Top 5 Training Items Every Swimmer Needs

Top 5 Training Items Every Swimmer Needs

Buy a snorkel with your competitive swimming equipment.
A swim snorkel is an important piece of competitive swimming equipment.

Competitive swimming requires specialized training to ensure you can move effortlessly through the water and improve your times so you have a chance of winning every race. There is a lot of competitive swimming equipment available to help you achieve your goals. This equipment is just as important as the competitive swimwear in Dallas you choose. These five swim training tools will help you become a more effective swimmer.

Swim Snorkel

One of the most important elements of competitive swimming is the breathing, but it can be difficult to perfect your movements when you have to concentrate on breathing. This is why it’s often one of the last components your coach will have you work on. A swim snorkel will help you breathe properly without focusing on pulling your head out of the water so you can work on other aspects of your stroke instead. The increased oxygen also keeps your stamina up.


Most people think of kickboards for little kids just learning how to swim, but the truth is, kickboards for competitive swimmers can be useful too. These boards allow you to keep your upper body afloat while you concentrate on the intricate movements of your kick, strengthening your legs so you can move more effectively through the water.

Swim Hand Paddles

Hand paddles may seem like strange competitive swimming equipment, but they are great for helping to build upper body strength and perfect your arm movements in the water. They offer greater resistance and can offer more power so you can actually feel if you are making the right movements as you swim.

Swim Fins

The best swim fins are also important to help you become a stronger swimmer. When you wear these swim fins, they will create more resistance, which causes you to kick harder to produce the same results. This strengthens your muscles. There are many different types of swim fins, each of which offers its own advantages and benefits.

Foam Roller

Some may argue a foam roller isn’t really a swim training tool, but it offers many benefits. These rollers can be used to massage sore muscles, providing relief from pain and fatigue. They can also help improve muscle recover so you can get back in the water faster.

If you’re looking for the best swim training gear, contact us. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports can help you improve your technique so you can be more competitive in the water.

Top Gift Ideas for the Swimmer on Your List

Top Gift Ideas for the Swimmer on Your List

Swimmers love to receive competitive swimming gear.
The right competitive swimming gear is perfect for swimmers.

The holidays are rapidly approaching and it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas for swimmers. Even if you don’t know the swimmer well, there are plenty of options that are sure to be the perfect choice. As you start or continue your holiday shopping, consider the best competitive swimming gear to give that swimmer in your life an amazing holiday centered around their favorite activity.

Speedo Teamster Backpack 35L

Every swimmer needs to carry around a lot of competitive swimming equipment to and from practices, as well as meets. What better way to get everything where you need to go than with a swim backpack? The Speedo Teamster Backpack 35L is the perfect choice. It comes in a variety of colors and features pockets for just about anything you may need to cart around. With its durable zippers and quality construction, it’s the ideal gift for any competitive swimmer.

Finis Swimmer’s Snorkel

An important piece of competitive swimming equipment, a swimmer’s snorkel helps you focus on your swimming techniques without having to move your head to breathe. Putting it all together later is often one of the best ways to train. The best feature of the Finis swimmer’s snorkel is the front-mount design that allows for use while you’re wearing your swim goggles. This is a must-have for any swimmer.

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Even if the swimmer in your life already has a pair of swim goggles, getting the gift of Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 tye-dye mirrored goggles can be a dream come true. These are the best goggles for competitive swimming and feature a mirrored surface to help fight the sun during outdoor use. These goggles come in a variety of colors and also feature a low-profile design for less resistance in the water and anti-fog coating for a clear view at all times.

Finding great gift ideas for swimmers doesn’t have to cause you stress. There are plenty of options available every swimmer can use. When it comes to competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, you can easily find anything the swimmer in your life needs, from swim backpacks to training gear to swim goggles.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swim gear as a holiday gift, contact us. We carry all the competitive swimming equipment any swimmer in your life may need.

Advantages of Using a Pace Clock for Your Swim Workout

Advantages of Using a Pace Clock for Your Swim Workout

Learn about the benefits of using a swimming pace clock.
A swimming pace clock provides many benefits.

When you are involved in competitive swimming, it’s important to make sure you use the right competitive swimming equipment to help you improve and do your best. Using a portable swim pace clock allows you to time your laps and determine whether you are making them faster than before or if you need to work harder. Understanding the benefits of using a swimming pace clock will show you the importance of investing in this piece of equipment to enhance your training.

Track Your Time

The purpose of using a portable swim pace clock is primarily to help you track your time as you swim across the water. All you need to do is look at the clock before you push off the wall or dive in and then glance back at it when you hit the other side of the pool. This will provide you with the amount of time it took you to cross the pool. If those times are improving, you know you are working hard and making the progress you’re looking for. However, if you find your times are staying the same or even getting longer, there are improvements that need to be made.

Improve Your Mental Agility

In addition to letting you know whether you’ve been improving your swim times, a swimming pace clock can also help you keep your mental agility going strong. This is because when you use a swim clock, you will have to make quick mathematical calculations that tell you how much time it took you to cross the pool. This can help keep your brain and mental acuity sharp, along with improving your physical fitness.

Having the right competitive swimming equipment is necessary to ensure you are improving and always swimming your best in the water. A portable swim pace clock can be one of the most powerful tools in helping you improve your times and track your progress. In addition to tracking how well you’ve been doing, this tool can also help you keep your mind sharp, providing a vast array of benefits that extend beyond the physical benefits of swimming itself.

If you’re looking for the right equipment to improve your swimming, contact us. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports in Dallas can provide the help you need to become the best swimmer you can be.

Lockable Pool Storage Containers Keep Your Swimming Equipment Safe

Lockable Pool Storage Containers Keep Your Swimming Equipment Safe

Turn to lockable pool storage containers.
Lockable pool storage containers are the perfect solution.

It’s the responsibility of the pool you swim at to provide lockable pool storage containers to keep all of the equipment safely locked away. If you’re wondering how to keep your swimming equipment safe, the Totemasters swimming pool storage solutions can store just about anything you need to keep at the pool.

Keep Everything on Hand

One of the greatest advantage of lockable pool storage containers is the ability to keep all of your competitive swimming equipment right on the deck of the pool rather than having to pack it up and store it somewhere else after you work out in the pool. The Totemasters swimming pool storage box offers plenty of room to keep everything safe and secure, right on the deck of the pool.

A Locked Storage Solution

When you want to store your best competitive swimming equipment at poolside, it’s important to choose a solution that locks so you don’t have to worry about anyone else using or taking your equipment. While some of these storage containers don’t come with locks, the wire sides make it easy to install a lock if you need to keep the items inside safe and secure.

Proper Drainage

One of the biggest concerns swimmers have with storing their swim equipment is making sure there is plenty of circulation to make sure the items can quickly dry. Because the sides of these lockable pool storage containers are made from metal wires, any water present on the items stored can drip off and air can circulate through the storage container to ensure everything dries quickly and has a lower risk of mold.

If you need to know how to keep your swimming equipment safe, lockable pool storage containers can be the ideal option to safely store your items away when you aren’t using them. Because these containers can be locked and can help keep your items dry, these are the ideal option to keep poolside, regardless of who will use them. They make a great storage solution for swim training equipment and much more.

If you’re interested in purchasing the latest competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports, contact us. We carry all the products you need to be more competitive in the water.

Michael Phelps New Record Setting Racing Goggles: The MP K180+

Michael Phelps New Record Setting Racing Goggles: The MP K180+

Get comfort and function with the Michael Phelps racing goggles.
The Michael Phelps racing goggles offer comfort and function.

When you’re one of the biggest names in competitive swimming, it only makes sense the products you wear in the water will be some of the most popular competitive swimming equipment on the market. The newest Michael Phelps racing goggles, the MP K180+, provide the comfortable fit and all the features you need to ensure you move seamlessly through the water with as little resistance as possible. This competitive swim equipment helps protect your vision and ensures clarity so you always know where you’re going.

The Perfect Fit

One of the attractions to the MP K180+ swim goggles designed by Michael Phelps is the advantages it offers in the water. These goggles provide the ideal fit, with integrated curved lenses for a wide line of vision, water-tight gaskets and an adjustable nose bridge. With the semi-rigid exoskeleton structure, these goggles offer the stability swimmers need without a stiff fit that is uncomfortable and doesn’t seal well. They are also one of the lowest profile goggles on the market, further reducing the amount of drag swimmers experience.

An Attractive Option

While many swimmers are more concerned with the functionality and fit of their swim goggles, the Michael Phelps racing goggles have so much more to offer. The mirrored goggles help prevent glare for swimmers who need to be able to see where they are going clearly. In addition, the sleek design offers a modern look for swimmers who want to look their best while they swim. The wraparound lenses allow for 180 degrees of clear vision to give swimmers the best chance for success in the pool, while they look their best.

Choosing the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, ensures you can swim your best and improve the chances of winning your races. Some types of swimming equipment are designed by those who use them and can provide other swimmers with the same advantages. Michael Phelps has made a name for himself in the world of swimming and wants to share his success with others who have big dreams of being one of the greats.

If you’re looking for the bet competitive swimming equipment, contact us. D&J Sports offers all the top equipment, particularly the products designed and used by Michael Phelps himself.

Get Back to the Pool and School with a New Speedo Teamster Backpack

Get Back to the Pool and School with a New Speedo Teamster Backpack

Swimmers can benefit from the Spedo Teamster backpack.
The Speedo Teamster backpack is perfect for swimmers.

Everyone knows a good backpack is essential to carry all of your school work back and forth. However, a good Speedo backpack is part of the competitive swimming gear you should also own if you’re involved in swimming. Carrying your swimsuit and other swim gear around in a regular bag isn’t productive, especially once they’re wet. Instead, buying the Speedo Teamster backpack or another similar choice can be a great option. This backpack is designed with swimming in mind and can provide all the advantages you need.

You Carry a Lot

As a swimmer, there’s a lot of gear you have to carry around on a regular basis. You’ll need to bring along your swimsuit, swim cap, goggles and towel, of course, but there’s more than that. You should also bring along your favorite chlorine shampoo and conditioner, any swim training gear you use on a regular basis and an extra set of your essential equipment, just in case. This means you need a lot of storage space. Choosing a swim backpack ensures you can always carry exactly what you need and never have to go without.

A Quality Bag with All the Feature

This piece of competitive swimming equipment is ideal for swimmers to keep everything they need close at hand. It includes a removable “dirty” bag to keep dirty or wet swimsuits away from everything else that’s in your bag. There’s also a raised laptop sleeve so you can keep your electronics safe and secure. With plenty of room for all of your gear, you will find it’s never been easier to pack everything you need without having to leave anything behind or carry an extra bag. In addition to the space, these bags are made from durable material and come with a removable bleacher cushion so you can sit comfortably wherever you go.

When you’re spending time at the pool, you need to make sure you have all of your swim gear with you to ensure you can train properly without missing a beat. However, no ordinary backpack will hold up to a swimmer’s needs than a Speedo backpack. This competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, will give you all the space you need, made from a durable material that comes in a variety of colors to match your sense of style or your preferences.

If you’re looking for the right competitive swimming equipment, contact us. D&J Sports carries everything you need to help you swim your best.