Quick Swimming Tips for New Swimmers

Quick Swimming Tips for New Swimmers

Swim Training Tools
Using the right tools can help beginners swim better.

As a new swimmer, it can often be intimidating to just jump in the water and start swimming. Even if you already have an idea how to swim, moving into the competitive world is quite different from just playing in your local pool or lake. However, when you learn these tips and follow them, you will quickly become acclimated to your new life as a swimmer.

Use a Long Fin

Swim fins are a useful tool as you are developing your technique for kicking then working on strengthening it for better performance in the pool. The long Swim Stuff Rubber Swim Fins are a great option for those who are getting started in competitive swimming. Choosing the longer fins will provide you with a long list of benefits, including strengthening the muscles in your legs to improve your kick technique and developing your endurance so you can perform better for longer periods of time.

Use a Pull Buoy

Another major area of focus for new swimmers is the arms. Not only do you need to perfect your technique, you also need to build strength and endurance in your arm muscles. The Swim Stuff 2.0 Pull Buoy can offer you this advantage in your workout technique. This foam device goes between your legs so you are forced to use your arms to swim instead of relying on your legs. Using the pull buoy for 10 to 20 percent of your workout will give you the strength and endurance and eliminate the drag created by bad kicks.


Perhaps the most important tip new swimmers should follow is simply to relax. If you are tense and feel stressed or anxious while you are in the water, you are more likely to perform poorly. Instead, you should take a few deep breaths as you enter the water. It may seem cliché, but you need to become one with the water instead of fighting against it. Learn to use the water to your advantage. Even if you will be competing in swimming, the goal is to enjoy yourself.

Beginning swimmers can often feel intimidated by getting into the water the first couple of times. However, there are things you can do to help yourself feel more relaxed and to do better as you learn. With the help of these tips and the right tools, you will find yourself swimming well in no time, giving your competition something to fight against.

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