Choosing a Low-Cost Swim Team Suit without Sacrificing Quality

Choosing a Low-Cost Swim Team Suit without Sacrificing Quality

Swim team suits provide your swim team with a uniform look.

Choosing swim suits for your swim team can be a tedious process. You want to make sure you choose swim suits that every member of your team will love wearing, as well as a suit that will provide the support and streamlined fit to ensure optimum speed when cutting through the water. You will be able to purchase these team summer swim suits to reflect your team’s colors so your team stands out from the rest of the teams in the pool at a price your team can afford.

Speedo Rhythm Ripples

Speedo is one of the most well-known names when it comes to swim gear. The Speedo Rhythm Ripple Super Pro Back swim team suits come in a range of colors that will give your team the ability to choose the one that best suits them. These suits are made from 80 percent nylon and 20 percent Xtra Life Lycra, giving the suit longevity despite its extended exposure to the chlorine in the pools. Men can experience the same benefits with the jammer version of this swim team suit.

TYR Atlantic

Another great choice for a summer swim team suit is the TYR Atlantic Diamondback. This swimsuit is built with speed in mind so you can feel assured that your team won’t be left behind in the water. These suits are manufactured from 100 percent polyester that is engineered for longevity in the water. Your team won’t need to worry about replacing their suits too often, even though they spend a lot of time in the water between practices and events. For men, this suit is available in a jammer or boxer.

Dolfin Suits

If your swim team is looking for a low cost option for your swim team suits, Dolfin provides several options, including the Spyda, Fractal and Chloroban. Each of these suits provides swimmers with the benefit of a choice of colors and a fit that will provide fast swimming in the water. The Spyda and Chloroban suits are made from 100 percent polyester and are chlorine resistant. The Fractal features 80 percent nylon and 20 percent spandex. Men can choose from racers or jammers in the Dolfin swim team suits.

When you are selecting the swim team suits for your swim team, you want to find the lowest price without sacrificing the quality of the suit. Whether you choose the Speedo, TYR or Dolfin suits, you can count on a suit that fits well, looks good and will hold up to the chlorine in the water through all your practices and swim events.

Fun Summer Swim Suits

Fun Summer Swim Suits

There are lots of new swimsuits out for the summer. One of my favorites is the new TYR Shockwave Durafast swimsuit. This fun new print has a wavy water looking pattern and is available in several different styles, including a female 2 piece, and male jammer swimsuit. The TYR Shockwave 2 piece swimsuit has TYR’s new ringback design. The ring on the back of the suit top allow the straps to stay put and minimize the need for additional fabric. Thus you get a fun swimsuit and minimal tan lines!

TYR Shockwave Swimsuits

Many swim teams will also like the TYR Shockwave since they have great team colors and matching female and male styles. The male TYR Shockwave jammer features a solid body with the spliced Shockwave pattern going down the leg. TYR’s legendary Durafast 100% polyester swimsuit fabric is another reason not to pass up this fun swimsuit. The 100% polyester swimsuits will last as much as 10 times longer than the traditional Lycra based swimwear.

TYR Comic Strip Ringback Swimsuit

TYR Comic Strip Ringback Swimsuit

TYR Comic Strip SuitHere is another great offer from D&J Sports Swim Shop! The TYR Comic Strip Ringback swim suit is the perfect suit for practice with it’s fun print and vibrant colors. Plus the ringback strap system on the back and the cut-out styling is the number one style of swimsuit for competitive swimmers. The all new TYR Ringback swimsuit style offers an adjustable ring that slides into place for flawless fit and comfort. Inspired by the Microback swimsuit with thin straps and a more revealing cut for a sleek, stylish and sexy look. Innovative and comfortable cut eliminates traditional tan lines. Elevated leg line for superior freedom of motion and comfort. Get yours today for only $49.95!

TYR FINA Approved Swimsuits

TYR FINA Approved Swimsuits

Here is the statement from TYR, regarding their FINA Approved Swimsuits:

On Tuesday, the international governing body of our sport, FINA, released their “FINA 2009 List of Approved Swimsuits.” The suits on this list are approved through December 31, 2009.

TYR has three of our technologies listed as approved:

1. Tracer Rise
2. Tracer Light
3. Untitled technology

These technologies are not listed by name on FINA’s list, but rather as corresponding codes to the samples that were submitted.

The codes correlate as follows:

1. A10 refers to Tracer Rise
2. A12 refers to Tracer Light
3. A7 refers to untitled technology

We are currently working with FINA to have these model names clarified and reflected on their official list.

In the meantime, we are pleased to have Tracer Rise and Tracer Light approved for use during the many events that will comprise the upcoming season. This will include the National Championships (World Championship Trials) in Indianapolis and the World Swimming Championships in Rome.

Can you mix electricity with water?

Can you mix electricity with water?

You have always been told to not mix electricity and water together. Especially when you are at the pool and there are storms in the area. However TYR has a new swimsuit called the Nero and this may be the only time you can mix electricity with water. Especially when your team is wearing the latest addition to the TYR family. Nero’s vibrant streams of light seem to strobe, stir and pulsate with brilliance. This new swimsuit is a unique print with bright colors and will look great on any swimmer.

Available in the Splice Jammer and Splice Racer, as well as the Maxback female swimsuit, which is TYR’s most supportive competition back. The entire collection is made of Lycra and are fully lined.