Need Storage for Your Swimming Pool?

Need Storage for Your Swimming Pool?

Pool Storage
Pool storage helps you keep your pool equipment safe.

Swimming pools often require plenty of storage to keep things safe and secure without losing them. Swim training tools, balls and more need a place so they aren’t hard to find or in the way. When you need a place to store things at the pool, having the right storage containers makes things more organized and keeps the deck of the pool clear to avoid a dangerous situation.

Keep Everything on the Deck

When you need certain equipment, the last thing you want to do is head to the locker room to get it out of the closet or hunt it down because you don’t know where it is. With the Equipment Totemaster Plus, for example, you will be able to keep everything you need within easy reach. This large wire storage container sits directly on the deck so all you need to do is look in the bin and grab what you need. It’s all close by.

Easy to Move

Just because the storage container fits conveniently on the deck of your pool doesn’t mean it has to stay there, especially if your pool is outdoors. The Equipment Totemaster Plus is set on wheels so you can move it easily from one place to another. When your swimmers need the equipment inside, you simply roll the storage container out and access what is inside. After the session, it can easily be moved back inside for safe and secure storage.


Preventing theft is an important aspect for any storage container. The Equipment Totemaster Plus is made from durable metal so you can easily lock it to keep everything inside. This is the perfect solution for those who don’t wish to move the storage container from one place to another. Whether you keep it inside or outside, you can securely lock it. With the steel powder-coated metal wires cannot be easily cut through, making your items safe and secure.

Proper storage is an essential element of keeping your pool equipment safe and storing it in one convenient location. With the Equipment Totemaster Plus, you will gain the ability to store a large amount of equipment, move it easily from place to place and keep it secure. You won’t have to worry about tracking down lost equipment or worrying over whether it will be stolen when you aren’t around.

Replacement Pool Lane Equipment Is Necessary

Replacement Pool Lane Equipment Is Necessary

Replacement Pool Lane Equipment
Replacing your pool lane markers is important.

Keeping your pool in good shape is critical, whether you are simply running practices or you are hosting meets. While you may already have the pool lane lines you need, you will need to know where to get the replacement parts whenever you need them. In fact, keeping some of these parts on hand can be useful so you can fix any problems quickly without causing a major delay, especially if you are in the middle of hosting a major meet.


The cables that hold the pool lane floats in place are critical to the function of your pool lane markers. If this cable snaps or stretches out too far, your lane markers won’t be able to hold the lanes and swimmers won’t know where to swim. Therefore, you need to keep the supplies you need to repair the cable if something goes wrong. This includes keeping a roll of the cable on hand, as well as the take-up reels so you can quickly replace them so your lane markers can function properly again.

Lane Marker Floats

Lane marker floats are often made from plastic and are prone to breaking, especially if they have been exposed to the elements. Therefore, you should keep a stock of the lane marker floats in the same design and colors as those that are already on your pool lane markers. This will ensure you can replace them quickly if they break. While a broken lane marker float won’t have a major impact on the function of your pool markers, it is best to replace them to prevent swimmers from hurting themselves on it.

Being able to quickly repair your lane markers can be critical to the success of the swimmers in your pool. While you can easily continue practice without the lane markers, if you happen to hold a meet and something goes wrong with your lane markers, it isn’t the time to find out you can’t fix it. If you keep the proper supplies on hand, as well as know exactly how to fix any problems that may arise, you will be able to resolve the problem as quickly as possible so you can continue on with the meet. As long as you have a length of cable and the proper lane markers, you will be prepared for just about anything that can go wrong.

New Low Price on the Accusplit Swim Pace Clock

New Low Price on the Accusplit Swim Pace Clock

Pool Equipment
The Accusplit swim pace clock is a critical piece of equipment for your training.

Pace clocks are an important part of any competitive swimmer’s equipment. When swimmers swim sets, it is important to know the progress that is made, which is only available through the use of a quality pace clock. Whether you are swimming with a coach who is watching the clock for you or you are watching it yourself, understanding your times will help you become a better swimmer by attempting to beat your own times. Swim teams also use the pace clock to choose intervals for their laps. Watching the clock or having the coach watch the clock will allow you to stay on pace with the rest of your team. The Accusplit swim pace clock is affordably priced and the perfect addition to any swim team.

Large Face

The Accupsplit swim pace clock has a large, easy-to-read clock face, making it easy for swimmers to see while they are swimming. The minute hand and sweep second hand are also large enough to see from anywhere in the pool, making it easy for swimmers to keep track of their own time or for the coach to inform the swimmers of their times and intervals. Because you can see the hands from the pool, you can wait until the second hand is on the 60 or at the top of the clock to effectively measure your time. If you leave when the second hand is on any other number, you will have to do a little math in your head to figure out your exact time.


The Accusplit swim pace clock is water-resistant and housed in a heavy duty clock stand. The clock movements are heavy duty, making it a durable pace clock to have for your swim team without having to worry about it breaking down or becoming burdensome to use. It can also be mounted on the wall for even easier viewing for all swimmers.


The swim pace clock is an economical way to increase your swimming abilities. Understanding your times will help you learn to better yourself and become as competitive as you want to be without expensive equipment. All you need is the pace clock to tell you your times and your own motivation to push yourself harder every day. When you can do so in a more affordable manner, you will benefit in more ways than one.