Best Performing Racing Goggles

Best Performing Racing Goggles

Best Racing Goggles
Having the right racing goggles can make or break your racing times.

As a swimmer, one of the most important aspects of your body that needs protection is your eyes. In order to properly protect them, you need to find the right racing goggles for your competitions and fitness workouts. Not only will they protect your eyes from the harmful effects of chlorine, such as itchiness or redness, they also help you perform better by providing clear vision while racing, eliminating the risk of becoming disoriented and slowing your times down.

Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles

The Speedo Fastskin3 Super Elite Goggles are part of the first racing system developed by Speedo. They reduce the amount of drag you experience by 2.2 percent and a reduction in force of 63.4 percent compared to the Aquasocket goggle. Swimmers will experience the ultimate protection while diving, leaving the goggles in place and allowing for superior vision while racing. They offer incredible leak resistance thanks to the 3D seal around the goggles. The unique shape of the lens offers a larger range of vision to greatly improve your swimming.

Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles

One of the most important things to look for in your swim goggles is wide peripheral vision and hydrodynamic profile, which the Speedo Fastskin3 Elite Mirrored Goggles provide. They give swimmers a comfortable, leak-proof fit due to the 3D seal. The mirror lenses offer reduced glare and lower levels of brightness as well. These goggles are made to fit the face perfectly, eliminating the need for an uncomfortable level of tension high up on the head.

Speedo Speed Socket Polarized Goggles

Your eyes are just as important as your swimming strokes in competitive swimming. The Speedo
Socket Polarized Goggles
are ideal for the swimmers who experience diminished swimming abilities due to the glare from the water. The polarized lenses offer light reflection to reduce the strain on your eyes. With a hard frame, watertight seal and slim profile, these goggles are comfortable and effective for swimmers of all levels.

Arena Cobra Mirrored Goggles

Swimmers around the world turn to the performance of the Arena Cobra Mirrored Goggles. The hydrodynamic form of these racing goggles offers a low profile, while allowing maximum benefits. The mirrored coating offers reflective properties that are necessary for clear vision in the water. They also include four t nose bridges to find the perfect fit for your face to allow for ultimate comfort in the water.

Fun Colors in Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Fun Colors in Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Fun Speedo Goggles
The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 goggles provide fun colors for swimmers to enjoy.

Swimming is a serious sport that requires a lot of hard work, training and dedication to learn to swim well so you can compete well and succeed. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun in the water as well. While there are plenty of colors and designs available in competitive swimwear, there aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to your eyewear. The Speedo Vanquisher goggles have changed all that.

Great Fun Colors

Even though you won’t really notice the colors in the water, the Speedo Vanquisher goggles come in a vast array of fun colors so you can stand out from the crowd at the pool. In fact, there are 11 different colors to choose from, most of which you can’t find in any other type of goggle on the market. You can choose a color that goes well with the suit you wear the most often or just pick your favorite one. Some of the available colors in these goggles include Kelly green, maroon, pink, aquamarine, purple/teal, rainbow and Pacific blue. Everyone will be asking you where you got these great goggles.

Superb Functionality

The Speedo Vanquisher goggles aren’t just pretty to look at; they also provide you with the functionality you require when you are swimming in the pool. The Vanquisher goggles feature the same seal system used on all the other Speedo goggles, keeping the water out of your eyes consistently as you swim. In addition to this tight seal, you can expect about 25 percent more visibility with these goggles, providing you with the ability to see exactly where you are going in the pool. This can be a useful asset to swimmers. The goggles also offer a low-profile design for less resistance, a double strap for comfort, interchangeable nose pieces for the best fit and UV protection and anti-fog properties.

The Vanquisher goggles have long been known for their superb performance in the water. Now Speedo has released a line of these goggles that come in a vast array of fun colors that allow swimmers to express their individuality in the water. You can purchase these fun goggles to use in practice and at meets without sacrificing quality and functionality in exchange for the fun look. Choose your favorite or buy several so you can exchange them out to go with your various swimsuits.

Prescription Swim Goggles Are Essential

Prescription Swim Goggles Are Essential

Prescription Swim Goggles
Prescription swim goggles allow you to see well as you swim.

Even swimmers can have imperfect vision. However, everyone knows that when you swim in the pool, you aren’t going to be able to wear your glasses in the water. While you can still wear contacts with regular swim goggles, not everyone is comfortable with wearing contacts. Others simply don’t want to risk wearing their contacts in the water. For these people, wearing prescription swim goggles becomes essential for a variety of reasons.


It is extremely important for swimmers to be able to see while they are swimming. Someone who typically wears glasses or contacts aren’t going to be able to see clearly in the water when they remove their glasses or contacts and put on their goggles. This is why some companies actually offer prescription swim goggles so those with imperfect vision can still see where they are going in the water. This is extremely important, especially as they reach the ends of the pool to make turns or finish a race.

Ease of Use

When you choose to use prescription swim goggles instead of the typical swim goggles, you won’t need to worry about keeping track of your other eye care items while you are at the pool. If you take your glasses off and set them off to the side so you can swim, it can become easy to forget to pick them up again or even forget where you put them. When your goggles are already prescriptions, you won’t need to bring your glasses out to the pool at all. Leave them in your locker instead.


When you choose to use prescription swim goggles instead of the typical goggles with your contacts or with no corrective eye wear, you will have just as much style at the pool as anyone else. The styles of the optical goggles are very similar to the styles of the other swim goggles available. In fact, if you put a prescription and a non-prescription pair next to each other, you likely wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

Wearing prescription swim goggles when you typically wear glasses or even contacts can be extremely beneficial to you in the pool. Not only will they allow you to see where you are going in the pool, they will also allow you to keep your glasses away from the pool completely so they don’t become lost or damaged. With these optical goggles, you will have all the style and flair as the other swimmers, while still being able to see well.

The Various Types of Competitive Swim Goggles

The Various Types of Competitive Swim Goggles

Swimming competitively requires many accessories to make your swim as competitive as possible. One of the most crucial accessories is competitive swim goggles. Your eyes play a large role in your speed, endurance and times. They are also the most fragile part of your body when you are in the water. The correct swim goggles will not only protect your eyes from damage, but also help you compete harder.

The Importance of Swim Goggles

Goggles made specifically for swimming are watertight. This means no water will be able to get into your eyes while you are swimming. This is important for competitive swimmers because chlorine can cause irritations in the eye that disturb the vision. When your vision is not 100 percent, you might not compete as well as you would with perfect vision. There are a variety of shapes and sizes available to ensure there is a perfect pair of goggles for every swimmer.

Competitive Goggles
Competitive googles are important to your performance in the pool.

Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles

The Aquasphere Kaiman Goggles offer unique features, such as 180-degree vision and curved lenses. This allows for greater viewing while competing in a swimming meet or even a triathlon.

Swedish Goggles

The Swedish Goggles offer the best fit for most swimmers. With its no-gasket design, double headstrap and a string nosepiece, these goggles offer the slimmest design on the market without sacrificing effectiveness.

Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles

Just because you wear glasses or contacts does not mean you cannot swim competitively. The Speedo Vanquisher Optical Goggles are made for swimmers who wear corrective eyewear outside of the water. Available in a wide number of diopters, you choose your goggles just like you would choose reading glasses. These goggles allow even those who feel lost without their glasses to be able to see clearly underwater and to be tough competition in their meets.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Goggles

Speedo also makes the same set of Vanquisher goggles for those who do not need corrective vision. With a soft silicone gasket and split headstrap, swimmers are able to experience a much more comfortable fit. The 2.0 goggles also feature 25 percent greater peripheral vision, allowing swimmers better visibility during their competitions. The finishing touch on these competitive swim goggles is the three different nose pieces that accompany the goggles for a custom fit for any swimmer.

What Equipment Does a New Swimmer Need?

What Equipment Does a New Swimmer Need?

When your child becomes interested in becoming a competitive swimmer, it is important to know what to expect. In addition to the swimming lessons that will teach your child how to swim properly using the appropriate techniques, there are pieces of equipment you will need to buy to get him ready for his life as a swimmer. Making sure he has what he needs for practices, and ultimately meets, is important to his success.


One of the first things your child will need is an appropriate suit for practices. The one for the meet can come later. A good lap swimming suit will provide him with all the support he needs without restricting movement or causing additional resistance. As long as you get a suit made from quality material that is designed for low resistance, your child will do well at practice. Once he is on a team, you can worry about a swim team suit.

Swim Caps
A swim cap is just part of what your child will need to enter competitive swimming.

Personal GearThere are a few more pieces of personal gear  your child will need to begin swimming at a competitive level. Because hair can really slow you down in the water, a good swim cap is necessary to reduce that resistance. In addition to the swim cap to reduce resistance due to hair, you will also need to buy a good pair of swim goggles. These goggles serve a dual purpose: protection for your eyes and the ability to see.

Other Optional Gear

While the above is absolutely necessary to enter the world of competitive swimming, there are other things that are nice to have along the way. A good backpack or tote bag will allow you to carry all your gear with you without getting your regular clothes wet. Your child can also benefit from certain training tools, such as swim fins, paddles and kickboards, to help perfect technique and build strength so your child can grow as a swimmer.

As you consider entering your child into the world of competitive swimming, you will also need to consider the costs associated with giving your child a good shot of doing well. This includes buying a quality swim team suit for your child, as well as a swim cap and goggles to allow him to learn to swim fast. In addition, you may need to purchase some other items your child can benefit from in his journey to becoming a contender on a swim team.

Choosing The Best Swim Goggles for Outdoor Swimming

Choosing The Best Swim Goggles for Outdoor Swimming

Outdoor Swim Goggles
When you are looking for the best outdoor swim goggles, you can rely on the biggest names in swimming.

When you are swimming in an outdoor pool, you have very different needs than if you are swimming in an indoor pool with artificial lighting. Just like when you spend time outdoors in any other situation, you need a pair of swim goggles that will best reflect the sun and keep your eyes safe from the sun and the chlorine. Knowing what your best choices are will help you find the ones that will serve you the best.

Speedo Speed Socket Mirror

If you want swim goggles that are mirrored like many sunglasses, the Speedo Speed Socket offers a mirrored version These competition-quality goggles have a low profile, which reduces the resistance in the water. They are shatter resistant, offer excellent peripheral vision, UV protection, anti-fog properties and a hypo-allergenic seal. These goggles are so great, they are the top choice of champion swimmer, Michael Phelps.

Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus

The Speedo Vanquisher 2.0 Plus offers about 25 percent more peripheral vision than the average swim goggles. The UV protectant, anti-fog lenses have a low profile so you don’t worry about having extra drag as you move through the water. The headstrap provides an adjustable clip with an adjustable nose clip as well for a more customized fit.

TYR Technoflex 4.0 Metallized

Another great option for outdoor swim goggles is the TYR Technoflex 4.0 Metallized goggles. These goggles use state of the art design with plastics of varying hardness for the best fit possible. With a comfortable headstrap, UV protection, anti-fog and adjustable clip, you will enjoy this outdoor goggle as you swim in outdoor competitions.

Speedo Jr Hydrospex Mirrored

For those who have a smaller head size, the Speedo Jr Hydrospex Mirrored swim goggles can be the best option for outdoor swimming goggles. The lenses in these goggles are virtually indestructible, which means you don’t need to worry about using them outdoors. With UV protection and anti-fog properties, you will be able to enjoy swimming outdoors, all while protecting your eyes.

There are so many options available for swim goggles for outdoor swimming. If you are looking for the best swim goggles for those outdoor meets and practices, you have several options by some of the top names in swim gear, such as Speedo and TYR. Each of these options provides you with UV protection and anti-fog lenses, as well as a variety of other features.

How to Choose the Right Swimming Goggles

How to Choose the Right Swimming Goggles

Swimming goggles
Getting the right swim goggles is important for your comfort and performance.

It may seem that every swim goggle available on the market is pretty much the same thing, each person has different needs and a slightly different shaped face. This means each person will feel better using a different type of swimming goggle. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right swimming goggles for your face type and your purposes. Without this knowledge, you may end up buying ones that don’t work well for you, causing you to have to buy another pair.

Goggle Usage

First, you need to consider what you will be using the swim goggles for. In general, you the different types of goggles are designed to serve considerably different purposes. While you can certainly use your practice goggles in a meet, you won’t have all the advantages competition goggles have. Practice goggles tend to provide  a more comfortable fit because you will wear them for longer periods of time. Competition goggles are often low-profile and are designed for performance to reduce drag. If you aren’t planning to use them for practice or competition, any cheap pair of swim goggles will do.

Face Size

This may seem like an unusual consideration because swimming goggles are sometimes marketed as either adult or child, you need to consider the size of your face. If your face is thin and on the small side, you may still need to purchase swimming goggles that are marketed toward children and younger swimmers. A majority of adults will use adult-sized goggles, but this isn’t always the case. If you aren’t sure, try some on at the store but make sure you buy them from a reputable dealer in the end.

Indoors or Outdoors

The type of swim goggles you choose will depend greatly upon whether you will be doing a majority of your swimming indoors or out. If you are on a competition team, you may perform either indoors or outdoors. However, if you frequently compete in events, such as a triathlon, you will find you do a majority of your swimming outdoors. Some swim goggles offer UV protection, anti-fog and mirror lenses for help outdoors.

Choosing the best swimming goggles for your needs is extremely important. If your goggles don’t fit well or aren’t suited for the type of swimming you will be doing, you will find yourself uncomfortable and not performing well. Your goggles are an important part of your swim gear, protecting your eyes and allowing you to see where you are going.