How to Use Short Swimfins and Kickboards to Improve Your Competitive Swimming

How to Use Short Swimfins and Kickboards to Improve Your Competitive Swimming

Improve your performance with the right competitive swimming gear.
The right competitive swimming gear can improve your performance.

One of the most important elements of swimming well is your kick. Of all the competitive swimming equipment available, the best way to improve your competitive swimming is with kickboards and short swimfins. Both of these tools can be used to help you strengthen your legs and kick more effectively so you can move more quickly through the water and reduce your swim times. Learning how these tools can be used will help you enhance your training so you can become the best swimmer possible.

Short Swimfins

There are many short swimfins available on the market to help you train, including the Speedo short blade training fin and the Swim Stuff short training fins. While all swimfins will create more resistance in the water so you can strengthen your leg muscles and focus on the right movements, short fins are often preferred for a number of reasons. For instance, when you remove typical swim fins and continue swimming, you often feel sluggish and unproductive. This effect is reduced and often minimized when using short fins instead. These fins are effective for building strength and endurance, helping swimmers do better during their races.


Kickboards for competitive swimmers can help you focus on your kicking motions while still keeping your upper body afloat. Whether you are just getting started with swimming or you’ve been doing it a while, it’s difficult to focus on individual aspects of your stroke. The way you use the kickboard will change slightly based on the type of stroke you are training on, but this is a versatile tool you will be glad to have in your competitive swimming equipment arsenal.

When you’re training and want to improve your competitive swimming, there are many tools you can use to make the most out of ever session. Two of the most important pieces of gear to perfect your kicks are the short swimfins and kickboards. Both of these tools can help you focus on the movement of every kick and can also help build endurance and strength in the legs so you can become a more powerful swimmer.

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