Speedo Swim Fins Are an Asset

Speedo Swim Fins Are an Asset

Speedo Swim Fins
Using Speedo swim fins increases your leg strength.

If you want to become the strongest swimmer you can be, simply perfecting your technique isn’t enough. You need to strengthen many of the muscle groups in your body. One of the ways you can do this is with the help of Speedo swim fins. When you wear these fins, you will be able to work your muscles in ways you can’t do when you are simply swimming at practice. If you use these fins, you will see your swimming improve as you strength increases.

Speedo Rubber Swim Fins

The Speedo rubber swim fins offer a longer, curved fin blade that creates a greater resistance in the water. When you have greater resistance, you will need to kick harder to experience the same propulsion you get when you are swimming without the fins. This increases the muscle tone in your legs, improving your kicks for when you aren’t wearing them. These swim fins come in a wide range of sizes so you can outfit even the smallest members of your team for training. Each size is color coded so you can easily tell which size fin is right for you. The Speedo rubber swim fins are designed with orthopedic foot pockets so you can wear them for longer periods of time without discomfort.

Speedo Biofuse Training Swim Fins

The Speedo Biofuse Training swim fins offer a short, wide blade that gives you the perfect blend of both hard and soft silicone for the greatest impact in the water. The soft silicone will give you all the comfort you need to wear the swim fins, with the hard silicone offering the best resistance for your training needs. Just like the other Speedo swim fins, these fins are color coded for easy size separation so everyone can find the right size quickly. When you wear these swim fins as part of your training, you will experience all the benefits as you improve your swim times.

Seeing improvements in your swimming will show you how well these Speedo swim fins work. Building up the strength in your legs will help you get more distance for your kick without having to exert more energy into your kicks. This makes using swim fins as part of our regular training a great asset.

Swim Fins for Swimming Practice

Swim Fins for Swimming Practice

Swim FinsThere are many different styles of swim fins to choose from and we have some suggestions for you today.  One questions I get all of the time is why do you need swim fins for swimming practice or training. Well swim fins are great for a couple of reasons. First of all they help teach proper kick technique and help build your leg muscles. They are also a very important tool to use during swim practice to help reduce fatigue and to keep your stroke from breaking down. Using swim fins will allow you to have more energy to focus on the rest of your stroke and help build a better stroke technique. Most coaches require swim fins for their swimmers and it is an especially critical tool for beginning swimmers.

Which swim fins are best for me? You have most likely seen long blade rubber swim fins and you might of also of seen the guy in the gym pool with the really short swim fins. Long swim fins are more for beginning swimmers who need more propulsion and they are also a little easier to use. The short blade fins are designed to give you a more natural feel of the water so that when you take off the fins there is less of difference in your kick without the swim fins.

Speedo Optimus Swim Fins

Should I buy Zoomers or another short fin? Everyone seems to think that Zoomers are the best short fin, however the new short fins that are on the market now have an additional 20+ years of technology behind them. Do you want to buy a computer from 1985 or a computer from 2010? Same thing applies to the Zoomers vs the new short fins like the Speedo Optimus swim fins. The Speedo Optimus is a short blade fin with a slightly longer blade plus a cut out notch in the blade. The notch allow you to have a more natural feel of the water on both the down and up kick. See the technology thing kicking in! You will get a better workout with the Speedo Optimus swim fins and also your swimming technique will also improve. So don’t worry about that old guy in the lane next to you that is wearing the Zoomers, just smile because he is most likely also still using a computer from 1985. Happy Swimming!