Nike’s New Collection Is Designed to Perform

Nike’s New Collection Is Designed to Perform

Take advantage of Nike Performance Poly.
Nike Performance Poly has plenty to offer.

Most casual swimmers look at a swimsuit and believe besides the color, pattern and cut of the suit, one swimsuit is the same as the next. Swimsuit material is essentially the same on every suit, right? If you’re a serious competitive swimmer focused on results, you know how wrong that assumption is. You know milliseconds can mean the difference between victory and defeat. That’s a fact Nike understands completely and the reason so many professional athletes insist on Nike for their training and competition gear. Nike’s performance materials are not run-of-the-mill swimsuit materials!

Nike Performance Poly

Available in your favorite team colors, as well as eye-catching designs, performance poly is one of the materials featured in Nike’s new collection of competition swimwear. Not only will your training and competition swimsuits look sharp, they will give you a competitive edge and shave valuable time off your results. Nike Performance poly is comfortable and lightweight, durable, can stand up to long sessions in a chlorinated pool and retain color-fastness and resists stretching. This is an Olympic year, and competitive swimming is in the spotlight. If the Olympics have inspired you to “kick up” your game, make sure you’ve got a swimsuit that is up to the challenge.

Nike Performance Poly Blend

The other material you will see in Nike’s new competition line is a performance poly blend. This material delivers outstanding performance, fit and support. Unlike the Performance Poly, which is 100 percent polyester, Nike’s performance poly blend suits are 82 percent polyester and 18 percent Spandex. The fabric has just a little more give and stretch than the 100 percent Poly suits. Whether you are looking for a lingerie tank suit, a retro-pattern cutout suit, a prism-pattern or signature Nike Swoosh brief or any other sporty pattern, you’ll love the options in the Performance Poly Blend fabric.

Whether you need a jammer, a brief, a fastback one-piece tank or any of Nike’s training swimsuits, you’ll find an excellent assortment of options crafted with these winning materials. Where you buy your competitive swimwear is almost as important as the swimwear itself! Make sure to shop with a provider that carries only authentic Nike suits and offers outstanding customer service support should you need it.

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Practice Swimsuits Preserve Your Competitive Swimwear

Practice Swimsuits Preserve Your Competitive Swimwear

Practice Swimsuits
Practice swimwear preserves your competitives swimwear.

Competitive swimmers spend a lot of time in the pool, practicing so they are able to swim their best when the meets arrive. However, because of the harsh conditions of swimming, including chlorine from the pool, perspiration and the chemicals in sunscreen, the material from which many swimsuits is made will begin to break down. While many competitive swimsuits are made from materials designed to resist these conditions, they will still break down over time.

Low-Cost Options

Practice swimwear is a great low-cost option, allowing you to enjoy the quality swimsuits required to swim well without putting excess wear on your expensive competitive swimwear. The swimsuits you use for practice will be in the pool a lot more than those you use for meets. Because you won’t spend a lot of money on these swimsuits, you won’t feel guilty when you have to replace this suit more often. In general, the suit you practice in really doesn’t matter much, though it can impact your times so you need to make sure you are still using suits designed for competitive use.

Random Suits

One of the best ways to purchase the low-cost practice swimwear you need to perfect your stroke in the pool is to purchase a random practice suit. When you choose this method of purchasing a low-cost suit with which to practice, you won’t know the company, style, color or design of the suit you will receive. You simply choose between a men’s or women’s suit and indicate your size. Then you will receive a random suit. One of the greatest benefits of receiving a random suit with which to practice is it will give you the challenge of swimming in a different style of suit, allowing you to better your ability to swim, no matter what you wear. This can have a positive impact on your overall performance.

Your performance in the pool depends greatly on the amount of time you spend practicing in the pool. Because the constant swimming in the pool can have a negative impact on your competitive swimwear over time, it is often best to have a few practice suits on hand to use for practices. These suits often cost less and can be purchased at random so you don’t know what kind of suit you will be dealing with. This can help you become a better swimmer overall.