be slippery or can cause them to get a cut or gash in their foot, putting them at risk for a serious injury. Look for a shoe Extreme that offers a durable TPR outsole to keep them safe.

Variety of Colors

When you shop for kids’ water shoes, it is important to find a brand that offers a variety of colors. This allows your child to pick their favorite color, making them more likely to actually wear the shoes. It also allows you to choose the pair that matches their bathing suit the best, while keeping them safe in and out of the water. The Speedo Kids Surf Walker is available in Black, Bright Pink, Black/Bright Pink and Electric Blue.

The Many Uses for Water Shoes

The Many Uses for Water Shoes

Water shoes are special shoes designed specifically to wear in the pool, lakes or rivers. They provide the perfect amount of traction and allow you to walk without slipping or scraping your feet. Swim shoes have various uses that prove to be beneficial to those who spend time in any type of water.

Water Aerobics

One of the most popular uses for special aqua shoes are for water aerobics classes in the pool. During these classes, participants are jumping and moving around quickly, making it easy to slip or scrape your feet on the bottom of the pool. When you protect your feet with protective shoes that can be worn in the water, this will not occur, allowing you to maximize the results of your aerobics class, rather than taking it easy to protect yourself from getting injured.

Open Water

If you spend time at the beach, it is beneficial to wear special water shoes to protect your feet from the harsh bottom of the lake or ocean. You never know what the ground of the body of water consists of when you explore the water. You could put your feet at great risk for scrapes and other injuries without proper footwear.

Water Shoes
Water shoes help protect your feet in and out of the water.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro

The Speedo Surfwalker Pro is the perfect pair of aqua shoes. They offer a modern look to classic water shoes and are available for men and women. The mesh top and jersey material of these shoes dry quickly, allowing you to experience comfort, even when you are not in the water. These swimming shoes are also easy to slip on when dry and take off when wet, still allowing you to have a comfortable fit in and out of the water.

Water Sandals

 When you are not in the water but will be near it, whether at the pool or beach, it is also good to have water sandals that can handle getting wet while you are on the sidelines. There are various styles for men and women that offer incredible comfort, style and performance that lasts no matter how wet they get. For women, one of the more popular styles is the Dolfin Uglies Flop Flops; with their flexible sole for traction and incredible style, they are the perfect pool side shoes. For men, one of the more popular styles is the Speedo Poolside Men’s Pool Slide, which provides incredible traction, a comfortable sole for long-term wear and an adjustable Velcro strap for a secure fit.

Two Types of Water Swim Shoes

Two Types of Water Swim Shoes

Whether you are looking for a great pair of water swim shoes to wear for your day on the beach or an afternoon at the pool, you may feel a little overwhelmed by the choices you have. There are many brands that make these shoes that are meant for use in the water, but how do you find the right one? Are the cheaper pairs just as good as the more expensive brands? Understanding the two basic types of water shoes will help you decide which pair is right for you.

Speedo Surfwalker Pro

If you are looking for more traditional water swim shoes, the men’s and women’s versions of the Surfwalker Pro by Speedo can be a great option for you. With a sleek fit and great colors, you will enjoy the way these shoes fit your feet and allow you to enjoy the water without worrying about stepping on anything. These water shoes are made from quick drying mesh, which allows you to enjoy them while you are in the water and not feel as though you are walking in slush when you are out of the water. Choose the pair that matches your swimsuit or best fits your style.

Water Swim Shoes
Water swim shoes are a must-have when you participate in water training.

Speedo Hydro Trainer

Not everyone uses water swim shoes for swimming alone. If you are enrolled in a water aerobics class or another type of water fitness training program, the Speedo Hydro Trainer shoes for men and women give you a sturdy fit more like tennis shoes. In fact, they even look like tennis shoes at first glance. The main difference in these shoes from the tennis shoes they replicate is their ability to use in the water. The advantages of these shoes for water training are better traction, good shock absorption and breathability. The bungee laces will allow you to get the best fit from these water swim shoes.

When you are in the water, protecting your feet should be your top priority. Whether you are swimming in the pool or enjoying a day on the beach, the type of swim shoe you wear is important. If you are just looking for a casual fit for your leisure, the Speedo Surfwalker Pro is a great option. However, if you need more support for water aerobics or any other water training, the Hydro Trainer can provide you with all the comfort and support you need to ensure your safety in the water as you train.