Custom Woven Swim Team Towels by D & J Sports

Custom Woven Swim Team Towels by D & J Sports

Increase team spirit with custom swim team towels.
Custom swim team towels create a sense of team spirit.

In the competitive swimming field, most people are aware of the need for the right swimwear, along with goggles, a swim cap and other essentials. However, many people forget about the towels. When you’re shopping for swim team gear, custom swim team towels should be at the top of your priority list. When you add custom logos, everyone will know which towels belong to your team and increase the level of team spirit.

Custom Woven Towels

If you want swim team towels with custom logos for swim teams woven directly into the towel, we can create it for you. You choose the two colors for the towel and your logo will be woven into the makeup of the towel. You won’t need to worry about the colors fading or washing out. Everything is one solid piece.

Printed Team Towels

One of the most affordable options for custom swim team towels is the printed towels. When you order these swim team towels by D&J Sports, you can select any swim team logo you want, as well as a large variety of colors. Screen printing offers the chance to easily create a logo with any number of colors to generate the exact look you want from your team’s towels.

Embroidered Towels

We also offer a third option for customizing your swim team towels. Embroidery can offer a classy look to your swim team towels. While you are limited in the number of colors you can choose, you can create a number of logos and even put a swimmer’s name right one the towel. All of these towels are constructed of 100 percent cotton for a soft feel.

Custom swim team towels are a great option if you’re looking for another way to extend team spirit. If you want your team to have a competitive edge, you need to make sure they feel unified as a team. Even if you don’t currently have a logo, we create custom logos for swim teams. The swim team towels by D&J Sports are designed with comfort in mind, as well as the ability to customize it to meet the needs of your team. We can even add a name to any towel you order, helping your team members differentiate between their towels by the pool.

If you’re looking for custom swim team towels, contact us. We provide a vast selection of towel and customization options to create towels your team can be proud of.

Stock Up on New Swim Kickboards for Your Swim Team

Stock Up on New Swim Kickboards for Your Swim Team

Swim Training Gear
The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is an essential training tool element.

Swim kickboards are an essential tool for any swim team that wants to train their swimmers to be more powerful in the water. When swimmers use these kickboards, they are able to focus on strengthening their kick and their lower body muscles so they can work less in the water without losing forward propulsion. Whether you need to replace your older kickboards or you’ve never had any, the Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is an incredible option for your team.

Perfect for Swim Training

The swim kickboard is one of the most important tools swim team coaches can use to train their swimmers. The kickboards available from Swim Stuff are the perfect size for both adults and children, making it a versatile tool to have in your arsenal. Instead of having two sets to ensure you have the right size, you only need one. With rounded edges for a comfortable grip and a streamlined design, this tool allows swimmers to work on their performance without slowing them down in the water.

Enhance Your Training Regimen

As a swim coach, it is essential to provide a wide variety of training tools. Each of your swimmers will need to use each of these tools at some point. Different swimmers will require different tools at different times, though. This is why having a large number of the same training tool can be helpful. The Swim Stuff swim training tools are some of the most affordable tools on the market.

Available in a Wide Range of Colors

The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is available in a full rainbow of colors so you can easily find one that matches your swim team’s colors. Some of the incredible colors that are available include Kelly green, red, blue, purple, yellow, pink and orange. Choose a combination of colors, pick one for each swimmer in your team or buy all the same color to provide a better sense of team spirit.

Having a good kickboard can be the perfect tool for helping swimmers to strengthen their technique in the water and thus perform better. The Swim Stuff Kickboard 2.0 is a cost-effective tool with plenty of color options so you can choose the ones that best suit y9our team’s sense of style. When you have a set of these kickboards on hand, you will always have the right tools when your swimmers need them.

Summer Swim Team Swim Meet Start Systems

Summer Swim Team Swim Meet Start Systems

Summer Swim Team Start System
A quality start system is essential to your swim team’s success.

One of the most important components of any swim meet is the start system. The start system is what alerts the swimmers to when it is time to begin the race, giving everyone an equal opportunity at winning the race. When your pool becomes the home to races of any kind, including practice races that get your swimmers used to the methods of a real race, it is important to have the right swim meet start systems to best fit your needs and help your swimmers identify when the race begins.

Colorado Timing Infinity Start System

The state-of-the-art Colorado Timing Infinity Start System is a great option for pools that cater to swimmers of all skill levels and abilities. The small case makes it a portable option you can take from pool to pool if you will be heading to a pool that isn’t your home pool and they do not have a start system of their own. This system features both an audible sound and a corresponding strobe light that flashes at the exact same time, allowing both hearing and hearing-impaired individuals to clearly identify the start of the race. You will also enjoy the false start feature that immediately alerts all swimmers when a false start occurred, bringing them back to restart the race. The unit features 40-watt corosion resistant speakers, a gel-cell battery, wired microphone, start button and 115V charging capabilities. A tripod is available.

IST Swimstart Electric Start System

The IST Swimstart Electric Start System is another great portable option for your pool. This start system features a PA system for announcements, a tone and strobe light alert to indicate starts and a recall tone to bring swimmers back after a false start. The small circuits used in this system allow it to be housed in a small box for greater portability. External connections allow you to connect and disconnect each of the components without exposing them to the water, increasing the risk of electrocution.

The start system is an important component to all your summer swim team races. If you need one for your pool, these two great options will provide you with the exact features you need to cater to all your swimmers without spending a lot of money on an installed system. Both systems are small and easy to transport, giving you greater flexibility in your start system.

New Swim Team Warmups

New Swim Team Warmups

Swim Team Gear
Warm-up jackets are the perfect way to keep your team warm between races.

The weather isn’t always warm enough to run from the locker room to the pool. Even when it is warm enough, you may need to keep your muscles warmed up from your pre-swim exercises. No matter what the case, the perfect way to give your team a unified look when they aren’t in the pool is with one of the three new swim team warmups available from some of the top names in swimwear.

Dolfin Team Warm-Up Jacket

If you are just looking for a warm jacket for your team to wear on their way out to the pool, between races or even after the meet or practice, the Dolfin team warm-up jacket can be a great option. This jacket is made from 100 percent polyester and comes in black with white accents for a crisp look. The jacket also features two zippered pockets, an MP3 player opening and a neck loop for the ear bud wires. This allows for easy listening when you are trying to relax before or after your meet. A comfortable collar and the embroidered Dolfin logo complete the jacket.

Arena Throttle Warm Ups

If you are looking for a full warm-up suit with pants and a jacket, the Arena Throttle warm ups are a great option for your swim team. This set is made from a 100 percent polyester shell with a mesh lining for better air flow and comfort. The jacket features two zippered pockets and the Arena logo on the front and printed down the centers of the sleeves. This warm up suit is available in four colors, including white, black, navy and royal blue, to allow you to choose the best one to match your team colors.

Speedo Boom Force Warm Up Jacket

Speedo also offers a brand new warm up jacket option for women: the Speedo Boom Force warm up jacket. This jacket is made from 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex with a full lining to provide the utmost warmth and comfort for the wearer. This jacket is a great option for many teams because of the number of colors in which it is available, including black, navy, black/red, black/green, navy/red and sapphire, so you can choose the option that matches your team colors.

With these new options for warm up gear, your swim team is sure to remain warm and ready to go on the sidelines of the pool. Choose the one that best fits the needs of your team.

Swim Team Gear Boosts Morale and Spirit

Swim Team Gear Boosts Morale and Spirit

Swim Team Gear
Swim hats are the perfect piece of swim gear both at the pool and away from it.

When you are the coach of a swim team, you need to make sure you do whatever is necessary to boost the morale of your team and create a spirit of unity in your team. This will ensure that everyone works together as a functional unit and help them get along better, both in and out of the pool. One of the ways you can do this is through purchasing various swim team gear your team members can wear at the pool and in their daily lives to show their pride in their team.

Swim Team Hats

If it is cool outside, your swimmers will need a way to keep their heads warm when they aren’t in the pool. In addition, they may want to wear these hats in their daily lives as well. Available in a Speedo beanie or a Speedo straw hat, you will be able to choose just the right option for your team. If you choose the beanie, your team members can wear the hat by the poolside when it is cool or anywhere around town in the cooler months. With the Speedo logo, everyone will know your team members are swimmers.

Swim T-Shirts

Another great piece of swim team gear to boost the team morale and spirit is the swim t-shirts. You can choose t-shirts with cute swim-related sayings that will make people smile and show them you are part of a great team. Of course, you always have the option to have t-shirts imprinted with your team logo or anything else related to your team. Your team members can show everyone just how proud they are to be part of your team.

Swim Hoodies

Hoodies are a great option when the weather is cooler. Just like the swim t-shirts, the swim hoodies feature sayings that are related to swimming. You can also get them imprinted specifically for your team.  Your team will be able to show their pride in swimming and your team, even when the weather is too cold for swimming.

Providing your swim team with the swim team gear that shows everyone around them about how much they love swimming and their team is a great way to boost morale and team spirit. Your team needs to focus on working together. This swim team gear is the perfect way to help your team work together.

Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Swim Team Gear
Providing your team with essential training gear is important.

When you are the coach of a swim team, you want your team to be the best it can be. This means providing your team with all the tools they need to increase their endurance and enhance their skills as they work toward greater things. When planning for what you need to train your team to be the best they can be, there are certain pieces of equipment you must invest in. This will ensure your swimmers will grow stronger and improve continually.

Swim Fins and Paddles

Swim fins and paddles can be an excellent tool to build strength and endurance in swimmers. Because of the wide flaps on the fins and paddles, there is more resistance against the water. This increased resistance causes a swimmer to have to kick or stroke harder for the same results. When you work harder, you will be building your muscles and increasing their endurance so you will have an easier time swimming through the water when you aren’t wearing them.

Pull Buoys

Another important training tool for your swim team gear is the pull buoy. These devices are kept between the swimmer’s legs to restrict their use. When you are using a pull buoy, it will force you to use your arms to propel you through the water as much as possible, helping you to strengthen the muscles in your arms. This increase in upper body strength is crucial to your swimming success.


Stretchcordz are yet another useful tool to keep in your swim team gear arsenal. These stretchcordz come with a belt that wraps around your waist. You then hand onto the handles at the ends of the elastic cords as you swim. The cords move freely around the belt, giving you free range of motion. However, the resistance the cords create will allow you to increase your arm and upper body strength to improve your swimming.

Providing all the swim team gear your team needs to train will ensure they have all the tools necessary to be successful swimmers. It is up to you to ensure your swimmers are trained in the best way possible. With the help of these important tools, your swimmers will see great improvement as they go through their training exercises. When they hit the pool, they can be confident in their strength, endurance and skills so they will do the best they can against their competitors.