Thin Strap Swimsuits for Summer

Thin Strap Swimsuits for Summer

Thin Strap Swimsuits
If you are looking for a great summer swimsuit, you can find what you need in thin strap swimsuits.

When you are swimming in the summer months, whether competitively, for practice or for leisure, having a swimsuit that is perfect for the warmer weather can work to your advantage. When you are looking for a suit that is comfortable despite the summer heat, you want one that has thinner straps to keep you cooler while you experience the pool. However, you must also keep in mind that you will need extra skin protection as well when wearing one of these suits.

Speedo Thin Strap Suit

Speedo is one of the most well-known names in the world of swimming. When it comes to thin strap swimsuits, you have two options in the Speedo brand: the Solid Flyback and the Rapid Spliced Energy Back. The Flyback offers crossed thin straps that give you freedom of movement and less rubbing as you swim through the water, along with less drag and reduced chaffing. This suit is available in red and black. The Rapid Spliced Energy offers a similar style with maximum support and freedom of movement. The material from which this suit is made is resistant to chlorine, sweat and stretching, making it a great option. The suit is available in black with a range of trim colors, as well as maroon with black trim.

Nike Thin Strap Suit

If you prefer Nike suits, you will find two options for thin strapped suits. The Labyrinth Classic Lingerie Tank suit is a fun addition to your collection with its labyrinth design, available in a range of colors, including grape ice, green, team orange and varsity royal. If you don’t want a suit that has such a busy print, the Poly Solid Cut-Out Tank is a great alternative in the Nike suits. Available in six different colors, you can find one that fits your style.

TYR Thin Strap Suits

Fans of TYR will enjoy the creative Sand Castles Diamondback suit. The design of this suit provides less coverage with more support so you can feel comfortable in it. The suit is chlorine proof, as well as sun resistant, color fast and anti-stretch, so it will last you much longer than other types of suits. It is available in several colors, including blue, blue/green, navy/red, green and red.

Buying your summer swimsuit with thin straps will provide you with the comfort and support you desire in a range of suit styles. Whether you prefer Speedo, Nike or TYR, you are sure to find the cut, style, colors and patterns that will best fit your desires.

Best Speedo Swimsuits for the Summer

Best Speedo Swimsuits for the Summer

Speedo swimsuits work well for the summer swims.

If you are looking for a suit that works well for the summer months when the weather is warmer, you will want one that is lightweight. Choosing a suit that comes in fun patterns can help make your summer swims more enjoyable as well. Speedo swimsuits come in several styles and patterns that will carry you through those summer swims with the same precision as the rest of the year.

Flyback Style

The Flyback style of suits is a great option for those who are looking for Speedo swimwear that will last a long time. Each of these suits offers a wider strap across the middle of the back with thin straps over the shoulders to provide the support swimmers need and a streamlined fit so you can cut through the water cleanly. The Python Flyback is created with Xtra Life Lycra Fiber. This fabric holds its shape and resists deterioration due to exposure to the chlorine, sweat and sunscreen better than suits that are made from spandex. If you prefer the Speedo Endurance + fabric, you can choose between the Circuit Board or Off the Grid designs. This fabric is extremely stretchy, giving the suit a tight fit and the ability to hold its shape well.

Y-Back Style

Another great style for the summer Speedo swimsuits is the Y-back style. This style is true to its name with thin shoulder straps that lead to another thin strap that stretches across the back. These suits come in the Dazed Maze design and are made with the lightweight Speedo Endurance + fabric. In addition the stretchy qualities of this fabric, it also weighs less than other types of fabrics, making it a great choice for your summer suit, especially for those long training and practice sessions.

Superback Style

The Speedo Superback style of swimsuit affords you the thin straps of the Y-back style with the added support of crossed straps in the back. If this is your preferred style, you can find this piece of Speedo swimwear in the Blamo Camo design. This suit is also made with the lightweight Speedo Endurance + fabric due to all its benefits.

If you are looking for Speedo swimwear for the summer, you can find what you are looking for with the lightweight, durable suits available. From the Xtra Life Lycra Fiber to the Speedo Endurance +, you will receive all the benefits of a suit that fits well and doesn’t interfere with your movement through the water.

Summer League Swimsuits

Summer League Swimsuits

Summer swim league season is right around the corner and now is the time to start picking your swim team swimsuits, swim caps, and team t-shirts. To help you with this process the D&J Sports Swim Shop is gearing up and ready to assist the swim teams. D&J Sports keeps one of the largest inventories on hand of swimsuits in the country, as well as all other accessories, and for swim teams that order through D&J Sports, they keep a special inventory of their swim team suits for fast turnaround on fill in orders.


Here is what D&J Sports will do for your swim team:

  • They will pre-order and stock enough swimsuits to fill your swim team when you need them, there is no need for you to carry around swimsuits all summer long.
  • They will give you the special team pricing for swimmers who join late.
  • They will send you a sizing kit for a couple of weeks so that all of your swimmers can receive the correct size.
  • They can customize your swim team suits with your swim team logo, plus they can also help you design a new logo for your swim team.

You can contact the store nearest you for more information about summer swimsuits and swim gear.