Top 5 Training Items Every Swimmer Needs

Top 5 Training Items Every Swimmer Needs

Buy a snorkel with your competitive swimming equipment.
A swim snorkel is an important piece of competitive swimming equipment.

Competitive swimming requires specialized training to ensure you can move effortlessly through the water and improve your times so you have a chance of winning every race. There is a lot of competitive swimming equipment available to help you achieve your goals. This equipment is just as important as the competitive swimwear in Dallas you choose. These five swim training tools will help you become a more effective swimmer.

Swim Snorkel

One of the most important elements of competitive swimming is the breathing, but it can be difficult to perfect your movements when you have to concentrate on breathing. This is why it’s often one of the last components your coach will have you work on. A swim snorkel will help you breathe properly without focusing on pulling your head out of the water so you can work on other aspects of your stroke instead. The increased oxygen also keeps your stamina up.


Most people think of kickboards for little kids just learning how to swim, but the truth is, kickboards for competitive swimmers can be useful too. These boards allow you to keep your upper body afloat while you concentrate on the intricate movements of your kick, strengthening your legs so you can move more effectively through the water.

Swim Hand Paddles

Hand paddles may seem like strange competitive swimming equipment, but they are great for helping to build upper body strength and perfect your arm movements in the water. They offer greater resistance and can offer more power so you can actually feel if you are making the right movements as you swim.

Swim Fins

The best swim fins are also important to help you become a stronger swimmer. When you wear these swim fins, they will create more resistance, which causes you to kick harder to produce the same results. This strengthens your muscles. There are many different types of swim fins, each of which offers its own advantages and benefits.

Foam Roller

Some may argue a foam roller isn’t really a swim training tool, but it offers many benefits. These rollers can be used to massage sore muscles, providing relief from pain and fatigue. They can also help improve muscle recover so you can get back in the water faster.

If you’re looking for the best swim training gear, contact us. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports can help you improve your technique so you can be more competitive in the water.

How to Recover from a Swimming Injury

How to Recover from a Swimming Injury

Consider a Swim Stuff aqua jog belt for recovery training.
The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is a necessity for recovery.

While swimming is relatively safe, there is always the possibility of injury. Learning how to recover from a swim injury with the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, will help put you back on the path to recovery so you can concentrate on improving your performance. The following tips will help you get back in the water faster and stronger than ever before.

Work with a Recovery Team

You should never rely on your own devices to go through your recovery. The best way to make sure you recover properly and can get back in the water with a lower risk of reinjuring yourself is to work with an experienced team. Talk to your coach, as well as your doctor, about what they recommend during the recovery process. Once you have a recovery plan, make sure you follow it exactly. Your coach is just as eager as you are to get you back in the water but won’t compromise your safety.

Use the Right Tools

The best way to ensure a good recovery is to use the right tools during your training and recovery periods. The Swim Stuff aqua jog belt is one of the most effective tools to help give you the weight and resistance you need to work in the water. In addition, you should purchase the best swimming paddles and fins that prevent blisters. Not only can these tools help you along the road to recovery, but they will help prevent further problems.

Be Prepared for Setbacks

Every swimmer wants to get back in the water as quickly as possible, but it shouldn’t be done at the expense of your well-being. As you move forward with your recovery, be prepared to handle any setbacks you may encounter. Talking to your coach can help you learn what to expect from an injury like yours.

No one likes to be injured, but when it happens, it’s important to take the necessary amount of time to ensure you can come back stronger than ever and decrease the chances you will become injured again. Knowing how to recover from a swim injury can get you back in the water faster without sacrificing your well-being.

If you’re looking for the right competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry all the tools you need to help you recover and become a stronger swimmer.

Top Training Gear for Back to School

Top Training Gear for Back to School

Improve your performance with the right competitive swimming gear.
The right competitive swimming gear can improve your performance.

While most people are focused on buying pens, pencils, notebooks and more to get ready for class, but if you’re gearing up for the upcoming swim season, your “school supply” list will look a little different. Getting the right swim gear to help you train will ensure you perform your best throughout the season. In addition to your typical competitive swim suit, goggles and swim cap, consider this other competitive swimming gear to help you train for the upcoming season.

Swim Fins

An effective tool for perfecting your kicks and strengthening your leg muscles, it’s important to choose swim fins that prevent blisters. These fins can be used on a regular basis and come in a variety of sizes and styles to serve different purposes. If you aren’t sure which ones will help you, talk to your coach.

Swimming Snorkel

A swimming snorkel is another essential element in effective swim training. This piece of equipment allows you to focus more on your swim strokes than the proper breathing techniques. Once you have your stroke down, you can move on to focusing on your breathing rhythm.

Swim Paddles

When you’re trying to perfect your arm movements and strengthen your arms, the best piece of equipment you can use is the Swim Stuff Pro Team stroke paddles. These paddles create more resistance as you swim so you can more easily feel every wrong move.

Pull Float

The Swim Stuff 2.0 pull float is designed to be held between the swimmer’s legs to prevent movement while swimming. This is another effective tool that allows swimmers to focus on their arm movements and arm strength so they can move more effectively through the water.

There are many swim tools you can use to up your game for the upcoming school swim season. For this reason, it’s important to focus on which swimming gear is a necessity and which ones will help you the most. Adding these swim training tools to your school supply list will help you prepare for the new season and make improvements over your performance last year to increase your chances of winning.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming gear in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry a vast selection of swim gear to help you get just what you need to strengthen your performance.

Prevent Blisters While Getting the Perfect Fit for Your Swim Fins with the TYR Fin Boot

Prevent Blisters While Getting the Perfect Fit for Your Swim Fins with the TYR Fin Boot

Make swim fins fit better with a swim boot.
A swim boot can improve the fit of your swim fins.

Swim fins are one of the best ways to help strengthen your legs and improve your swimming technique. However, even the best swim fins can leave behind blisters if you wear them alone. The way they rub against the backs of your ankles causes friction and can wear the skin away. If you’re looking for fins that prevent blisters, you can try a swim boot, which is an effective method of protecting your feet and ankles without feeling bulky.

A Swim Boot Offers a Better Fit

Many swim fins come in a small number of sizes, which can make it difficult to find the ideal size. Because feet and ankles come in a large number of sizes, you may not find any fins with the perfect fit. This is where the swim boot can help. The TYR swim boot fits over the foot like an ankle sock and can help the swim fin stick to your foot more efficiently than it would with skin along. The boot acts as a second skin, protecting your foot from friction and reducing the occurrence of blisters.

Swim Fins Are a Necessity

There are many swim training tools that can be used to improve your performance, build your stamina and help you swim faster and more efficiently. Swimming with fins increases the amount of resistance you encounter, helping you strengthen your muscles and focus on your overall technique. Being able to wear your swim fins on a regular basis without concern over getting blisters is a useful asset to ensure you are always improving.

Swimming with fins can be a valuable tool in improving your performance as a competitive swimmer. However, getting the right fit and choosing the best swim fins can be a challenge, especially if you’re looking for swim fins that prevent blisters. When you try a swim boot with your swim fins, you will find they fit much better, are less likely to slide off and will not cause blisters, allowing you to work out longer with fewer side effects.

If you’re looking for the best swim fins and swim boots to go with them, contact us. We carry a vast selection of swim training gear that helps you become a better swimmer and make the most of your skills.