How the Physical and Mental Aspects of Yoga Improve a Competitive Swimmer’s Overall Health

How the Physical and Mental Aspects of Yoga Improve a Competitive Swimmer’s Overall Health

Wear Speedo warm ups for your Yoga workout.
Speedo warm ups make a great outfit for Yoga.

Swimmers can often benefit from participating in various types of exercise to tone their bodies and help them become more effective swimmers in the water. However, many swimmers are looking for ways to improve their performance with more than just a quality Speedo performance swimsuit. One of the best options you can choose to become a stronger swimmer is Yoga. This type of exercise is easy on the joints and provides the flexibility and endurance you need.

The Benefit of Yoga

Like swimming, yoga is a low-impact exercise that is easy on the joints and offers amazing benefits to the swimmer’s health. If swimming is the only exercise you do, however, you are putting your body at risk for misalignment. Just like any other exercise routine, it’s important to mix things up to work different muscle groups to keep your whole body fit and healthy. Yoga can counteract many of the movements you make while you swim without causing extra stress on the body. This type of exercise can also help you work important muscle groups, such as your shoulders, that are critical to becoming a stronger swimmer.

Which Areas Should You Focus On?

If you choose Yoga as your exercise of choice outside of swimming, there are certain areas of your body you should focus on to ensure the Yoga benefits your swimming routine. Your shoulders play an important role in the proper swimming stroke. Choosing Yoga poses that focus on the muscles that run down your back and hold your shoulder blades in place will help you become a stronger swimmer. It can also decrease the risk of shoulder injuries.

The feet and ankles are another important area of focus. Even though it may seem these areas are not important in swimming, the strength and flexibility here can provide a more powerful kick to more effectively move you through the water.

Yoga is a fairly simple program you can use to help improve your swimming. Whether you are standing around in your Speedo warm ups before a meet and use these exercises and poses to stretch out in preparation for your race or you enroll in a formal Yoga class in your off time, the benefits will truly amaze you. Your Speedo performance suit will live up to its name when you give it a helping hand with a solid Yoga workout.

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The New 2015 Speedo Catalog

The New 2015 Speedo Catalog

You can find the right products in the Speedo 2015 catalog.
The Speedo 2015 catalog has everything you need.

Speedo is one of the biggest names when it comes to competitive swimwear and swim gear. From the Speedo goggles to the competition swimwear, swimmers can customize Speedo products to best suit their needs. With all of the major swim companies coming out with their new catalogs, the Speedo 2015 catalog promises to provide swimmers with a vast selection of old and new products designed for comfort and performance, in and out of the water. Whether you are shopping for a new Speedo swim bag or you need Speedo warm ups, they have amazing choices any swimmer will enjoy.

Competitive Swimwear

Perhaps their most popular products, the customizable Speedo swimwear is an excellent choice for individual swimmers and teams for both training and competition purposes. In addition to their current line of swimwear, including Speedo lifeguard suits, they have launched a number of newer styles, created with state-of-the-art fabrics designed with a comfortable fit, ideal compression and a smooth surface to reduce resistance. For instance, the PowerFLEX material used in some of their current swimsuits is designed to resist deterioration and keep its shape five to 10 times longer than other swimsuits.

Great Swim Gear

In addition to their swimwear, Speedo is also known for its outstanding swim gear to help swimmers do their best and stay organized. For instance, there are a variety of Speedo goggles designed to fit snugly and comfortably, while providing the clear visibility swimmers need in the water. These goggles are just the start of the vast selection of swim gear they offer.

When swimmers aren’t in the water, Speedo warm ups are the perfect addition to their collection of swim gear. These warm ups keep swimmers warm to and from the pool, as well as while they are waiting in between races so they can be ready to jump in the water when it’s their turn. When all is said and done, having a quality Speedo swim bag ensures you have everything you need in one convenient place.

The new Speedo 2015 catalog will prove to offer all the swimwear and gear competitive swimmers need to enhance their performance in the water and stay prepared. Their goal is to continue to offer a vast selection of quality swimming suits and accessories to give swimmers the competitive edge.

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