The Speedo Burst Jammer Is Their Latest Comfortable and Fun Swim Team Suit

The Speedo Burst Jammer Is Their Latest Comfortable and Fun Swim Team Suit

Enjoy the fun, comfortable Speedo Burst Jammer.
The Speedo Burst Jammer is the latest fun competitive swimwear from Speedo.

Speedo has dominated the competition since their beginning and now with the Speedo Burst Jammer competitive swimwear. Speedo has created the most desirable line of swimsuits for any swim team looking to transform into style and comfort in 2016.

Optimal Training

Anyone who coaches or participates in competitive swimming knows your team needs the best swimwear. The perfect suit can excel your swimmers to a whole new level of speed and endurance. Speedo has made just that with the Speedo Burst Jammer line of competitive swimwear.

This swimwear features a tight and comfortable fit that doesn’t produce any drag on your body, which can cut milliseconds off their race times. Even milliseconds are just as important in swimming as scoring a basket in basketball or a touchdown in football.

Cutting-Edge Design

Not only do you want your team in a swimsuit that enhances their skills and abilities, but you want them to look and feel like superstars at every meet. Speedo has gone the extra mile to create a swimsuit that is built to make its user pop out, with a vast array of colors available.

This allows you to find the closest match to your school colors. With the bright and neon color trend sweeping the nation in sports, Speedo has gotten on board and has a fun and exciting option for swim teams to wear during their competition. Just imagine your team matching in these modern swimsuits.

Are you wondering if you can add custom logos for swims teams? Of course you can! Your team’s logo, matched with your team colors, is the perfect combination to unite your team as one.


The widespread demand for eco-friendly products hasn’t gotten past Speedo. Even the number one swimwear brand has made a commitment to our environment’s health. Speedo Burst Jammers are made with PowerFLEX Eco fabri, designed and created with only 100 percent pre- and post-consumer waste. That is correct, Speedo uses only waste nylon yarn to create these incredible new swimsuits.

Not only are you getting your team new competitive swimwear they will be chomping at the bit to wear, but you will be contributing to saving the earth’s well-being, even if it seems small in scale.

Suit Up! 

The choice is clear for the upcoming 2016 swim season. Jammer competitive swimsuits are the most popular and sought-after swimwear your team can get.

Suit your team up for a championship season this year, with all the fun and comfort Speedo has to offer. Contact D&J Sports today for competitive swimwear in Dallas, Texas!

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