10 Weird Swimming Facts

10 Weird Swimming Facts

Swimming can be just as relaxing as it can be exhilarating for individuals. While most people see swimming as a fairly straightforward sport, like everything else, there are some weird facts surrounding it. As you consider your competitive swimwear products, including racing suits, think about these facts.

1. Swimmers Are Extremely Flexible

Competitive swimmers are very flexible.
Competitive swimmers are more flexible than you think.

Most people associate flexibility with a sport like gymnastics. However, swimmers need to be as streamlined as possible in the water. What results is a swimmer who can flex their toes straight to the floor when their legs are stretched along the floor.

2. Pools Contain Sweat

Sweat can be found in competitive swimming pools.
Competitive swimming pools contain sweat.

It may seem unusual to think someone can sweat while they swim, but swimmers sweat just as much as any other athlete. This means the pool does contain an amount of sweat.

3. Swimming Existed in Prehistoric Times

Swimming dates back to prehistoric times.
There are signs swimming dates to prehistoric times.

Many wonder how long humans have been swimming. When evaluating cave drawings in Egypt, images of people swimming were found. Writings dating back to 2000 BC have also referenced swimming.

4. The Breast Stroke Is the Oldest Stroke


Historical evidence shows the breast stroke is the oldest stroke ever created.

5. Shaving Is About More Than Hair Removal

There are several reasons competitive swimmers shake.
Competitive swimmers shave for several reasons.

Swimmers shave more than the average person and for good reason. The primary reason swimmers remove their hair is more for hydrodynamic purposes. However, shaving also removes a layer of dead skin cells, which decreases sensitivity.

6. Australians Are the Most Passionate Swimmers


Many people in Australia are ready to talk about swimming at the drop of a hat. In Australia, swimming is to citizens as soccer is to the English and Football is to Americans.

7. Swimming Wasn’t Included in the Original Greek Olympics

The Olympic Games introduced competitive swimming later.
Competitive swimming wasn’t part of the initial Olympic Games.

Although a major staple of today’s Olympic games, swimming wasn’t one of the original sports. While the Greeks did swim, it was not part of the Olympics.

8. Open Water Swimmers Sometimes Poop in the Water

Open water swimmers may need to relieve themselves as they swim.
Open water swimmers don’t have time to stop.

Just as some people do pee in the pool, open water swimmers sometimes need to poop but don’t have the time to get out of the water. This means they do need to relieve themselves as they swim. Exact numbers are unknown.

9. Swimmers Use Almost All Their Muscles


Few exercises will give you a better workout than swimming. Swimming uses many of the major body areas, which means you are using most of your muscle groups.

10. Many People Can’t Swim

Not everyone knows how to swim.
Many Americans don’t know how to swim.

Only about half of the American population is familiar with the five basic swimming skills, while only about 33 percent of African Americans know the same skills.

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Olympian Michael Phelps Has Announced His Retirement and a New Swimwear Line

Olympian Michael Phelps Has Announced His Retirement and a New Swimwear Line

Michael Phelps has created the ideal competitive swimwear.
The right competitive swimwear is essential to your success.

Michael Phelps is one of the most well-known and most decorated Olympic swimmer in recent years. In December 2015, he announced he would be retiring from the swimming pool. However, this doesn’t mean he’s leaving the world of swimming behind entirely. In fact, Phelps has created one of the most respected competitive swimwear brands available on the market and plans to coach swimming in Arizona. In the coming year, he will be releasing the new MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line by Michael Phelps, adding to the other available women’s and men’s technical racing suits.

The Perfect Competitive Swimwear

Just like his past contributions to the competitive swimwear, the MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line features an innovative fabric that combines both the Aqua-Core and Exo-Foil fabrics. This combination provides all the compression swimmers need to become more streamlined in the water, along with hydrodynamic material and bonded seams, all while providing flexibility and full range of motion. These women’s and men’s technical racing swimsuits are also constructed with strategically placed panels that reduce the amount of energy you expend by increasing blood flow to the legs and femoral artery through compression. This design outshines many of the other options available on the market today.

Available for Both Men and Women

The MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line by Michael Phelps offers both women’s and men’s technical racing swimsuits that meet FINA’s stringent guidelines. Of all the competitive swimwear brands, this is one of the few that was designed by someone who knows swimming inside and out. These swimsuits were created in styles for men and women and are available in a number of colors to allow every swimmer to find the ideal style. Swimmers can choose between black/gray, blue/black and yellow/black.

Buying the right competitive swimwear is essential to your success in the water. Even though Michael Phelps is hanging up his own swimming career, he isn’t ready to get out of the sport entirely. Not only is he planning on coaching the next generation of swimmers in Arizona, but he has also created the MP-XPRESSO swimsuit line of technical racing swimsuits to help give other swimmers the competitive advantage they’re looking for.

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How to Increase Your Chances of a Long and Consistent Swimming Career

How to Increase Your Chances of a Long and Consistent Swimming Career

Consider custom swimwear for your swimming career.
Custom swimwear is just one part of the equation.

While some swimmers begin training as a teenager or adult, others may begin swimming competitively from a young age. Regardless of your age when you begin, working hard can help you embark on a long, consistent career in competitive swimming. From purchasing the right customized swimwear to using the right training gear, these tips will increase your chances of a long, lucrative swimming career.

Choose Your Own Path

While you need to listen to your coaching staff to help you improve, it’s important to choose your own path in swimming. If you want to be a world-class swimmer, you will need a Speedo drag suit for training and other equipment a casual swimmer won’t need. However, if this isn’t your dream and you are in swimming for the fun of it, don’t feel pressured into making something more of this activity.

Take Good Care of Yourself

Like any other athlete, swimmers need to follow a nutritious diet and exercise often to stay in shape. Weight lifting and other similar activities may become part of your regular routine. If you are injured during training or at a meet, see your doctor and follow his or her instructions exactly to ensure you can return to swimming in a timely manner and resume swimming at the same level or higher.

Identify the Need for a Break

It may be tempting to continue pushing yourself when you feel worn out or you aren’t sure if you want to continue swimming, but pushing yourself can lead to serious injuries or lead to a dislike for the sport. Instead, taking strategically placed breaks can give your body time to rest and enhance your swimming performance.

Don’t Make Excuses

It’s easy to brush off a poor performance because you just weren’t feeling it or a vast number of other reasons. The truth is these excuses aren’t going to make you a better swimmer or ensure you can continue to participate in the sport. Swimming takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Blaming a bad performance on your Speedo LZR Elite isn’t going to make you do better next time. Instead, drop the excuses and work harder.

When you’re dedicated to becoming a competitive swimmer, custom swimsuits isn’t the only thing you need to worry about. These tips can help increase your chances of being the best swimmer you can be for the duration of your career.

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D&J Sports Moving to a New Location in Plano, Texas

D&J Sports Moving to a New Location in Plano, Texas

Get the right swim training gear at our Plano location.
Our new Plano location offers a variety of competitive swimwear and training gear.

D&J Sports currently offers seven Texas retail locations, as well as one in Oklahoma City and two in Pennsylvania. In addition to our online presence, these retail locations allow us to cater to a local audience, giving swimmers of all skill levels access to the competitive swimming gear and swimwear they need to be more effective in the water. To better serve our local customers, we have recently moved from our former North Dallas location on Preston Road to a new location on the corner of Preston Road and Spring Creek.

Our new location carries the best competitive swimwear brands.
Choose the best competitive swimwear brands.

Everything Swimmers Need

D&J Sports takes great pride in offering our customers just what they need to perform better in the water. We carry the biggest competitive swimwear brands so our customers can purchase the ideal swimwear for training, competitions and recreational purposes, including Dolfin, TYR, Speedo, Aquasphere, Arena and Nike. In addition to the best swimwear on the market, we also carry competitive swimming gear for those who are looking for top-of-the-line swim training gear, swim caps, goggles, aquatic fitness gear and more. Our new store features a vast selection of the same products you can find on our website. However, you can try everything out before you buy it instead of buying it online.

Find an amazing selection of swim training gear.
The new D&J Sports location in Plano carries a vast selection of swim training gear.

We Know Swimming

When you need the right competitive swimming gear and competitive swimwear brands, you shouldn’t rely on a major department store that carries a little bit of everything. You will get the best service and find the greatest selection when you choose the specialists. When Plano, Richardson, Frisco and North Dallas residents turn to our new location, they will find a knowledgeable staff who can help them choose the products they need to become better swimmers.

Competitive swimming requires a lot of hard work and training with the right swimwear and swim training gear. For this reason, you need to turn to those who understand swimming and everything it entails. At the new Plano location for D&J Sports, you will find all the products you need to train hard and improve your performance in the water.

If you are looking for the highest quality in swim training gear and swimwear, contact us. We are ready to give you the tools you need, whether you visit our new Plano location or browse our online selection.

Michael Phelps Wearing Speedo Speed Socket Goggles at Mesa Grand Prix

Michael Phelps Wearing Speedo Speed Socket Goggles at Mesa Grand Prix

ImageMichael Phelps returned to the pool for the first time in two years at the Arena Grand Prix in Mesa, Arizona, yesterday. While he led all competitors in the preliminary heats of the 100-meter butterfly, Ryan Lochte was able to edge the legendary swimmer in the finals. Michael tweeted that his time is right where he wants it to be. So what do you think will he still be kind of the blocks in two years for the 2016 Rio Olympics? 

Michael Phelps is still wearing Speedo and his all-time favorite swim goggles of choice the Speedo Speed Socket Polarized Goggle with it’s superior optics and polarized lenses. A very good choice for the sunny outdoor swimming conditions at the Arizona Mesa Grand Prix swim meet. Michael Phelps confirmed his intent to swim butterfly during the 50 freestyle prelims on today.

Quick Swimming Tips for New Swimmers

Quick Swimming Tips for New Swimmers

Swim Training Tools
Using the right tools can help beginners swim better.

As a new swimmer, it can often be intimidating to just jump in the water and start swimming. Even if you already have an idea how to swim, moving into the competitive world is quite different from just playing in your local pool or lake. However, when you learn these tips and follow them, you will quickly become acclimated to your new life as a swimmer.

Use a Long Fin

Swim fins are a useful tool as you are developing your technique for kicking then working on strengthening it for better performance in the pool. The long Swim Stuff Rubber Swim Fins are a great option for those who are getting started in competitive swimming. Choosing the longer fins will provide you with a long list of benefits, including strengthening the muscles in your legs to improve your kick technique and developing your endurance so you can perform better for longer periods of time.

Use a Pull Buoy

Another major area of focus for new swimmers is the arms. Not only do you need to perfect your technique, you also need to build strength and endurance in your arm muscles. The Swim Stuff 2.0 Pull Buoy can offer you this advantage in your workout technique. This foam device goes between your legs so you are forced to use your arms to swim instead of relying on your legs. Using the pull buoy for 10 to 20 percent of your workout will give you the strength and endurance and eliminate the drag created by bad kicks.


Perhaps the most important tip new swimmers should follow is simply to relax. If you are tense and feel stressed or anxious while you are in the water, you are more likely to perform poorly. Instead, you should take a few deep breaths as you enter the water. It may seem cliché, but you need to become one with the water instead of fighting against it. Learn to use the water to your advantage. Even if you will be competing in swimming, the goal is to enjoy yourself.

Beginning swimmers can often feel intimidated by getting into the water the first couple of times. However, there are things you can do to help yourself feel more relaxed and to do better as you learn. With the help of these tips and the right tools, you will find yourself swimming well in no time, giving your competition something to fight against.

Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

Favored swimmers for the 2012 Olympics are already popping up. These are the athletes representing the U.S. that are almost guaranteed to make the 2012 Olympic swim team. There are mostly men, but a few women that we suspect

Favored Swimmers for the 2012 Olympics

will be frontrunners at the 2012 Olympics.  Athletes representing the United States are ready to compete. There’s much buzz about what male swimmers will potentially beat gold medalist Michael Phelps. While Phelps will be at the games, there are a few other male swimmers that may qualify in the same competition.

Ryan Lochte – Lochte has already placed in all three medals at the games, but Phelps took the spotlight the majority of the time. He currently holds the world record in the 4×200 meter freestyle relay race. Lochte is best known for his intense freestyle racing where he accelerates by kicking his legs under the water. In the past, Lochte has won gold medals in competitions that Phelps did not compete in.

Missy Franklin – Franklin swept up several gold medals at various world competitions. She holds the world record for the 200 meter backstroke in short course and the U.S. record in 200 meter backstroke in long course. Franklin is won FINA Swimmer of the Year last year and looks to have serious momentum entering the new year. While we’re impressed with Franklin’s swimming resume, we’re even more amazed that the young American swimmer will turn 17 this May. Franklin is likely one to watch for the upcoming 2012 games, as well as future Olympics competitions.


Rebecca Soni – Soni has won silver and gold medals at the Olympics. She competed in 2008 and also holds world titles for other swim competitions. In 2008, Soni was not a favorite and beat Australian swimmer (and favorite) Leisel Jones. This was a major upset at the games, but Soni has continued to prove herself by beating world records for the breaststroke. Like Franklin, Soni began her career early proving that Franklin has plenty of room for growth.

These are just a few of the favored swimmers you’ll likely notice at the 2012 Olympics. The Olympics will be in London this summer and it’s always an exciting event for families to watch. Competitive swimmers of all ages enjoy seeing techniques and skills put to work by athletes who have been training for a lifetime. The 2008 games held many amazing moments and the 2012 Olympics look to be just as exciting in the swimming realm.

Arena Swimsuits and Swim Gear Now Available

Arena Swimsuits and Swim Gear Now Available

Arena Swim

You have seen it at the Olympics and recently on NBC’s coverage of the Summer Long Course National’s swim meet, now you can buy your very own Arena swimsuit and all of the rest of the Arena swim gear. D&J Sports Swim Shop is one of the select few Arena USA dealers allowed to sell this exclusive brand of swimwear. Arena offers some of the fastest swimsuits and most advanced swim gear in the industry.

In 1973, just one year after the 1972 Munich Summer Olympic Games, Arena launched its first competition swimwear line with the introduction of Skinfit®. Skinfit was known in the industry as a “technological pearl.” The new ultra-light fabric only weighed 18 grams and was designed to cling to a swimmer’s body like a “second skin.”

Arena Powerskin R-Evo

Arena offers the most complete and advanced line-up of top performance racing suits (approved by FINA), based on the unquestionable know-how which drove to the creation of POWERSKIN X-GLIDE. World class, hi-tech fabrics,
specially developed for Arena by the Kinetech Lab, delivering perfect compression and gliding. Unique, patented patterns helping the swimmer to get improved postureduring the stroke, while also giving superior fit and comfort. The knowledge developed by the Arena scientific network about surface and form drag reduction.

TYR Burner EBP Fins are Now In Stock

TYR Burner EBP Fins are Now In Stock

TYR Burner Fin

The next evolution in training swim fins is here and D&J Sports has an exclusive early shipment of the new TYR Burner Fins. The Burner EBP is a floating short blade fin that mimics race-day cadence while building lean muscle. These new fins are made of super soft silicone and will soon be replacing all of the other short fins on the market including the Zoomers and Speedo Optimus fins. Why? Because of the size of the blade, the low weight of the fin and excellent flexibility of this fin. For years swim fin engineers have been trying to design the perfect swim fin for training and improving stroke and kick techniques. All while maintaining a natural feel of the water. Now you have the perfect swim fin in the TYR Burner EBP fins. This fin meets all of the design and material factors that swimmers have been searching for.

TYR Burner EBP Fins

Here is the full detailed description of the new TYR Burner EBP training swim fins will do for you:

Burner — The perfect fin for training at race cadence. The shorter fin-blade provides just the right amount
of propulsion to hone in on the perfect stroke. The shorter cadence kick helps build fast twitch muscle fibers
throughout the leg. An ergonomic foot pocket allows for decreased levels of tendon strain with efficient
strength building for the ankle.

EBP — Stands for Elevated Body Position. Constructed of ultra-soft high buoyancy rubber the fin helps
maintain proper body position while training. By maintaining proper body position during training the
Burner EBP allows for raceday muscle development and helps simulate race pace conditions.

Wall Gripper Footpad — Keeps the foot anchored during flip turns and push-offs.

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Swim Team Fundraiser

Swim Team Fundraiser

Custom Swim Team T-shirtNeed a fundraiser for your swim team? I have a few great ideas for you. Almost every swim team has a team t-shirt, so instead of just taking an order and reselling the shirts to the swimmers and parents at cost you can mark the shirts up and make additional money for your swim team. Buy 50 custom printed swim team t-shirts for your team at $6.00 each and sell each shirt as a swim team fundraiser item at $12 each and you will make $300 for your swim team. Or better yet sell the shirts at $15 each and you make $450 for your swim team. You can also do the same thing with custom swim caps and custom printed water bottles. Call D&J Sports today for more information 1-800-460-SWIM.

Want to make even more money and you are hosting a big swim meet? Then contact D&J Sports Swim Shop to come out to your swim meet and sell swimsuits and swim gear. They give you a commission on the sells. D&J Sports brings the largest meet setup in the country. You won’t belive all the cool stuff they have just for swim meets. Call D&J Sports today for more information.