Proper Swimsuit Care to Increase Longevity

Proper Swimsuit Care to Increase Longevity

Competitive Swimwear Care
The proper care for competitive swimwear increases its longevity.

Competitive swimwear can be an expensive investment. Because you don’t want to have to purchase a new swimsuit every time you turn around, it is important to show your swimwear the right level of care to increase its longevity. Swimwear is subjected to a vast amount of chlorine, sweat, chloromine, bromine and other minerals that can be found in water. If you don’t safely remove these minerals and chemicals from your swimwear, you will find it wears out more quickly than it should, costing you even more money to replace it. Rinsing your suit with plain water helps, but you really need the right cleaning solvents for your suit.

Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner

Speedo is one of the companies that wants to make sure your swimsuit lasts as long as possible. Rinsing your swimsuit out with water and the Speedo Swim Suit Cleaner after your time in the pool will ensure as much of the chlorine as possible is removed from your swimsuit. This specific cleaner is also effective at removing any stains your swimsuit may have accrued over your time in the water and around the pool.

Malibu C Swimwear Crystals

Another great option for keeping your swimwear lasting longer is the Malibu C Swimwear Cleaner. The Malibu C company is well-known for creating the perfect cleaning agents for keeping swimwear and swimmers free of chlorine and the other chemicals and minerals present in the pool. With these crystals mixed with water, you will be able to rinse your swimwear clean of chlorine, sweat salts and the other minerals that are commonly present in pools to increase the longevity of the fabrics, including maintaining the colors and the elasticity of the fabrics. While the color isn’t important to your swimming abilities, the elasticity can be important to reduce resistance in the water and keep your suit fitting the way it should.

When you spend a lot of money on your competitive swimwear, you need to do everything you can to keep it in the best shape possible for as long as you can. While most people know the importance of not using your typical laundry detergent on your swimwear, you don’t have to settle for plain water to get your swimwear cleaner. With the right swimwear cleaners, you will be able to remove the chlorine, sweat and minerals from your swimsuit, keeping it in good shape for much longer.

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