How Important Is a Racing Swim Cap

How Important Is a Racing Swim Cap

Which swim team cap is best for racing?

Every competitive swimmer understands the importance of wearing a team swim cap any time they enter the water. It’s easy to remember this important piece of gear when you’re practicing, but when it comes to meets, there’s so much on your mind it’s often easy for these seemingly minor details to go overlooked. While it may be okay to use your practice swim cap, most swimmers want something a little better for their swim meets to ensure the optimal performance. Consider the following when you choose your team swimming cap for meets.

Movement Is Essential

The most important thing to consider when choosing your team swim cap for races is your ability to move through the water. Not only is the swim cap designed to cover your hair, but it should also make your head more hydrodynamic. Swim caps remove much of the resistance and drag you will experience if you leave your hair loose while you are swimming. This is why, although fine for practicing, you should avoid certain latex and silicone caps for racing. These caps can create wrinkles along the top of your head, impeding your ability to move smoothly through the water. Because your head typically hits the water first, this should be the smoothest point of contact with the water.

Dome Caps Are the Most Beneficial

Many swimmers are likely to go with a cap that fits their head because they feel this is the best way to achieve the results they need. However, this isn’t typically the case. Instead, you should look for a dome cap, such as the Arena 3D silicone swim cap. These caps are designed to be rounded at the top, eliminating the wrinkles that can occur with your typical team swim cap. If you run a race with each type of cap, you will quickly realize a domed cap can improve your swimming times.

A Comfortable Alternative

One of the reasons many swimmers have been hesitant to wear dome swim caps is because they have a tendency to be less comfortable than the traditional counterpart. The good news is many swim companies have designed a softer alternative, such as the Arena 3D silicone swim cap, giving swimmers the comfort they’re looking for while maintaining hydrodynamics.

If you’re looking for the best team swim cap for your races, contact us. We carry everything you need to become the most effective swimmer possible.

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