The Best Fitness Swimming Goggles

The Aquasphere Kaiman goggle provides you with a truly unique experience when swimming through the water.

Whether you are swimming indoors or out, having goggles to protect your eyes from the sun and from the chlorine in the pool is important. Choosing a fitness swim goggle that provides you with the protection you need and a sleek fit will provide you with all the advantages. When it comes to the best lap swimming goggles, you have many choices. What you choose should depend on the fit and what works best for you.


Many times, a fitness goggle is designed in a one-size-fits-all design. This doesn’t always work for everyone, though. Speedo keeps this in mind with the Junior Vanquisher 2.0 goggles. These goggles are available in a variety of colors and are designed to fit smaller, narrower faces with a secure fit, while still providing 25 percent more peripheral vision than the previous design.

Another Speedo option is the soft, flexible Hydrospex 2. This fitness swim goggle is designed to provide the same fit with a frame that will bend and flex to fit different head shapes and sizes. The lenses feature anti-fog and UV protection so you can use these goggles indoors or out.


The soft gaskets of the TYR Nest Pro fitness goggle will provide you with a secure fit that will keep the water out of your eyes. The nest design will cradle your face to make them one of the best lap swimming goggles available. These goggles feature anti-fog and UV protection technology and come in a variety of colors to match your style.

The Technoflex 4.0 goggles also come in a variety of colors. The design of these goggle is one-of-a-kind, using plastics in a variety of hardness levels for maximum comfort and efficiency. For instance, the material used in the frame helps keep the nose piece from stretching out and the softer material in the gaskets provide a better, more comfortable seal.


Aquasphere also makes a great swim goggle in the Kaiman swim goggle. This unique goggle comes in a range of colors and works well for fitness swimming, especially in open waters. These goggles provide you with a full range of vision, which many other goggles can’t provide. The curved lenses won’t fog up and will help protect your eyes from the dangerous UV rays from the sun.

If you are looking for the best lap swimming goggles, you can turn to one of the biggest names in fitness swim goggles. With so many to choose from, you can find a color and style that works best for you and your needs.

The Best Swim Goggles for Outdoor Swimming

Mirrored goggles can provide you with greater visibility by reducing the glare during outdoor swimming.

When you are swimming competitively, you need to be able to see clearly so you know where you are in the pool and can keep an eye on where your competition is. When you participate in outdoor swimming this visibility can become difficult, especially on a bright, sunny day. Not only do you have to deal with the light of the sun around you, you need to handle the reflection of the sun off the water. Searching for the best swimming goggle for outside swimming should be one of your top priorities.

Women’s Goggles

While most goggles can be worn by anyone, some women prefer to have a fit that is designed specifically for them. The Speedo Women’s Vanquisher Goggles provide the best women’s mirrored swim goggles available in a wide range of colors. These dark swim goggles are designed to fit a woman’s face, with double straps for a more comfortable fit, UV protection and anti-fog coating so you can swim with confidence that you won’t lose your line of sight.

Speedo Goggles

If you are looking for the best swim goggles for backstroke to block sunlight that shines in your face, Speedo has several options for you, including the Speed Socket Mirror Swim Goggles, Speed Socket Polarized Goggles and Vanquisher 2.0 Plus Goggles. The mirror swim goggles provide you with the advantage of an increased line of sight with a low profile so you experience less resistance. This is the preferred swim goggle of Michael Phelps. The polarized goggles are the first of their kind in the industry. No other goggles previously offered the polarized lenses you often find on sunglasses. These lenses work hard to filter out the light and provide you with the clearest view possible in the brightest sunlight. The Vanquisher 2.0 is an updated version of the older model that provides you with 25 percent more peripheral visibility, a double strap and adjustable ergonomic clip, as well as the same UV protection and anti-fog properties.

TYR Goggles

If metallic goggles are more your style, TYR provides you with the Socket Rocket 2.0 Metallized Swim Goggles that offer Clear Mirror Technology with anti-glare and anti-fog properties so you can swim without worrying about the sun. This coating allows you to use these glasses indoors or out. Another alternative from TYR is the Nest Pro Metallized Goggles. These goggles use a woven frame similar to the way a bird’s nest is created for additional support. These goggles also offer anti-fog and UV protection for optimal outdoor swimming.

Top Swim Goggles

The top swim goggles are those that are functional without weighing you down

Top Swim Goggles

during competition. Competitive swimmers know the traits of bad goggles, including loose bands and goggles that don’t sit flush with the skin, allowing water to seep in. The top swim goggles take all of these things into account during the design process, which makes a major difference when a swimmer is competing.

 Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles – These comfortable goggles are a favorite of competitive swimmers. Aqua Sphere Kaiman Goggles are made of super soft skin that never tugs or feels constricting around the eyes. These goggles also boast a watertight seal that doesn’t allow a drop of water in. This is important for distance swimmers and triathlons. The shape of the frames curve with the contours of the eye area for superior fit.

Swedish Goggles – Swedish Goggles are traditional competitive swimming goggles that have been around for decades. This is a testament to their simple design that has been modernized with the latest materials. These are a fuss-free pair of goggles that aren’t fancy, but have all of the elements of the best swim goggles. Swedish Goggles require assembly to ensure a custom fit for the individual swimmer. For swimmers who feel some of the more upscale swim goggles feel heavy or cover too much of the face, these are a great pick.

Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles – The Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles somewhat morph a snorkeling mask and swim goggles. Unlike a snorkeling mask, these goggles don’t cover the nose. They do conceal a large portion of the face, but some swimmers prefer this wide angle view while maintaining separate. It depends on the swimmer and what he or she is most comfortable wearing while in the water. The Tyr Flex 4.0 Goggles are ideal for beginner swimmers and new competitive swimmers. The Tyr Flex 4.0 is available in youth sizes.

Take into account what type of swimming you’ll do with the goggles. Many competitive swimmers have different goggles for practicing and competing. For practice, you want goggles that offer a wide view and smooth bands for a comfortable fit. For competition, many swimmers favor small frames with a wraparound style that completely shuts out water. Young competitive swimmers will benefit from small goggles that create a tight barrier for water and air.

Speedo Mirror Goggles for Outdoor Swimming

Summer is here and outdoor swimming is going on everywhere. USA Swimming teams and summer league swim teams are now practicing and competing outdoors. This only means one thing…the sun. Yes the sun will be giving us all that great tan we like and making it really hard to see. This is unless you have some good mirror swim goggles. Metallic goggles are like sun glasses for swimmers and allow us to see when we are swimming, especially during the backstroke.

Back in the old days when I was a kid and the best solution was a smoke goggle and a squint of the eye, in order to avoid hitting the wall with my head. Now a days you can most likely find the same goggle you are using with a metallic lens. If you are not sure of some great metallic goggle I do have some suggestions. The best selling womens mirror goggle is by far the Speedo Women’s Vanquisher Goggle. This is a great fitting and super comfortable swim goggle, oh did I mention that they look pretty too. For guys you have your choice of the Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus goggles, which is a new and improved version of the Speedo Vanquisher and the Michael Phelps goggle the Speedo Speed Socket Mirrored goggle. Let’s not forget about the kids, the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Plus for kidos 8-14 years old or the Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Mirrored for the younger kids. This is a great goggle for kids, 1 piece frame design, easy adjustable strap system, and one of the all time best fitting kids goggles. Just a no brainer folks! I hope this helps and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Kids Swim Goggles

Speedo Jr Hydrospex 2.0Kid’s swimming goggles just got a little more comfortable with the introduction of the Speedo Jr Hydrospex 2.0 swim goggles. The best-selling and best fitting goggle in the world for kids is the original Speedo Jr Hydrospex goggle. It features a soft 1 piece frame design with a nose piece that will not break and a split headstrap. The Hydrospex swim goggles also have antifog lenses so you can see in the water for your entire swim. But now Speedo has made this great goggle even better with the Speedo Junior Hydrospex 2.0. The 2.0 version has all of the same great features as the original version plus they have greatly improved the soft silicone frame and gasket system with even softer and more comfortable materials. This is by far one of the most comfortable goggles I have ever tried on. Speedo has also made the straps easier to adjust with the new Speedfit system that slides the strap loose or tight very quickly and effortlessly. So no more broken headstraps. The Speedo Jr Hydrospex 2.0 is a little more expensive but well worth the investment.

Speedo Goggles for Kids

Speedo Jr Vanquisher Swim Goggles
Speedo Jr Vanquisher Swim Goggles

Speedo has a swim goggle that is a perfect fit for kids, the Speedo Jr Vanquisher goggle. It offers the same great fit and performance of our regular Vanquisher goggle in a slightly smaller size. The Speedo Junior Vanquisher swim goggle is the ideal choice for both the recreational and competitive swimmer with a smaller or narrower face. This low profile swim goggle is extremely comfortable and well fitting. The adjustable nose piece is great for getting that snug fit. Kids Speedo swim goggles are the among the best is design, fit, comfort and they are also priced to fit your budget. The Jr. Vanquisher swim goggles are also available with mirrored lenses, they are called the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher Plus swim goggles.

Number 1 Selling Kids Goggle






Speedo Junoir Hydro Spex Goggles




Specially designed frame and lenses to accommodate kids or adults with a narrower face, Speedo blends a high-tech design with outstanding performance in the Jr.Hydrospex Swim Goggle. An affordable, stylish choice for recreational swimmers, the Junior Hydrospex Goggle features a watertight fit, one-piece frame, flared lens gaskets with good coverage around the eyes, and a non-adjustable nose bridge. Speedo’s Hydrospex Goggles are an excellent multi purpose goggle. They feature a virtually unbreakable lens with Anti-Fog Max and UV Protection. Keep the chlorine water out of your eyes at the pool, or look for fish in the ocean. Wherever you swim, these goggles are just right! Fun and flashy for kids but also a sleek design for adults with a smaller face! The Speedo Hydrospex Jr. has a unique bulleted design around the eye sockets which give it a futuristic, high-tech look. It is hypo-allergenic and anti-fog as well as UV protected so its ideal for sensitive skin. These swim goggles are available in a wide array of colors for you to choose from.