New Swim Team Warmups

New Swim Team Warmups

Swim Team Gear
Warm-up jackets are the perfect way to keep your team warm between races.

The weather isn’t always warm enough to run from the locker room to the pool. Even when it is warm enough, you may need to keep your muscles warmed up from your pre-swim exercises. No matter what the case, the perfect way to give your team a unified look when they aren’t in the pool is with one of the three new swim team warmups available from some of the top names in swimwear.

Dolfin Team Warm-Up Jacket

If you are just looking for a warm jacket for your team to wear on their way out to the pool, between races or even after the meet or practice, the Dolfin team warm-up jacket can be a great option. This jacket is made from 100 percent polyester and comes in black with white accents for a crisp look. The jacket also features two zippered pockets, an MP3 player opening and a neck loop for the ear bud wires. This allows for easy listening when you are trying to relax before or after your meet. A comfortable collar and the embroidered Dolfin logo complete the jacket.

Arena Throttle Warm Ups

If you are looking for a full warm-up suit with pants and a jacket, the Arena Throttle warm ups are a great option for your swim team. This set is made from a 100 percent polyester shell with a mesh lining for better air flow and comfort. The jacket features two zippered pockets and the Arena logo on the front and printed down the centers of the sleeves. This warm up suit is available in four colors, including white, black, navy and royal blue, to allow you to choose the best one to match your team colors.

Speedo Boom Force Warm Up Jacket

Speedo also offers a brand new warm up jacket option for women: the Speedo Boom Force warm up jacket. This jacket is made from 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex with a full lining to provide the utmost warmth and comfort for the wearer. This jacket is a great option for many teams because of the number of colors in which it is available, including black, navy, black/red, black/green, navy/red and sapphire, so you can choose the option that matches your team colors.

With these new options for warm up gear, your swim team is sure to remain warm and ready to go on the sidelines of the pool. Choose the one that best fits the needs of your team.