5 Ways Nutrition Impacts Your Performance

5 Ways Nutrition Impacts Your Performance

Did you know what you eat can have an impact on how well you swim? Most people are aware of the importance of eating well for good overall health, but it can also have an impact on your swimming performance. The following tips on nutrition for swimmers can help ensure you are taking good care of yourself so you can always swim your best.

Improve performance with good nutrition for swimmers.
Nutrition for swimmers is extremely important for performance.

Improve Recovery Time

Swimming is like any other workout, even though it is more low impact than other options. This means your body will need to recover after practices or meets. When you eat properly with the right amount of proteins and other vitamins and minerals, your body will recover more quickly so you can resume practicing without concern over wearing out your body.

Drink Lots of Water

You may be spending a lot of time in the water, which can help keep your skin hydrated, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to drink water either. In fact, it is just as important, if not more so, to keep up your water intake while you are at the pool. Because you are in the water, you may not realize you are actually sweating. This is the body’s natural response to exercise. If you don’t realize you are sweating, you can quickly dehydrate.

Snack Healthy

Choosing healthy snacks for swimmers is one of the best things you can do to keep your energy up. However, it’s important to make sure the snacks you are choosing offer the same health benefits as the food you eat on a regular basis. For instance, focusing on protein is important to ensure your muscles have the fuel they need to perform and heal after your workout.

Eat Well Leading Up to a Race

Most swimmers understand the importance of proper nutrition for swimmers the day of the race, but did you know what you eat leading up to that day can have a dramatic impact on your performance? For this reason, you need to pay close attention to the way you eat before your races. The 48 hours leading up to your race are critical.

Focus on Protein

Protein is one of the most important nutrients you should focus on when it comes to eating well for swimmers. Larger amounts of protein are important because this nutrient is necessary to help your muscles recover after swimming so you can perform your best. In fact, after your workout, you should be eating proteins and carbs at a ratio of three or four to one.

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Inadequate Nutrition Could Be Causing Muscle Cramps When You Compete

Inadequate Nutrition Could Be Causing Muscle Cramps When You Compete

Swim parkas for fall can prevent cramps.
Nutrition is just one piece of the puzzle. Swim parkas for fall can also prevent cramps.

While it’s important to make sure you have the right swim backpack and other accessories, such as swim parkas for fall or swim team warm ups, it’s also necessary to make sure you take care of your body. One of the biggest problems swimmers encounter is muscle cramps. These cramps can make it difficult to swim and could even put you at risk of injury or worse. Therefore, it’s important for every swimmer to learn how to avoid these cramps, particularly through eating a proper diet.

Sodium Intake

One theory regarding the cause of muscle cramps in swimmers is dehydration, which is often caused by inadequate sodium levels. It may seem unlikely to become dehydrated when you are immersed in water, but like all other forms of exercise, your body needs electrolytes to function properly. When you burn them off while swimming, you need to increase your sodium intake to keep up with your body’s demand. Keeping a good source of sodium, such as pretzels or nuts, on hand can help you replenish your body’s supply.

Drink Plenty of Water

Another great way to defeat dehydration is by drinking plenty of water while you swim. Carrying a bottle of water with you allows you to take a couple of sips between laps or races. However, water isn’t the only source of hydration swimmers should use. Sports drinks are often infused with sodium to further increase your intake so you can continue to perform well. You can also add 1/3 teaspoon of sat to a liter of sports drink if you feel you need even more sodium.

Other Ways to Help

While nutrition is one of the best ways to avoid muscle cramps, wearing the right gear can help. Another theory on the cause of cramping is cooling off too quickly after a workout. This is why most swimmers purchase swim parkas for fall swimming meets and practices or wear swim team warm ups at practices and meets. This will keep your muscles warm longer and slow down the cooling process to prevent cramps.

Muscle cramps can be a sign of a more serious condition and shouldn’t be ignored. Instead, it’s important for swimmers to learn how to prevent them to ensure safe swimming. Proper nutrition, including staying hydrated and increasing sodium intake, can both have a positive impact on your overall health and well being.

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The Diet of a Competitive Swimmer

The Diet of a Competitive Swimmer

If you have ever seen or heard about the type of diet Michael Phelps follows, you will understand the importance of the diet to a competitive swimmer. Swimming uses up a large number of calories and energy, making it necessary for a swimmer to follow a proper diet to give his body the fuel it needs to have the strength and endurance necessary for competitive swimming.


While it is probably not a good idea for anyone to consume the 12,000 calories a day Michael Phelps consumes, it is necessary for swimmers to increase their calories by a few thousand calories per day. The most important components of those calories are carbohydrates and protein, both of which fuel the body to handle the strength and endurance swimming requires.


You are probably familiar with carbohydrate loading, which was popular for swimmers in years past. This is not always necessary as long as you follow a proper diet most of the time. Your diet should consist of more than 50 percent healthy carbohydrates. Fruit juices and dairy products can provide you with simple carbohydrates, while whole grains, such as whole grain pasta or bread, and vegetables high in starch, such as potatoes and beans, can provide you with complex carbohydrates.


Protein is necessary to build the muscles you need for swimming. Every time you swim or workout, your body breaks down muscle tissue. In order to build that tissue back up, you need to consume protein, which contains the amino acids necessary to repair the torn muscle tissues. Without the proper amount of protein, your body will not repair the tissue fast enough to allow you to swim as competitively as you could.

Swim Bags
Having a swim bag that can carry snacks will keep you energized at meets and practices.

Getting the Right Food

Before you head out to your swim meet, you should pack your swim backpack with all your necessary gear, including food to keep you energized. Keeping a stash of healthy carbohydrates and the proper fluids with you will allow you to properly fuel your body during the few hours before your meet. Finding the right swim bag that will allow you to carry your food, as well as your necessary swim gear, will allow you to be the most successful.

Learning the proper diet, along with practice and exercise, will help you have the most successful swim team season. Healthy carbohydrates, protein and fluids are the most important things to fuel your body with before and after your swim team meets and practices.

Lose Weight Swimming – Suggested Swim Gear

Lose Weight Swimming – Suggested Swim Gear

Ok so we all ate too much during the holiday season and now we need to lose some weight. Swimming is one of the best exercises that you can do, it is a full body cardio exercise. Just a few hours each week in the pool will have your waist line going down. Many of you are also making your New Year’s Resolutions to get back into the swimming pool and back into shape. We have assembled a list of swim products to help you out in the pool.

1) a practice swimsuit, available in both women’s practice suits and men’s practice suits styles

2) great fitting goggles, we suggest the TYR Nest Pro goggle or the Women’s Vanquisher goggles

3) a silicone swim cap, you don’t want your hair turning green

4) swim fins, one of the best training aids for swimming is to use rubber swim fins. They will not only help your swim kick but for those of us who have not been in the water in a while, the swim fins will allow us to swim a little longer and help keep us from breaking our form because we are tired.

5) kickboard, I know they are more fun to surf on but now is the time to get serious and put it to use, I found a great swim kickboard with multiple handle grips for added comfort and drills.

6) pull buoy, don’t forget about your arms too, this will not only help you develop your stroke but also make you stronger and better at arm wrestling (hey chicks dig good arm wrestlers.)

7) mesh equipment bag, you will need something to put all of your swim gear in, also check out the swim backpacks too, the swimming backpacks will have you looking like a pro when you head down to the pool.

8) swim parkas, for those of you that swim outdoors, a swim parka is a must. They will keep you warm and also hide a little of that extra weight that you are trying to lose.

9) Pure Sport Starter Kit, put down the coffee and the cokes, now is the time to get serious and start paying attention to what is going into your body also. The Pure Sport Starter Kit will help you before and after you swim to get your body system into shape.

10) Speedo LZR Racer Elite, ok so you are a bad ass and you already have all of the rest of the gear on the list and you are ready to take on Michael Phelps. Then you will definitely need the Speedo LZR Elite swimsuit.

I hope this list helps and don’t forget the most important part of the list…using it!

PureSport Performance Sports Drink

PureSport Performance Sports Drink

There is a new sports drink that has been making waves of late.  Gatorade has long been the drink of choice for athletes but now PureSport is here to provide a new class of sports drink.  Unlike traditional sports drinks that rely on simple sugars and carbohydrates PureSport stands alone due to its protein content.  PureSport features a performance tested 2.67:1 Carb to Whey Protein ration that offers the ultimate one-two punch.  The carbs provide instant energy while the protein acts as a reserve tank of fuel.  Together they sustain your energy, increase your endurance and help your muscles recover no matter how hard you push yourself.  PureSport is the performance sports drink of choice for numerous Olympians such as Brendan Hansen, Nastia Liukin and Michael Phelps.

PureSport Workout

PureSport Workout is a rehydration drink for the athlete in motion.  The workout mixture replaces lost fluids and electrolytes, restores fuel during exercise for more energy and improved performance, and enhances recovery with added protein.  Each serving of PureSport Workout contains just 80 calories and 6 grams of protein.  The unique mix of carbohydrate and protein promotes better fuel utilization and reduces muscle damage.  Such benefits are not available with carbohydrate only sports drinks.  PureSport Workout dramatically enhances exercise results by improving endurance and reducing muscle tissue damage.  PureSport Workout is available in four flavors including Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch.

PureSport Recovery

PureSport Recovery is formulated to help your body recover quickly and bounce back after a tough workout.  The recovery mixture accelerates the replacement and storage of muscle fuel.  Each serving of PureSport Recovery contains 46 grams of carbohydrates and 18 grams of protein.  The protein supply reduces muscle damage and induces muscle repair.  When taken within 15 minutes after exercising the protein and carbohydrate mix greatly improves muscle recovery over that experienced with carbohydrate only sports drinks.  This is the ideal sports drink to get you ready for your next workout.  PureSport Recovery is available in four flavors including Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch.

PureSport Starter Kit

Not sure what PureSport product is best for your needs or can’t decide on a flavor?  No need to worry, the PureSport Starter Kit has all the answers you need.  The PureSport Starter Kit provides samples of both the Workout and Recovery mixtures in all four delicious flavors.  As an added bonus you also get a PureSport collapsible bottle.  With the starter kit you get four PureSport Workout packets (Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime and Fruit Punch) and four PureSport Recovery packets (Grape, Banana Berry, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch) to get you going.