Love to Swim, Hate the Odor: Swimspray Offers a Safe and Natural Solution

Get rid of chlorine naturally with the help of swimspray.
Swimspray can help you get rid of chlorine naturally.

Swimming can be a great method of exercise, along with many other benefits of high school competitive swimming. However, when you spend a lot of time in the pool, you may find you begin to smell like the pool, even after you get out of the shower in the locker room. Chlorine is a necessary evil in the swimming world, keeping pools clean and healthy for swimmers on all levels, whether competitive or recreational. The good news is SwimSpray chlorine removal spray can be the answer you’ve been looking for.

The Chlorine Smell

One of the biggest problems swimmers complain of is smelling like chlorine, even after they’ve had a shower or changed clothing. Chlorine has a tendency to stick with you, especially if your skin gets wet again. This can mean the smell lingers long after you have left the pool. Not only that, but chlorine can also have other negative effects. It can damage your hair and leave your skin dry and irritated. With the help of SwimSpray, you can eliminate the residual chlorine and get back to living the rest of your life without taking the smell and feel of this chemical with you for extended periods of time.

SwimSpray Eliminates It All

The SwimSpray chlorine removal spray is ideal for all swimmers because it is the first product of its kind that can be used on the hair and the skin to get rid of residual chlorine. The product uses natural vitamin C to neutralize the chlorine. Because it is an all-natural product, it works great for just about any swimmer, even those who may have sensitive skin. There are no sulfates, dyes, fragrances or other unnatural ingredients used in this product. Not only will this spray eliminate the chlorine on the body and hair, but it will also provide other benefits, such as softening and moisturizing the hair and soothing the skin.

Keeping your skin and hair healthy when you spend a lot of time in the pool can be difficult. While there are many benefits of high school competitive swimming, chlorine can be one of your worst enemies. However, with the use of SwimSpray, swimmers can keep their skin and hair healthy, no matter how much time they spend in the pool.

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Cheap Swimming Caps Help Your Swim Team Stay Within Its Budget Without Sacrificing Quality

Consider a latex swim cap for its affordability.
A latex swim cap can be an affordable, durable option.

Team swim caps are one of the most important elements for a successful year. While the competitive swimwear your team chooses is critical, swim caps help keep the head streamlined and reduce the amount of drag swimmers experience in the water. However, many swimmers, particularly those who aren’t swimming on a professional level, want cheap swimming caps to help keep their budgets low. In most cases, latex is the ideal material for these swim caps for both durability and the low cost.

Latex Swim Caps

A latex swim cap is one of the most affordable options on the market. While these caps don’t work for everyone, such as those who have a latex allergy or sensitivity, they are a great alternative for many people who are looking to spend less on their equipment. Latex is incredibly stretchy and is made from a durable rubber that will last longer than some other materials used to create team swim caps. However, these caps can deteriorate over time if you don’t care for them properly. It’s important to rinse it off after every swimming session and store it in a cool, dry place to help prevent the breakdown of the rubber.

A Customizable Option

One of the biggest deciding factor in choosing swim team caps is whether you can customize them for your team. Many teams want their team logo imprinted on the side of the caps to help create a sense of unity and showcase who is on the same team when everyone is in the water. Latex swim caps can easily be customized by screen printing the logo onto the material. Because they come in a vast array of colors, every team is able to find a cap that will complement their team colors and create the overall look they want.

When you’re looking for team swim caps, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get the quality your swimmers need. In fact, some cheap swimming caps are just as effective as the more expensive alternatives. These latex caps are available in a number of colors and fit well because of their extreme stretch factor. This creates a tight fit that helps streamline the body, decreases drag and offers a comfortable fit your swimmers will enjoy.

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Our In-House Graphics Team Can Create Custom Swim Team Hoodies With Your Logo

Add custom logos for swim teams.
Custom logos for swim teams can be added to just about anything.

Whether you want to customize your competitive swimwear or other gear, such as swim team warm ups, with your team logo or your name, you have plenty of options. Most swim retailers offer screen printing, while others may offer additional options like embroidery. Unfortunately, many of the companies that claim to offer these services often outsource it to other companies that specialize in custom logos for swim teams. However, there are companies that offer in-house customizations to help you get the products you need more quickly.

The Look You Want

It’s not just about adding custom logos for swim teams to competitive swimwear and swim team warm ups, such as a hoodie. Sometimes you don’t have a logo yet and need the assistance of graphic designers to help you come up with a great idea. Even if you have an existing logo, you may feel the need to update your logo. In either case, you will be creating a beautiful piece of art you can wear around the pool so everyone knows where your pride lies. Whether you already have a logo or you need help creating one, you can create something that looks exactly the way you’ve always envisioned it.

Get the Work Done Fast

Not everyone wants to spend weeks waiting for their end product. When you turn to a company that offers onsite graphic design and customization services, you can count on getting results much more quickly. Even though you are using custom logos for swim teams to create unique team hoodies and other products, you can be sure you will receive your fully customized products quickly. As long as you choose a company with the high-quality equipment necessary to get the job done right, you will be pleased with the end result.

Custom logos for swim teams can be one of the best ways to showcase your team spirit and help everyone identify you with a particular team. Whether you are customizing competitive swimwear or swim team warm ups, you will enjoy a beautiful job well done without having to wait weeks or even a month for the final result. In addition, you are likely to find choosing an in-house provider will lower your costs.

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Protect Your Competition Swim Equipment with Totemaster Swimming Pool Storage

Learn how to keep your swimming equipment safe.
Do you know how to keep your swimming equipment safe?

There is a lot of competition swim equipment you need to help you train and become your best in the water. However, you also need to know how to keep your swimming equipment safe at the pool. You spend a lot of money investing in the equipment you need, which is why you need to do your best to find ways to protect it from damage and theft. The Totemaster swimming pool storage system can be the ideal option to keep the equipment you keep at the pool safe and secure.

Your Swimwear

You won’t keep your own personal swimwear at the pool. You will need to keep these items with you, which is why having a quality swim backpack is a necessity. You will be able to conveniently transport your competitive swimwear, along with your other personal items, such as goggles, swim cap, towel MP3 player and extra clothing, to and from the pool. Anything small enough to fit inside your backpack should be taken to and from the pool on a regular basis so you always have it on hand when you need it.

Larger Swim Gear

Unlike your personal items, you may also be using other swimming equipment while you are at the pool. Swim fins, kickboards, snorkels and more may be better off staying at the pool when not in use. However, you don’t want other people to use some of these items, nor do you want them to disappear or become damaged. The Totemaster swimming pool storage locker can be the solution to your problem. These containers are made from wire, which means your wet equipment will be able to dry, but they are lockable and sturdy enough to protect your belongings from tampering or other issues.

Competition swim equipment is a necessity if you want to be a force in the pool. However, with all the money you spend on the gear, it’s important to make sure you find a way to store and protect it from the elements, as well as from misuse by other swimmers at the pool. Using a lockable storage container will provide you with all the benefits of keeping your items safe without having to find a way to get it all to and from the pool on a regular basis.

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If You Don’t Have 20/20 Vision, Prescription Swim Goggles Can Improve Your Swim

See clearly in the water with prescription swim goggles.
Prescription swim goggles ensure you can see clearly in the water.

Swimming requires the ability to see clearly where you are in the pool so does this mean those who don’t have 20/20 vision can’t compete well? The answer is no. Prescription swim googles are a viable option, giving swimmers with less-than-perfect eye sight the opportunity to swim alongside everyone else. These googles are available in both indoor and outdoor swimming goggles. Even the best goggles for competitive swimming may be available in prescription strengths.

Prescription Lenses

Prescription swim goggles aren’t specially made like the glasses you order from the optometrist. Instead, they are available in a set of diopters, which is similar to the way generic reading glasses available over-the-counter at the pharmacy or other stores are made. Talk to your optometrist to determine the appropriate method of determining which diopter will provide the results you need in the water so you can see clearly and protect your eyes at the same time.

No Regular Prescription Glasses

Wearing your prescription glasses in the water isn’t advised for a number of reasons. For starters, these glasses aren’t designed for use in the water and are likely to fall off while you are swimming. In addition, their design can often get in the way of your arm movements, causing you to either knock your glasses off or disrupting the natural flow of your stroke. They also aren’t hydrodynamic, which means you will slow down your swim times.

Custom Options Are Available

Some people have more specific needs when it comes to their prescription. For these individuals, indoor and outdoor swimming goggles are available in custom designs. These customizations allow manufacturers to take an individual’s precise prescription and implement it into a pair of the best goggles for competitive swimming. This competitive swimming gear may be more expensive because it is customized, but it will provide the clarity swimmers need to be more effective in the water and increase their chances of winning.

Prescription swim goggles are an important tool for those who don’t have 20/20 vision. Clear visibility in the water is essential so swimmers always know where they are in the pool. While prescription glasses can provide the clarity these individuals need, they aren’t the most suitable option, especially for competitive swimming. Having the best goggles for competitive swimming is key to your success. Don’t let needing a prescription stop you from being a strong competitor in the water.

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Top 5 Training Items Every Swimmer Needs

Buy a snorkel with your competitive swimming equipment.
A swim snorkel is an important piece of competitive swimming equipment.

Competitive swimming requires specialized training to ensure you can move effortlessly through the water and improve your times so you have a chance of winning every race. There is a lot of competitive swimming equipment available to help you achieve your goals. This equipment is just as important as the competitive swimwear in Dallas you choose. These five swim training tools will help you become a more effective swimmer.

Swim Snorkel

One of the most important elements of competitive swimming is the breathing, but it can be difficult to perfect your movements when you have to concentrate on breathing. This is why it’s often one of the last components your coach will have you work on. A swim snorkel will help you breathe properly without focusing on pulling your head out of the water so you can work on other aspects of your stroke instead. The increased oxygen also keeps your stamina up.


Most people think of kickboards for little kids just learning how to swim, but the truth is, kickboards for competitive swimmers can be useful too. These boards allow you to keep your upper body afloat while you concentrate on the intricate movements of your kick, strengthening your legs so you can move more effectively through the water.

Swim Hand Paddles

Hand paddles may seem like strange competitive swimming equipment, but they are great for helping to build upper body strength and perfect your arm movements in the water. They offer greater resistance and can offer more power so you can actually feel if you are making the right movements as you swim.

Swim Fins

The best swim fins are also important to help you become a stronger swimmer. When you wear these swim fins, they will create more resistance, which causes you to kick harder to produce the same results. This strengthens your muscles. There are many different types of swim fins, each of which offers its own advantages and benefits.

Foam Roller

Some may argue a foam roller isn’t really a swim training tool, but it offers many benefits. These rollers can be used to massage sore muscles, providing relief from pain and fatigue. They can also help improve muscle recover so you can get back in the water faster.

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Ramp up Your Swim Conditioning with Water Fitness Gloves

Increase your strength with water fitness gloves.
Water fitness gloves can help you swim more effectively.

Exercising in the water can provide a large number of benefits, including causing less stress on your joints, while still giving you the workout you need. In addition to your swimsuit, there is competitive swimming gear you should purchase to help enhance your workout. For instance, water fitness gloves can be one of the most effective tools you can use to increase the benefits you can expect to receive.

Increase Resistance

The Speedo aqua fitness gloves don’t have fingers like traditional gloves. Instead, they create a webbed effect between your fingers that will catch on the water, rather than allowing your hands to move effortlessly through the water. This increase in resistance makes your muscles work harder without causing extra stress on those muscles. Not only are these water fitness gloves great for water aerobics, but they are also good for competitive training to help strengthen your muscles and thus improve your swim strokes.

What They Can Do

Wearing water fitness gloves when you’re doing an aqua workout or training for your next swim meet can provide a vast array of benefits. Because the Speedo aqua fitness gloves create more resistance in the water, your arms and shoulders will need to work harder to get the results you’re looking for. This means the muscles in these areas will become even stronger so you can swim more effectively or feel more fit. You will more quickly tone your muscles through simple water aerobics or simple laps.

There is a lot of competitive swimming gear. Which pieces you choose will depend largely on what you hope to achieve. If your goal is to increase your upper body strength, water fitness gloves can be your best option. These gloves create a webbed effect between your fingers so there is more resistance in the water and you need to work a little harder to achieve movement. While you will be working harder, exercising in the water still causes less stress on your joints so you can get all the benefits of the exercise without many of the negative side effects many people want to avoid.

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