Is Your Child Ready for Swimming Lessons?

Is Your Child Ready for Swimming Lessons?

Before swimming lessons, buy children's swimwear.
Children’s swimwear is just part of learning how to swim.

There’s really no right or wrong time to start swimming lessons, though the general consensus is they should be done at a fairly young age to ensure children are safe in and around the water. It’s up to each parent to determine when their child is ready to begin their swimming lessons. Before you start shopping for children’s swimwear, the following checklist can help you determine if it’s the best time to start lessons.

Don’t Force It

Parents are often eager to make sure their children are safe in the water. They buy a swimsuit for their kids and enroll them in lessons without any thought whether they are comfortable. If you try to force your child to take lessons. The key is to not force the issue. Wait until your child is truly comfortable around the water before enrolling them in lessons. Taking your child to the pool can help improve their comfort levels.

Know the Facts

Some parents think starting their child in swimming lessons early means they will learn to swim faster. While it can be beneficial to introduce your child to the water from an early age, studies have shown children typically can’t perform the required swimming motions until around the age of five or six, regardless of when they begin taking lessons. This is all the more reason parents should consider waiting until a child is a little older before spending the money on lessons.

Water Conditions

Another important consideration for your child is the condition of the water. For instance, pools contain high levels of chlorine and other chemicals, which can be harsh on a baby’s sensitive skin. Varying water temperatures can also have a negative impact on the well-being of young children. Babies also tend to swallow water more than older children, which can easily make them ill. For these reasons alone, it’s often best to wait until children are at least three or four before beginning lessons.

Signing your child up for swimming lessons is about more than buying boy’s and girl’s bathing suits. It’s important to make sure your child is truly ready for the lessons so they aren’t traumatized by them and are able to effectively learn how to swim safely. When the time is right, swimming lessons will be a joy and provide your child with valuable life skills.

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