TYR Burner EBP Fins are Now In Stock

TYR Burner Fin

The next evolution in training swim fins is here and D&J Sports has an exclusive early shipment of the new TYR Burner Fins. The Burner EBP is a floating short blade fin that mimics race-day cadence while building lean muscle. These new fins are made of super soft silicone and will soon be replacing all of the other short fins on the market including the Zoomers and Speedo Optimus fins. Why? Because of the size of the blade, the low weight of the fin and excellent flexibility of this fin. For years swim fin engineers have been trying to design the perfect swim fin for training and improving stroke and kick techniques. All while maintaining a natural feel of the water. Now you have the perfect swim fin in the TYR Burner EBP fins. This fin meets all of the design and material factors that swimmers have been searching for.

TYR Burner EBP Fins

Here is the full detailed description of the new TYR Burner EBP training swim fins will do for you:

Burner — The perfect fin for training at race cadence. The shorter fin-blade provides just the right amount
of propulsion to hone in on the perfect stroke. The shorter cadence kick helps build fast twitch muscle fibers
throughout the leg. An ergonomic foot pocket allows for decreased levels of tendon strain with efficient
strength building for the ankle.

EBP — Stands for Elevated Body Position. Constructed of ultra-soft high buoyancy rubber the fin helps
maintain proper body position while training. By maintaining proper body position during training the
Burner EBP allows for raceday muscle development and helps simulate race pace conditions.

Wall Gripper Footpad — Keeps the foot anchored during flip turns and push-offs.

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Swim Team Fundraiser

Custom Swim Team T-shirtNeed a fundraiser for your swim team? I have a few great ideas for you. Almost every swim team has a team t-shirt, so instead of just taking an order and reselling the shirts to the swimmers and parents at cost you can mark the shirts up and make additional money for your swim team. Buy 50 custom printed swim team t-shirts for your team at $6.00 each and sell each shirt as a swim team fundraiser item at $12 each and you will make $300 for your swim team. Or better yet sell the shirts at $15 each and you make $450 for your swim team. You can also do the same thing with custom swim caps and custom printed water bottles. Call D&J Sports today for more information 1-800-460-SWIM.

Want to make even more money and you are hosting a big swim meet? Then contact D&J Sports Swim Shop to come out to your swim meet and sell swimsuits and swim gear. They give you a commission on the sells. D&J Sports brings the largest meet setup in the country. You won’t belive all the cool stuff they have just for swim meets. Call D&J Sports today for more information.

Swim Team Banner

Swim Team Banners

Do you need a swim team banner for swim meets? Or even a banner for your pool to advertise your team and let the public know how to join your swim team? D&J Sports Swim Shop has the answer with a low-cost but heavy-duty vinyl banner that will have your swim team looking sharp! They can custom make you a banner for less than you think. The average banner is only about $150-200. The banners are digitally printed so you can have a photo graph of your team or you can go with the standard swim team banner design of your team name and swim team mascot. The swim banners include heat welded on all 4 sides and grommets at all corners plus every few feet so it will be easy to hang up at your next swim meet. Place your order today and you will have the banner in 4-5 days. Give D&J Sports a call today at 1-800-460-SWIM or email them for more information.

Short Course YMCA Nationals

D&J Sports GuyD&J Sports was the vendor for the Dolfin booth at the YMCA Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, Florida early April.  One again, the Uglies were very well received.   New from Dolfin this year were reversible Winners in both the one piece and 2-piece females.  They prove to be a huge hit along with the male Winners brief with their very colorful all over prints.

Dolfin Booth at Y Nationals

Custom Swimsuits

Custom Printed SwimsuitsAre you searching for a custom swimsuit for your swim team? The give D&J Sports Swim Shop a call and we can help you out. We offer custom printed swimsuits and custom embroidered swimsuits. All of our custom printing and embroidery is done in-house by our full-time printing and embroidery crew. We also offer free artwork services to help you achieve the best possible look for your swim team.

YMCA Short Course Nationals in Fort Lauderdale, FL

The YMCA Short Course Nationals are going on now in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Swim teams from all across the country are there to compete at this YMCA national meet at the Swimming Hall of Fame. The meet is going on now through this Saturday. They also have a vendor village with all of the swim suit brands so you can gear up with the latest and greatest swimsuits for the summer. Including the newest Dolfin Uglies that are not even in stores yet.

Speedo LZR Pro – Order Now

The latest in a long line of record-breaking fast swimsuits is now available for pre-ordering. The all new Speedo LZR Pro swimsuits are almost here and you can now place an order for your very own swimsuit. The Speedo LZR Pro is an updated version of the Speedo FS-Pro. The styling and cut of the suit will be like the faster version the Speedo LZR Elite, but the seams will be stitched and not bonded. Plus the LZR Pro features an update version of the LZR Pulse fabric which increases the durability of the swimsuit. The LZR Pro is priced like the FS-Pro swimsuits.

Like the Speedo LZR Elite there are 3 styles of this FINA Approved 2010 swimsuit:
 The Speedo LZR PRO  is part of the performance range and is FINA Approved for all levels of swimming competition. Developed by the Speedo Aqualab, the LZR Pro swimsuits feature the LZR Pulse fabrication that has beenre-Engineered for greater durability. Featuring Speedo’s 3D, 3 piece pattern to optimise the shape of the swimmer. This racing swimsuit is lightweight and has low drag to glide through the water, plus an advanced fit. Pre-Order now for delivery at the end of March or sometime in April.
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