4 Reasons Competitive Swimmers Should Be Lifting Weights

4 Reasons Competitive Swimmers Should Be Lifting Weights

Weights aren’t likely one of the first pieces of competitive swim equipment you may think about using, but they can be an essential element in your training routine. In fact, if you aren’t using weight lifting as part of your training, you are likely missing out on some valuable benefits. The following are some of the reasons you should focus on lifting weights to train for your competitive swimming meets.

Increase Overall Strength

Competitive swimming can benefit from weight training.
Weight training should be part of your preparations for competitive swimming.

As you would expect from adding weight lifting to your competitive swimming training, you will see an overall increase in your strength. This can be a valuable asset. Not only does it help you swim faster, but it can also increase your endurance, thus benefiting your overall performance.

Fewer Injuries

One of the biggest issues many swimmers are concerned with is suffering from injuries. Unfortunately, there’s no way to guarantee you won’t experience an injury, but there are ways you can reduce your risks. When you use weights as part of your training, you improve the flexibility in your joints and also increase muscle mass, which can better protect your joints as well. This greatly reduces your chances of being injured during practices or meets.

Stay in Shape

Although some swimmers participate throughout the year, there are some seasonal swimmers that need to make an extra effort to stay in shape during the off season. Weight lifting can be an effective way to stay in shape during the times when you aren’t hitting the pool on a regular basis. When the new season does arrive, you will then spend less time getting back into shape.

Improved Mental Health

Your mental health is just important to the success of your competitive swimming as your physical strength and health. Working out and lifting weights can be a great way to give yourself the mental boost you need. The hormones released when you work out help you feel good about yourself and can help you keep a positive focus when it comes to your performance in the water.

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Best Stopwatches for Competitive Swimmers

Best Stopwatches for Competitive Swimmers

Time is everything when you’re involved in competitive swimmer. As you continue your training, it’s important to be able to keep track of your times and monitor them for improvements as you grow and learn. Therefore, stopwatches for swimming are among the most essential pieces of competitive swimming equipment you need to invest in. The following are among the best stopwatches so you can find the one that works best for your needs.

Ultrak 495

Stopwatches for swimming are an invaluable training tool.
Use stopwatches for swimming to track your times.

The Ultrak 495 stopwatch ranks among the best when it comes to competitive swimming products. Not only does it work great for keeping track of your swim times, but it is also extremely durable and is built to last. It’s water resistant and the buttons are easy to press. In addition to the typical splits and overall times most people are looking for in stopwatches for swimming, this stopwatch can help track the swimmer’s stroke rate and frequency and can store up to 100 swim times. There is also a useful calendar function.

Accusplit Single Split

If you’re looking for a swimming stopwatch that is simple, the Accusplit Single Split stopwatch can be the ideal option. The display features extra large number so it’s easy to read, even from a distance. It is water resistant up to 100 feet and extra shock resistant so it’s durable under normal use. In addition, the cumulative split time feature allows you to easily track your laps and your overall swim time.

Seiko 300 Split Link to PC Solar Stopwatch

Being able to easily transfer your data to your computer can help you save your times and evaluate them over a much longer period of time than stopwatches that simply store a specific number of times internally. This piece of competitive swimming equipment can still store up to 300 split or lap times, for up to 100 hours of swim time. Perhaps one of the best features of this stopwatch is it has a battery that can be recharged with the power of the sun. Simply set the stopwatch in direct sunlight for half a day and the battery can power the stopwatch for a month.

Investing in a stopwatch can help you track your swim times and monitor your improvement as you continue to train. If you’re looking for the right stopwatches for swimming, along with any other competitive swimming products, contact us. We carry everything you need to train as effectively as possible.

Custom Printed Swim Team Mesh Gear Bags from D & J Sports

Custom Printed Swim Team Mesh Gear Bags from D & J Sports

You should have printed swim team mesh gear bags for all your gear.
Printed swim team mesh gear bags are a must-have.

When you’re involved with swimming, there is a lot of competitive swimming gear you need to keep with you at all times. This creates the difficulty of finding the ideal way to store all the competitive swim equipment you will need when you head to the pool. While you can invest in more expensive options, printed swim team mesh gear bags can often do the job. When printed with custom logos for swim teams, these bags are perfect for swimmers on all levels.

A Roomy Solution

The first time you got involved in swimming, you were probably overwhelmed by the amount of competitive swimming gear you required. Not only did you need a good quality swimsuit, but you also must purchase swim goggles, a swim cap, a soft towel and other swim training gear. Carrying all of this without a great bag with plenty of room can be practically impossible. When you choose printed swim team mesh gear bags, you will find they offer plenty of room despite their small size, allowing you to easily transport anything you need. With the over-the-shoulder straps, you can carry everything with ease.

Show Your Team Spirit

In addition to being a quality bag you can rely on to last for years, purchasing a mesh swim bag with custom logos for swim teams shows your team spirit and can help you find yours among all of the others at the pool. The mesh bags are available in a number of colors to match your team colors and can be screen printed with your team’s logo. In addition to the logo, the right provider can also print your name on the bag so you can tell yours apart from your teammates’ bags.

Swimming on a team can be a great way to learn how to work together and make some new friends with similar interests. However, when you join a swim team, you will find there is a lot of competitive swim equipment you will need to take with you to the pool, both for practices and for meets. With the right printed swim team mesh gear bags, you will have all the room you need to carry everything you could ever need.

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