Fitness, Self Esteem and Affordability Are Just Some of the Reasons Your Kids Should Join a Summer Swim Team

Fitness, Self Esteem and Affordability Are Just Some of the Reasons Your Kids Should Join a Summer Swim Team

Give children a self-esteem boost with customized swim meet ribbons.
Customized swim meet ribbons can boost a child’s confidence.

Everyone knows about the fitness benefits of joining a summer swim team. However, there are many more advantages your child can gain by getting involved in swimming this summer. Not only will your child be active throughout the summer months, they will gain a lot of self-confidence, especially if you used customized swim meet ribbons to award them for their effort. The following are great reasons to get your child involved in swimming.


When you’re looking for ways to get your child involved during the summer months, cost can be an issue. One of the great reasons to consider a summer swim team is the low cost of participating. Swim team accessories and suits can be low-cost, especially if your child only participates recreationally during the summer months. In most cases, the swim ribbons your child may be awarded are included in the initial cost of the program, which means there will be no hidden fees to worry about later.

Social Interaction

While your child may spend time with friends in the neighborhood during the summer months, many children lack the social interaction they crave when they’re out of school. To satisfy this need, you may want to consider signing your child up for a summer swim team. Your child will likely find someone else who shares the same interests, helping them make new friends and spend time with others who enjoy the same things.

Increased Self-Esteem

As a parent, it’s important to find ways to give your child a self-esteem boost. If your child is interested in swimming, a swim team can be a great way to do this. Many summer swim teams use customized award ribbons to encourage swimmers to do their best and to reward them for their achievements. In fact, some recreational leagues give an award to every member of the team, making sure each person feels good about his or her efforts.

Physical fitness isn’t the only reason you should consider getting your child involved in a summer swim team. There are many benefits this sport can offer to children of all ages and abilities. Not only is swimming a more affordable sport than many of the other options, but it also gives your child social interaction and the opportunity to improve their self-esteem. Your child will enjoy spending time in the pool and you’ll watch him or her grow as a person.

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Coaches and Parents Should Have the Same Goals

Coaches and Parents Should Have the Same Goals

Do you know which swimming brands your child's coach prefers.
Ask your child’s coach what swimming brands they prefer.

When it comes to grooming a star athlete, one thing’s certain: parents and coaches should share a common goal. This means:

  • Mapping the Mission – Coaches will typically outline what needs to be accomplished at the start of the season. The parent should follow this course.
  • Reviewing Progress – Parents and coaches can assess development each season or at dedicated intervals. By studying progress, improvements can be made in weak areas and reinforcements can be made for strengths.
  • Agreeing to Disagree – In every relationship, including those between parents and coaches, there will be differences. By setting the tone early to focus on goals throughout disputes, parents, coaches and especially children will get along better.
  • Getting the Right Equipment – The right gear, including swim team accessories, safety gear, warmup tools and other items, means being well-equipped to do the job in comfort and style.

Other Tips to Keep in Mind

  • Prioritize the Rights of Children – Parents and coaches should agree tokeep the child’s best interest at heart, including listening to their likes and dislikes. The most important decision is to determine if the athlete really does want to play the sport before commencing practice.
  • Review Options – When selections are made in sports, it’s best to outline what responsibilities will need to be met by the athlete. Once this is reviewed, it’s up to the player to decide if this is a sport they want to partake in.
  • Examine Behavior – Parents are essential for determining new and concerning behaviors like anxiety, loss of sleep, etc. because this could point to nervousness or a lack of enthusiasm. Ultimately, it’s up to both the parents and coaches to respect the child’s wishes and/or calm their fears.

Parents Want to Know

Do swimming brands matter or should you shop generic?

Athlete accessories should be of the best quality because:

  • Quality Gear Is Durable – It will last for ages, even throughout the tumbles and shakeups of high-impact sports.
  • Athletes Will Be Comfortable – When players feel relaxed in their clothing, they are proven to play better.
  • Athletes Will Be Confident – One of the greatest aspects of success is confidence, in sports and in everyday life. Nurture this key skill by making athletes look sharp.

Popular brands are well known because of their quality. Some of the most commonly known names in the world of swimming include Arena swimwear, Speedo, Colorado Time Systems, Nike, Adidas, Dolfin and hundreds more.

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Show Pride in Your Swim Team with Custom Items

Show Pride in Your Swim Team with Custom Items

Custom Swim Team Items
If you want to show pride in your swim team, custom items are the way to go.

When you are part of a swim team, you want everyone to know you are a team. In most cases, this means using swim team suits that match each other. However, you shouldn’t stop there. You can purchase many items that are customized with your team name and logo to show the world you are proud to be part of the team. Customized items are a great gift to give to your teammates or simply to wear with pride.Team Swim Caps

When you customize your swim cap, you will show everyone who sees it which team you are a part of. Even if you wear the custom swim cap when you aren’t with your team and aren’t wearing your team suit, everyone will know you have a place on a swim team. This is a great feeling for you and can help spread the word about your team in case anyone else is interested in joining. Give these caps to your entire team to wear with pride.

Team T-Shirts

Everyone likes to wear a t-shirt every once in a while. You can get t-shirts that are customized with your team name and logo in your team colors. Not only can you get the typical short-sleeved t-shirt, you can also choose from long-sleeved t-shirts, sweatshirts and hooded sweatshirts so you can find the option that works best for any member of your team. Use these shirts to show off your team status or to recruit new members.

Mesh Bags and Water Bottles

Your team needs something to carry their wet suits and towels around in after practices and meets. Giving out mesh bags that feature your team name and logo will help your team members keep their bags separate from their competitors’ bags. You can even throw in a customized water bottle with the team logo to use for rehydration while spending all that time in the sun. Give the items separately or together.

Window Decals

Window decals are another great way to spread the word about your team. These decals often feature your team name and logo and look great in the car windows of your team members and their families. They aren’t permanent either, which makes them a preferred method over using a bumper sticker. Bumper stickers are much more difficult to remove and your team members may not want to put them on their cars. Window decals peel off easily without damaging the vehicle.