Why the Speedo Jr Vanquisher 2.0 Googles Are So Popular for Junior Swimming Teams This Summer

Are you using the best swimming goggles for junior swim teams?
Discover the best swimming goggles for junior swim teams.

When your child is involved in competitive swimming, the right pair of summer swim team goggles becomes a necessity. How do you find the best goggles for competitive swimming for kids? Speedo has long been a major player in the competitive swimming field and has created the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 goggles to provide children with the fit they need, as well as a number of other features to help them swim their best and keep their eyes safe in the process.

A Low Profile with Improved Peripheral Vision

One of the biggest issues in the search for the best swimming goggles for junior swim teams is finding goggles that offer a good fit and don’t negatively affect their vision. While there are plenty of options for adults, there are actually few for younger swimmers. With the Speedo Jr. Vanquisher 2.0 goggles, you will find a low profile design that helps prevent resistance in the water. In addition to the ultra low profile design, these goggles also feature a 25 percent improvement in peripheral vision to help keep young swimmers safer in the water.

Fully Adjustable for the Perfect Fit

Another major issue with finding the best goggles for competitive swimming for kids is the fit. Although adults come in various sizes, it seems children vary even more. This means it can be difficult to find competitive swimming equipment that is made just for them without being either too large or too small. The Vanquisher 2.0 goggles are simply a smaller version of their adult goggles. This means they are fully adjustable with three interchangeable nose pieces and an ergonomic adjustable double strap.

When your children get involved in competitive swimming, there is plenty of competitive swimming equipment you need to help them get the best start. Speedo makes some of the best swimming goggles for junior swim teams, giving parents peace of mind their child’s eyes are protected and they will be able to see well in the water. Starting in a sport like swimming while young can ensure safety in the water and give them something to focus on as they get older. It is also great exercise to help keep your young ones healthy.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We carry all the summer swim team goggles you need, whether you need a pair for yourself or for your child.

D&J Sports Carries the Best Outdoor Swimming Google for Kids This Summer

Make sure your children are wearing outdoor swimming goggles.
Outdoor swimming goggles serve many purposes.

Most people think of competitive swimming when they think of outdoor swimming goggles. However, they can also be used for recreational swimming, particularly for children. Choosing the best outdoor swimming goggle for kids will keep your children’s eyes safe in the water and help them be able to see more clearly as they swim.

The Benefits of Swim Goggles

There are many benefits to choosing swim goggles for your child to use while they swim, particularly outdoors. These goggles can keep debris and chemicals out of your child’s eyes, offering a level of protection. The best swimming goggle for blocking the sun can also protect your child’s eyes from the potentially damaging rays of the sun. They can also provide better visibility in the water for playing games.

Getting the Right Fit

While there are many outdoor swimming goggles available on the market, many of them weren’t designed with children in mind. This means you have to spend more time finding the best outdoor swimming goggle for kids to ensure the appropriate fit. Children’s faces are smaller and often have a different shape than adult faces. When you purchase quality swim goggles, you need to make sure they were designed with young children in mind for a secure fit. Whenever possible, it’s best to try them on before you buy.

Comfort Is Key

For both children and adults, comfort is the key when it comes to selecting the right outdoor swimming goggles. You want to make sure your child will feel comfortable wearing their goggles every time they get in the water without complaints. No one wants to spend money on a pair of swimming goggles only to find their child refuses to wear them.

The best outdoor swimming goggles for kids will help your child feel more confident in the water and can provide greater protection as well. Choosing the perfect goggles for your child will require some research and potentially trying on a few pairs to find the perfect fit and ensure the comfort of the child who will wear them.

If you’re looking for the best swimming goggles for kids, contact us. Swimming equipment from D&J Sports is affordable and offers the high quality you need.

Protect Your Kids This Summer With Quality Outdoor Swim Goggles

Consider outdoor swim goggles for kids.
Outdoor swim goggles for kids protect their eyes.

Swimming is one of the most popular pastimes for children of all ages. Whether your family spends a lot of time at the pool during the summer months or you head to the beach for vacation, it’s important to make sure your children are properly protected. Outdoor swim goggles for kids are a necessity for a number of reasons. While most people consider outdoor swimming googles to be something competitive swimmers wear, they can also provide other benefits.

Eye Protection

One of the most important reasons you should make sure your child wears swimming goggles is to protect their eyes from the chlorine found in pools, as well as debris that can be found in pools and other bodies of water. The eyes are extremely sensitive and children may open them while underwater. Harsh chemicals and other debris can cause irritation and even damage. In addition, wearing the best swimming goggle for blocking the sun will ensure your child’s eyes are protected from the potentially damaging rays of the sun.

Medical Reasons

Most children won’t need to wear outdoor swimming goggles for medical reasons, but it can be important to talk to your child’s doctor regarding whether this is necessary. For many children who will need to wear them, it is because of the need for a prescription. As long as your child’s eye sight isn’t extremely poor, swimming without the aid of a prescription won’t be detrimental. However, there are other eye conditions that may necessitate the use of swim goggles to protect the eyes. Even a temporary illness of the eyes can benefit from using swim goggles, such as an eye infection.

Outdoor swim goggles for kids can be a critical element in keeping your child safe, whether at the pool or the beach. However, it is also important to get your child used to swimming without goggles, especially if you have a pool of your own or spend a lot of time around pools without swimming. This is to ensure your child doesn’t panic if he or she falls into the water when unprepared. However, it’s up to you to determine whether wearing eye protection while swimming makes the most sense for your child’s individual needs.

If you want to try the Swimple metallized goggle or choose another type of outdoor swimming goggle for kids, contact us. D&J Sports carries a vast selection of swim goggles for swimmers of all ages and abilities.

Keep the Swim Competition Safe By Replacing Damaged Lane Rope

Keep your pool in great shape with lane rope replacement parts.
Lane rope replacement parts keep your pool in great shape.

One of the most important components in any competitive swimming pool is the swim lane ropes. Knowing how to keep your swimming equipment safe is essential if you want to keep swimmers safe in your pool and ensure a fair race. Therefore, when your swim lane ropes begin to wear out and you notice they need replacement or repair, it’s important to take care of them as soon as possible to lower the risk of injury to those who may swim in your pool.

Inspect Them Regularly

It’s critical to make sure you inspect your swim lane ropes on a regular basis so you can identify problems before they become serious issues that require full replacement. In many cases, the issues that occur can be fixed using cheaper replacement parts, rather than having to buy entirely new ropes. Lane rope replacement parts reduce the cost of maintenance and keep your ropes in great condition for longer. Be sure to check the ropes themselves for fraying, as well as the plastic floater rings and end caps for cracking and other visible signs of wear and tear.

Make Repairs Immediately

Broken parts on a swim lane rope can be detrimental to the performance of swimmers, as well as to their safety in the pool. This makes knowing how to keep your swimming equipment safe an absolute necessity. While restringing swim lane ropes isn’t necessarily an easy task, it can be helpful when you are looking for ways to reduce your costs and keep your swim lanes functional. Make sure you purchase the lane rope replacement parts that will exactly match what you already have to avoid giving swimmers an unfair advantage.

Having pool lanes that are out of commission isn’t an option. It can delay entire meets or put a damper on the mood. However, if you don’t pull the dangers pool lane ropes, you are putting swimmers at risk of serious injury. While buying new competitive swimming equipment may be an option for you, it’s also important to keep lane rope replacement parts on hand so you can make any necessary repairs when needed so you don’t have to cut down on the number of usable lanes.

Having an extra set of swim lane ropes on hand can help get you out of a jam, but it’s important to also know how to keep your swimming equipment safe and in good repair. This allows you to make quick fixes so you can get your pool back into usable condition sooner.

If you’re looking for replacement lane rope parts, contact us. Competitive swimming equipment from D & J Sports will give you the tools you need to keep your pool in good condition.

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Swimming Pool Pace Clock?

Upgrade your swimming pace clock.
A swimming pace clock is an important tool.

A swimming pace clock can be an essential element at any pool. These clocks help you keep track of your lap times so you can determine if you are improving and what you can expect from your races. However, if you’ve had your pace clocks for a while, it may be time to evaluate the possibility of upgrading to Competitor pace clocks or another kind of portable swim pace clock.

A Unique Face Design

One of the most attractive features of the Competitor pace clocks is the unique face design that helps them stand out from the other brands. Whether you choose the full-size model or you opt for the portable swim pace clock, these swimming pace clocks feature big, easy-to-read numbers so you can see them from anywhere in the pool, allowing you to track your pace by yourself without having a coach or other individual to read the clock for you.

Durable Construction

When you purchase a swimming pace clock, you need to make sure you’re buying one constructed with durability in mind. The Competitor pace clocks are made from materials that are resistant to chlorine and the weather so they don’t wear out prematurely. The face and sweep hands are constructed to prevent warping. A Plexiglas cover helps protect the hands and face from damage.

Available in Several Colors

Both the large swimming pace clocks and the portable swim pace clocks are available in white or red casings. In addition to your choice of casings, you may choose from a white face with red and blue numbers or the black face with yellow and white numbers. These options will help you further customize your pool and the competitive swimming equipment you use.

Swim pace clocks are an essential element at any pool because they help swimmers accurately track their time and determine their progress in their swim times. If you don’t have these clocks already or you are looking for an upgrade, the Competitor pace clocks can be an excellent option for any pool.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. We can help you find the perfect equipment to outfit your pool so all of your swimmers can gain an advantage.

How to Use Short Swimfins and Kickboards to Improve Your Competitive Swimming

Improve your performance with the right competitive swimming gear.
The right competitive swimming gear can improve your performance.

One of the most important elements of swimming well is your kick. Of all the competitive swimming equipment available, the best way to improve your competitive swimming is with kickboards and short swimfins. Both of these tools can be used to help you strengthen your legs and kick more effectively so you can move more quickly through the water and reduce your swim times. Learning how these tools can be used will help you enhance your training so you can become the best swimmer possible.

Short Swimfins

There are many short swimfins available on the market to help you train, including the Speedo short blade training fin and the Swim Stuff short training fins. While all swimfins will create more resistance in the water so you can strengthen your leg muscles and focus on the right movements, short fins are often preferred for a number of reasons. For instance, when you remove typical swim fins and continue swimming, you often feel sluggish and unproductive. This effect is reduced and often minimized when using short fins instead. These fins are effective for building strength and endurance, helping swimmers do better during their races.


Kickboards for competitive swimmers can help you focus on your kicking motions while still keeping your upper body afloat. Whether you are just getting started with swimming or you’ve been doing it a while, it’s difficult to focus on individual aspects of your stroke. The way you use the kickboard will change slightly based on the type of stroke you are training on, but this is a versatile tool you will be glad to have in your competitive swimming equipment arsenal.

When you’re training and want to improve your competitive swimming, there are many tools you can use to make the most out of ever session. Two of the most important pieces of gear to perfect your kicks are the short swimfins and kickboards. Both of these tools can help you focus on the movement of every kick and can also help build endurance and strength in the legs so you can become a more powerful swimmer.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming equipment in Dallas, Texas, contact us. D&J Sports offers a full line of training gear to help every swimmer perform their best in the water.

Get Fit with the Best Pool Fitness Gear from D&J Sports

Choose the best pool fitness gear available.
Aqua barbells are among the best pool fitness gear available.

The pool is a great place to get fit because it reduces stress on the body, making it easier on the joints. This is particularly useful for the elderly and those who suffer from disabilities, but it can be good for everyone. While swimming can be a great way to get the exercise you need, the best pool fitness gear is an absolute must. D&J Sports carries a variety of gear, including the Swim Stuff aqua jog belt and the Swim Stuff aqua fitness barbells.

Added Buoyancy in the Water

One of the greatest advantages of aqua fitness is the natural buoyancy found in the water. However, there’s only so much buoyancy that can be found in the body. When you use gear like the Swim Stuff aqua jog belt, you will improve your ability to float, which can help balance your fitness routine and enhance your results. These comfortable belts fit around the waist and won’t have the negative side effects many other water fitness belts, such as riding up, chafing and more.

Barbells Are a Necessity

When you go into a gym, the barbells are one of the biggest features in the gym. While you wouldn’t be able to use traditional barbells in the water, the Swim Stuff aqua fitness barbells can be an excellent addition to your swim fitness gear. These barbells are less about adding weight to your workout and more about creating resistance. The added resistance in the water can help improve your strength and endurance through your workouts. These floating barbells feature soft padded grips and are lightweight so you can easily transport them to and from the pool.

A fitness routine in the pool can be a great way to get in shape and stay in shape, regardless of any physical barriers. Because aqua fitness is easier on the joints and takes place in a relatively weightless environment, you will be able to increase your strength and endurance without many of the negative side effects of a regular workout. When you use the right equipment, you will enjoy enhanced benefits for the best results, each time you work out in the water.

If you’re looking for the best pool fitness gear, contact us. D&J Sports carries all the latest in swim fitness equipment to help you make the most out of your workouts.