How Dryland Swim Training Cords Help You Improve Your Swimming

How Dryland Swim Training Cords Help You Improve Your Swimming

Use Stretchcordz to improve your performance in the water.
StretchCordz are a great way to increase muscle trenght and endurance.

As a competitive swimmer, it might seem the only way to improve your swimming is in the water. Believe it or not, there are various tools you can use outside the water that help improve your skills just as much as actual swimming does. When used with the proper exercises can help your swimming times improve. You can choose to perform these exercises only during the offseason when you spend less time in the water or during the season as an extra strengthening program in addition to your swim practice.

Various Exercises

There are a variety of exercises you can perform outside the water that help improve your swimming times. Besides the obvious running, weightlifting and general exercise program, there are a variety of moves you can perform outside the water that are specifically useful to swimmers. It is important to obtain the proper equipment, such as the Stretchcordz with Handles, to gain the muscle mass that is necessary to improve your swimming times.

Stretchcordz with Paddles

The Stretchcordz with Paddles are four-foot long tubes that are attached to paddles that are easily held in the hands to perform the exercises. This high-quality swim training tool helps strengthen the muscles, ligaments and tendons that are necessary to improve your swimming speed. As you swim, these muscles can easily become tired or overworked, causing your speed to reduce. By using training tools outside the pool, you can increase your muscle strength and endurance. This will help you achieve greater times in the future.

Stretchcordz Modular Set

For the ultimate swim training outside the water, the Stretchcordz Modular Set provides everything you need. The four-foot modular tubing that is included in this set is available in five resistance levels, allowing you to customize your workout to your ability level. In addition, you also receive paddles and leg straps that allow you to work on your arm and leg muscles accordingly.

Different Strokes

Each swimming stroke has different muscles that need to be strengthened to maximize your swimming ability. You should find the exercises that are appropriate for your specialty strokes and start with 10 repetitions of each exercise, repeating each set three times. These exercises with dryland swim training cords can be reserved for the off season or can be used to warm-up before a meet to give your body the strength it needs to perform its best swimming times.

Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Essential Swim Team Gear for Training

Swim Team Gear
Providing your team with essential training gear is important.

When you are the coach of a swim team, you want your team to be the best it can be. This means providing your team with all the tools they need to increase their endurance and enhance their skills as they work toward greater things. When planning for what you need to train your team to be the best they can be, there are certain pieces of equipment you must invest in. This will ensure your swimmers will grow stronger and improve continually.

Swim Fins and Paddles

Swim fins and paddles can be an excellent tool to build strength and endurance in swimmers. Because of the wide flaps on the fins and paddles, there is more resistance against the water. This increased resistance causes a swimmer to have to kick or stroke harder for the same results. When you work harder, you will be building your muscles and increasing their endurance so you will have an easier time swimming through the water when you aren’t wearing them.

Pull Buoys

Another important training tool for your swim team gear is the pull buoy. These devices are kept between the swimmer’s legs to restrict their use. When you are using a pull buoy, it will force you to use your arms to propel you through the water as much as possible, helping you to strengthen the muscles in your arms. This increase in upper body strength is crucial to your swimming success.


Stretchcordz are yet another useful tool to keep in your swim team gear arsenal. These stretchcordz come with a belt that wraps around your waist. You then hand onto the handles at the ends of the elastic cords as you swim. The cords move freely around the belt, giving you free range of motion. However, the resistance the cords create will allow you to increase your arm and upper body strength to improve your swimming.

Providing all the swim team gear your team needs to train will ensure they have all the tools necessary to be successful swimmers. It is up to you to ensure your swimmers are trained in the best way possible. With the help of these important tools, your swimmers will see great improvement as they go through their training exercises. When they hit the pool, they can be confident in their strength, endurance and skills so they will do the best they can against their competitors.

Stretchcordz Can Help You with Your Swim Training

Stretchcordz Can Help You with Your Swim Training

Swim Cords
With the help of swim cords, you will be able to increase your strength and endurance.

Swim training is essential if you intend to win when you compete. However, it isn’t just about your swimming technique and your abilities that will ensure you finish in the best possible position. As part of your training, you will need to strengthen various muscles that will be critical to your swimming success. Through exercises, such as those you can complete with the help of stretchcordz, you will find you are swimming better than you ever thought you could. There are several types of stretchcords you can use to enhance your swimming.

Stretchcordz Long Belt

One type of swim cords allows you to use these cords while you are swimming. This piece of equipment consists of a belt that fits securely around your waist. The swim cord is attached to the belt where it can move freely around the belt. This will allow the cords to move with you as you swim through the water. The Stretchcordz long belt will help create additional resistance as you swim, helping to strengthen your muscles to help build the muscles you need to swim well. This piece of equipment gives you three different resistance levels so you can increase your training intensity as you train.

Stretchcordz with Handles

If you want to continue your swim cord training when you are out of the water, you may want to consider the Stretchcordz with handles, in addition to the long belt. When you use this piece of equipment to complete certain exercises, such as curls, triceps extensions, flies and lateral pulls, you will be increasing the strength in your upper body. This can improve your swim stroke so you can swim through the water faster than ever before. You will also see an increase in your endurance. With five different resistance levels, you can find yourself swimming faster and longer.

The training methods you use can have a direct impact on how well you do in the water. With the use of the Stretchcordz equipment, you will make use of the resistance of these swim cords to strengthen your upper body. When you increase the strength in your upper body, you will find you can swim faster, longer and better. Whether you choose the long belt that can be used in the water, the model with handles to use out of the water or a combination of both, you can reap all the benefits of your hard work.