5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Water Aerobics

5 Reasons You Should Be Doing Water Aerobics

Many people understand the importance of working out, but they may not be into the typical gym scene or they may need something easier on the joints of the body. Water aerobics can be just the solution these individuals are looking for. Whether you choose Dolfin fitness swimwear for your aquatic workouts or you prefer Speedo aqua fitness gear, you’re sure to experience a number of benefits. Learn why you should be taking part in water aerobics.

Fitness swimwear is flattering to the body.
Consider buying flattering fitness swimwear for your workouts.

Lower Impact

One of the biggest reasons individuals choose water aerobics is because it places less stress on the joints. This is the exact reason water aerobics is often used in the early stages of recovery from joint injuries. Individuals can strengthen their muscles without worrying about being too stressful for the rest of their body.

Get Relief from Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety relief isn’t the first thing people think about when they consider working out. While a good gym workout can produce these results in the right circumstances, water aerobics have a much higher instance of providing this benefit. There’s just something therapeutic about being in the water.

Burn More Calories

Another important reason to try water aerobics is to burn more calories. If one of your primary goal is to lose weight, exercising in the water can be a great way to achieve your goals. In about an hour of exercise in the water, you can expect to burn between 400 and 500 calories.

Social Interaction

Going to the gym is often a solo activity. While some people may go to the gym with their friends for support, it can be difficult to hold a conversation while you’re using many of the machines. However, when you take part in water aerobics, you don’t have this issue. In fact, you’re more closely surrounded by the others in your class, making it more of a social event, which can help boost your morale.

Boost Your Confidence

If you’re already unhappy with the way your body looks, going to the gym can be incredibly intimidating. Although you will be wearing fitness swimwear when you’re working out in the pool, there are many styles to choose from. You will also spend a majority of your time immersed in the water, helping you feel comfortable while you work out.

There are many reasons water aerobics can be the right choice for your workout needs. If you’re ready to give it a try, contact us for all of your fitness swimwear in Dallas, TX.

The Best Way to Warm Up Before Hitting the Pool

The Best Way to Warm Up Before Hitting the Pool

Your warm ups can be enhanced with fitness swimwear.
Put on your fitness swimwear to help with your warm ups.

Before you hit the pool, it’s essential to make sure you are properly warmed up so you can reduce your risk of being injured. However, not all swimmers are aware of the best ways to accomplish this goal. As you put on your fitness swimwear in Dallas, TX, consider these options before you start working on your competitive swimming techniques.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

One of the most important elements of warming up before you hit the water is making sure you have enough time to do it. Competitive swimming, whether practice or a meet, isn’t the time to show up right on time. Plan ahead and get to the pool with plenty of time to allow for the following steps so you don’t feel rushed and your body is properly prepared for the event.

Stretch Out First

First and foremost, you should perform a few stretching exercises to prepare your body for swimming. While the actual stretches don’t matter, it’s essential to do some light activity to warm your muscles up before doing any good stretches. You can do this by light swimming for about five minutes or even taking a short five-minute walk or jog. Once this is complete, dynamic stretches, which are slow, controlled stretches, are often the best choice.

Start Off Slow

Once you have finished your stretches, it’s time to move into the water. However, it’s important not to push yourself into 100 percent hardcore competitive swimming techniques right away. In fact, you should do some laps with simple swimming first. Don’t confuse this with lazy swimming. It’s important to make sure you are still focusing on the proper technique. Instead of focusing on all aspects of your swimming, consider separating out just one or two elements and focus on that, such as keeping your hips properly aligned or timing your breathing.

Build Gradually

Once you start getting into the rhythm, you can begin building up your speed and start focusing on other aspects of your swimming as well. This will get you ready for the practice or raise, while easing your body into it.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear brands to wear at the pool, contact us. We carry everything you need, whether you are a seasoned professional or you’re just getting started in competitive swimming.

Why Learning to Swim as an Adult Is Beneficial

Why Learning to Swim as an Adult Is Beneficial

Enjoy the benefits of adult swimming lessons.
Adult swimming lessons can provide many benefits.

When most people think of taking swimming lessons, they most likely picture children in the pool, learning the basics of paddling and staying afloat. However, there are a large number of adults who don’t have formal training in swimming, leaving them vulnerable. Even adult swimming lessons can provide a variety of benefits to individuals. As you choose your fitness swimwear for your adult swim time, consider these advantages.


Perhaps first and foremost is the safety factor. It’s never safe to spend time around water, especially deep water, if you don’t have a basic understanding of swimming. Even adults who haven’t had lessons previously will be much safer around the water. This can make time spent at the pool or the beach or even out on the water on a boat more enjoyable.

Overcome Your Fears

One of the reasons often sited why an adult can’t swim is because of fear. Some people have a genuine fear of deep water, whether it’s all deep water or it’s only the ocean or lakes where the bottom can’t be seen. Regardless of the reason, taking adult swimming lessons can be a good way to overcome these fears.

Health and Fitness

As you get older, it can become more difficult to get the exercise you need for a number of reasons. Swimming can be one of the best exercises because it’s less pressure on your joints and uses the water’s natural buoyancy and resistance to help you get the best possible workout. Taking adult swimming lessons is a great way to learn an important life skill, all while getting the exercise you require.

There are many reasons why it’s important for an adult to know how to swim. However, not everyone has learned this skill while they were a child. Taking these lessons as an adult isn’t a shameful thing. In fact, it can offer you a vast array of benefits you can’t get from other forms of exercise alone.

If you’re in the market for fitness swimwear in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry number of options that will help you look your best at the pool as you learn how to swim.