TYR FINA Approved Swimsuits

TYR FINA Approved Swimsuits

Here is the statement from TYR, regarding their FINA Approved Swimsuits:

On Tuesday, the international governing body of our sport, FINA, released their “FINA 2009 List of Approved Swimsuits.” The suits on this list are approved through December 31, 2009.

TYR has three of our technologies listed as approved:

1. Tracer Rise
2. Tracer Light
3. Untitled technology

These technologies are not listed by name on FINA’s list, but rather as corresponding codes to the samples that were submitted.

The codes correlate as follows:

1. A10 refers to Tracer Rise
2. A12 refers to Tracer Light
3. A7 refers to untitled technology

We are currently working with FINA to have these model names clarified and reflected on their official list.

In the meantime, we are pleased to have Tracer Rise and Tracer Light approved for use during the many events that will comprise the upcoming season. This will include the National Championships (World Championship Trials) in Indianapolis and the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

4 thoughts on “TYR FINA Approved Swimsuits

    1. The TYR Aqua Shift is not on the latest list of FINA approved suits. So technically at this time the Aqua Shift is not a FINA approved suit.

      Here is the confusing thing… This list of FINA approved suits only consists of suits that were 1) submitted for approval by the manufacturer (TYR in this case), and (2) were subsequently approved by FINA. Since TYR no longer manufactures the Aqua Shift they did not submit it for approval, and it therefore is not currently a FINA approved suit. Had the Aqua Shift been submitted for approval it likely would have been on the list.

  1. Is the legskin Tyr Tracer Light approved by FINA?
    I was just watching the list of the approved swimsuits and it says only Tyr tracer light full, Tyr tracer rise full, nothing about the legskin.

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