How to Find Long-Lasting Fitness Swimsuits

How to Find Long-Lasting Fitness Swimsuits

Fitness Swimwear
Choosing long-lasting fitness swimwear keeps your costs down.

Competitive swimmers require long-lasting fitness swimsuits for a variety of reasons. The fit of the suit you wear for your competitive swimming has a major bearing on how you perform, not only in competitions but also in your workouts. You should consider the brand, material and desired function before choosing the right suit for your needs. If you choose a suit that is not long-lasting, you could find your buy them more often than you care to or find your swimming or fitness abilities suffer. There are a variety of fitness suits available that are long-lasting; understanding what to look for makes it possible to find the one that will not only fit right but also last for a long time.

Ocean Chloroban Poly Moderate Lap Suit

The line of Ocean fitness swimsuits are known for their longevity thanks to the Chloroban polyester material from which they are made. This polyester material is known for its chlorine resistance, which is the number one factor in fitness suits wearing out prematurely, especially when you wear them often. Another benefit of the Chloroban polyester is its ability to keep its shape in the long run, unlike suits that are made from nylon or spandex. The Ocean Chloroban Poly Moderate Lap Suit offers a snug fit for peak performance, tank style top and is fully lined, including a shelf bra for comfort. It is available in a wide variety of colors, including Purple, Grey and Blue Juno, Blue and Mag Chelsea and Blue and Purple Tracks.

Speedo Side Shirred Tank Endurance

The Speedo Side Shirred Tank Endurance is made from Speedo’s Endurance+ fabric, which offers longevity, style and compression in all the right areas of your body, offering everything that is needed in long-lasting fitness swimsuits. With its 100 percent resistance to chlorine, this suit will last at least 20 times longer than a suit made from nylon or spandex in terms of proper fit, as well as avoiding color fading. In addition to its resistance to chlorine damage, you will find this suit provides core compression in all the areas that matter to enable you to maximize your water aerobics or fitness workouts. The four-way stretch technology allows for the perfect fit for a long time, avoiding stretching in the wrong areas, making your suit less than optimal for your workouts. This suit is offered in Nautical Navy and Black.

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