Lifeguard Accessories Make Your Job Easier

Lifeguard Accessories Make Your Job Easier

Lifeguard Accessories
A good whistle is an essential lifeguard accessory.

Lifeguards have a big responsibility on their hands, keeping everyone at the pool or beach safe. Lifeguards work in a variety of areas, including outdoor public pools, indoor public pools, such as at fitness gyms, water parks and ocean or lake beaches. It takes a great deal of training and education to become a successful lifeguard. Once you are certified to be a lifeguard and you have received your lifeguard swimsuit, you will want various lifeguard accessories to make your job easier. It is common for lifeguards to have walkie talkies or another means to radio in an emergency to management, but there are also other accessories that help lifeguards stay on top of everything that is going around them.


Whistles are an essential piece of lifeguard equipment. Pools and beaches can become noisy, making it difficult for the lifeguard to be heard over the roar of the crowd. Because the job of the lifeguards is to keep everyone safe, they require a noticeable whistle to gain attention. A large part of what lifeguards do on a daily basis is to tell patrons of the pool or beach their specific action is dangerous and not allowed. This includes running, diving in shallow water or incorrectly going down a water slide. The Fox 40 Plastic Whistle is one of the louder whistles on the market. It can be heard over just about any noise you have to overcome. It is also waterproof. This gives lifeguards one less thing to worry about as they jump in the water to rescue someone.

Fanny Pack

The Lifeguard Fanny Pack gives lifeguards a safe way to store their first aid and lifeguard equipment without worrying about it getting lost or wet. With three waterproof pockets, the items that cannot get wet can be stored inside for safe keeping. The fanny pack is the best way to keep lifeguards hands free to focus on rescuing those in need but still have the necessary components that help them in the rescue.

Diving Brick

One of the main tests potential lifeguards need to pass to become certified is the dive brick test. The 10 lb. Diving Brick is used as a test to see if you can dive down to the bottom of the water, pick the brick up and swim back using only your legs, while keeping the brick above water. You need to make it back to the wall, place the brick on the wall and then get out in a specified amount of time. Owning a diving brick as one of your lifeguard accessories gives your lifeguards a chance to keep up their skills, even after they are certified. They can also be used to train potential lifeguards to pass the test.