Why Swimming With Kickboards Should Be Part of Your Training

Why Swimming With Kickboards Should Be Part of Your Training

While you may associate the use of TYR kickboards with a young child learning how to swim, they actually have a use beyond that, much like many of the other competitive swimming products available on the market today. These kickboards offer an advantage in the water, helping you focus on training certain muscle groups and perfecting specific aspects of your technique so you can become a stronger swimmer.

Train more effectively with TYR kickboards.
TYR kickboards can be an effective training tool.

Isolate the Leg Muscles

When you are holding onto a kickboard as part of your training for competitive swimming in Dallas, TX, you are taking your arms out of the swimming equation. Not only that, but you won’t have to think as much about your breathing because your head is held out of the water naturally. This means every action you take focuses on the leg muscles so you can build them up for a stronger kick. You are also able to focus on the technique you use. Isolating certain parts of your technique can help you strengthen them individually before you use them together.

Rest Your Shoulders

If you’ve been working your shoulders particularly hard, they could likely use a rest during some of your training sessions. Using TYR kickboards as part of your training allows you to give your shoulders the rest they need so your muscles can heal and you can go back to this aspect of your training at a future date. You can even use your kickboard for a shorter break during a training session if your shoulders are getting fatigued.

Ideal for Breaststroke Swimmers

Those who participate in breaststroke races will see a greater benefit from the use of kickboards than those who use other strokes. This is because the position the kickboard puts you in is more natural to the breaststroke position, allowing you to work on effective body positioning in the water. The kickboard also holds your chest out of the water enough to mimic the strong movement of the chest required by the breaststroke, helping you become a more effective swimmer.

There are many ways in which this type of competitive swimming products can be beneficial to your overall swimming technique. Talk to your coach about whether investing in one is a good idea for your training sessions.

If you’re looking for the best products for your competitive swimming in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry everything you need to help enhance your training sessions.

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