What to Look for in a Swim Parka

What to Look for in a Swim Parka

With the colder weather, many people may think outdoor swimming isn’t really a thing. However, when it comes to competitive swimming, many teams still swim outdoors, even in the colder months of the year. This means swimmers need to find ways to keep their bodies warm on the side of the pool to ensure they can still perform their best. One of the best ways to do this is with a custom swim parka. As you shop for the right swim parka for you, whether you choose a Speedo swim parka or one from another major swimming brand, there are several things you should look for.

The Lining

A swim parka keeps you warm on the sidelines.
Stay warm on the sidelines with a swim parka.

One of the most important elements of choosing the right swim parka is the lining. The primary goal of this piece of swim gear is to keep you warm on the side of the pool, particularly in the colder months of the year. A good custom swim parka should be lined with fleece or faux fur. However, fleece is often preferred as it dries faster. Fur can also feel scratchy when you wear it. Therefore, you should only choose faux fur if you intend to wear your parka after drying off well.


You have a lot to worry about when you’re on the side of the pool. Chances are you aren’t going to want to wear your swim cap and goggles when you’re waiting for your next round in the pool. For this reason, it’s important to select a swim parka that has plenty of pockets to keep these little items close by. You might even want to keep your MP3 player in one of the pockets so you can listen to some relaxing music in between your races.


While the main purpose of a swim parka is to keep your body warm when you can’t be in the water, air flow is important. Properly positioned ventilation will help keep your body warm and allow you to effectively dry off over time without creating a cold feeling. This is why it’s best to choose a parka designed particularly for swimmers.


You want to show off your team spirit and what better way to do this than to choose custom gear? However, not all swim parkas can be easily customized. Look for options with a vast selection of colors or those that can have your team logo or your name embroidered on them for greater customization.

If you’re looking for the best swim parka to meet your needs, contact us. We carry all the products you need to be the most effective swimmer, no matter the season.

5 Last Minute Gifts for Competitive Swimmers

5 Last Minute Gifts for Competitive Swimmers

Getting all your shopping done for the Christmas can be overwhelming and a daunting process. If you’ve got swimmers on your Christmas list, it can be difficult to find just what they need. However, there are some competitive swim products you can buy as last minute gifts if you find yourself out of ideas and running out of time.

A New Towel

A swimmer can never have too many towels, particularly if they aren’t a big fan of doing laundry on a regular basis. However, not just any towel will do when it comes to competitive swimmers who spend a lot of time in the pool. The Speedo Sports Towel Chamois is the ideal choice when it comes to easily drying yourself off after you’re done in the pool. These towels are incredibly absorbent and dry quickly for easy transport.

Speedo Vanquisher Goggles

Competitive swimming products make great last minute gifts.
Consider these competitive swimming products for last minute gifts.

Choosing the best Speedo goggles can be a real challenge, especially if you’re not too familiar with goggles in general. The Vanquisher 2.0 Mirrored Goggles are a perfect option for both indoor and outdoor use with their reflective lenses. They also offer greater peripheral vision capabilities, which improves visibility in the water. A spare set of goggles is never a bad idea for any swimmer.

Speedo Backpack

Another great gift for the swimmer in your life is a Speedo team backpack. These backpacks are specially designed to transport all of their equipment easily from one place to another. This often includes special pockets for holding your wet items separately from the things that shouldn’t get wet.

Swim MP3 Player

There’s no better way to enjoy your time in the water, especially while you’re training, than having a good swim MP3 player like the Finis Duo Swim MP3 Player. This allows swimmers to enjoy their favorite motivational music while they train without worrying about getting their MP3 player wet and breaking it.

Swim Cap

A swim cap is an easy option when you’re looking for something fast and easy for the swimmer in your life. However, it’s essential to know what type of swim cap they prefer because there are many types. Once you have this information, though, you can find the perfect option, even if it’s just something fun for them to wear while they are training.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming products to give the special swimmer in your life this holiday season, contact us. We have everything swimmers need to be successful.

Best Stopwatches for Competitive Swimmers

Best Stopwatches for Competitive Swimmers

Time is everything when you’re involved in competitive swimmer. As you continue your training, it’s important to be able to keep track of your times and monitor them for improvements as you grow and learn. Therefore, stopwatches for swimming are among the most essential pieces of competitive swimming equipment you need to invest in. The following are among the best stopwatches so you can find the one that works best for your needs.

Ultrak 495

Stopwatches for swimming are an invaluable training tool.
Use stopwatches for swimming to track your times.

The Ultrak 495 stopwatch ranks among the best when it comes to competitive swimming products. Not only does it work great for keeping track of your swim times, but it is also extremely durable and is built to last. It’s water resistant and the buttons are easy to press. In addition to the typical splits and overall times most people are looking for in stopwatches for swimming, this stopwatch can help track the swimmer’s stroke rate and frequency and can store up to 100 swim times. There is also a useful calendar function.

Accusplit Single Split

If you’re looking for a swimming stopwatch that is simple, the Accusplit Single Split stopwatch can be the ideal option. The display features extra large number so it’s easy to read, even from a distance. It is water resistant up to 100 feet and extra shock resistant so it’s durable under normal use. In addition, the cumulative split time feature allows you to easily track your laps and your overall swim time.

Seiko 300 Split Link to PC Solar Stopwatch

Being able to easily transfer your data to your computer can help you save your times and evaluate them over a much longer period of time than stopwatches that simply store a specific number of times internally. This piece of competitive swimming equipment can still store up to 300 split or lap times, for up to 100 hours of swim time. Perhaps one of the best features of this stopwatch is it has a battery that can be recharged with the power of the sun. Simply set the stopwatch in direct sunlight for half a day and the battery can power the stopwatch for a month.

Investing in a stopwatch can help you track your swim times and monitor your improvement as you continue to train. If you’re looking for the right stopwatches for swimming, along with any other competitive swimming products, contact us. We carry everything you need to train as effectively as possible.

4 Ways Customized Swim Apparel Boosts Team Loyalty

4 Ways Customized Swim Apparel Boosts Team Loyalty

When you’re involved in competitive swimming, you don’t have to solely think about choosing the right competitive swimwear. In fact, not only can you customize swimsuits, but you can also purchase other customizable swim gear. Many swim teams actually encourage their swimmers to purchase custom gear designed just for the swim team and there’s good reason for this.

Team Unity

One of the biggest reasons many swim teams choose custom gear, such as a custom swim parka, is to create a better sense of unity for the team. When you see a group of people wearing matching gear, you immediately identify them as a team. It can also boost morale for your entire team as each member feels like part of the larger group.

Customizable swim gear provides many benefits.
Enjoy the benefits of customizable swim gear.

Positive Values

Being part of a team requires a dedication to working hard and working together. These are great values to have in all areas of your life, even as you enter the working world as an adult. Joining a swim team at a young age helps establish these values and showcases to others that these values are present for a positive future.

Inspire Others

While customizable swim gear is something you’re going to wear or use around the pool, you can also use the items in other areas of your life as well. When you do, you will see some surprising results. There are individuals who will look up to you in a new way as they see you as part of a larger unit. It could also inspire others to get active and join a team of their own, even if they choose an activity other than swimming.

Create Memories

Another benefit you will receive when you customize swimsuits or use other customized items related to your swimming team is bringing your memories to the forefront. Being part of team is similar to being part of a family, which means you will create a lot of fun memories, both in the water and around the pool. You will spend a lot of time with the other members of your swim team. Whenever you use a piece of your swim team gear, you will likely remember something that will make you smile.

If you’re looking for a variety of customizable swim gear, contact us. We have everything you need to outfit your entire team and reap all of the benefits of customized gear.

How to Stay Warm at Swim Meets This Season

How to Stay Warm at Swim Meets This Season

The typical season for your swim team may not be limited to the hot summer months where standing by the side of the pool in nothing but your competitive swimwear isn’t an issue. In fact, many seasons at least extend into the cooler fall months and may even edge toward winter. Some start in the spring months when the weather can still be quite cool. Regardless of the time frame during which your swim season occurs, you need to find ways to stay warm and keep your muscles ready to go.

Swim Warm Ups

For those months when it’s not too cold yet, swim warm ups are the ideal way to stay warm on the side of the pool. These suits are also good for use when the temperatures are still warm but you don’t want your muscles to cool down too much in between your races. Swim warm ups are relatively lightweight but are ideal for keeping your body warm, regardless of what the temperature is outside, and they’re stylish too. You can choose from a vast array of styles, colors and brands so you can find something that best complements the colors of your swim team or best reflects your personal sense of style.

A swim parka is ideal for the coldest swim meets.
Stay warm at cold weather swim meets with the help of a swim parka.

Swim Parkas

If you’re in an area where the temperatures get even cooler or you are someone who typically feels a bit colder while waiting on the side of the pool for your next race, you may be better off investing in a swim parka. Just like a traditional parka you may wear outside during the coldest winter months, these jackets are designed with extra insulation so you can trust they will keep you warm enough, even if it’s relatively cold outside. However, unlike their traditional counterparts, these swim parkas typically have built-in breathable panels to help with air flow, especially since your body and competitive swimwear will likely be wet. In addition, they usually have plenty of pockets to hold your swim goggles, MP3 player and anything else you may want to keep close on hand.

Staying warm by the side of the pool is essential to ensure you don’t catch a cold and to keep your muscles warmer in between your races. When the temperatures begin to cool or you are early in the swim season before the temperatures rise for the summer, you will need to invest in a swim warm up suit or swim parka to help regulate your body temperature and ensure you are ready to jump into the pool when it’s time for your race.

If you’re looking for a swim parka, swim warm ups or the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We have everything swimmers need, whether competitively or casually.

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

4 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Swim Backpack

Whether you’re new to competitive swimming or you’ve been participating for some time, you likely realize there are a lot of items you need to take back and forth with you to the pool. One of the best ways to make sure you have everything you need on hand is to buy the best swim backpacks on the market. However, if you’ve looked before, you likely understand just how many backpacks are available. How do you know which one is the best option for you? The following tips will help you make the best possible choice.

There are many options when it comes to choosing swim backpacks.
Consider these tips to find the best swim backpacks.

Overall Size

First and foremost, you need to think about how many items you’ll need to take with you. While you don’t want a backpack that’s overly large, it’s essential to make sure you’ll have enough room for everything you need each time you head to the pool. If the backpack is too small, you’ll need to invest in another in a short period of time.


Just like any other type of backpack you may purchase, swim backpacks can be made from a number of materials. First, it’s important to make sure the material from which it is made is durable and will hold up to repeated use over a long period of time. However, this isn’t the only concern. In addition, you want to be sure the fabric will dry quickly in the event it gets wet and is easy to clean.

Plenty of Storage

Swimmers have a lot of needs when it comes to a backpack. Not only do you carry a lot of smaller items like swim goggles, swim caps and more, but you also will need to transport items that will be wet after you spend time in the pool. This means you need a backpack with plenty of storage compartments for each need. A waterproof compartment for your swimsuit and other wet items is a must to ensure other items stay dry. It’s also important to keep all of the smaller items organized so you always know where they are.

Easy to Carry

Another essential factor is making sure the backpack isn’t too bulky to carry around with you. Some designs simply aren’t meant to be carried for long periods of time. Once your backpack is filled with the items you need for a successful swim, you’ll need to be able to easily carry it wherever you need to go, even if you’re fatigued from a long workout in the pool.

If you’re looking for the best swim backpacks, such as a Speedo backpack in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry a number of swim backpacks to best suit the needs of every swimmer.

Why You Should Be Training With Speedo Swim Fins

Why You Should Be Training With Speedo Swim Fins

One of the most important pieces of training equipment for any swimmer is Speedo swim fins. These fins have a versatile number of uses and are designed for more than just the snorkeling most people associate them with. If you aren’t already using Speedo fins, it may be time to consider the option so you can become a more effective swimmer and perform better than ever.

Speedo swim fins can be an effective training tool
Consider Speedo swim fins as part of your training.

Increase Leg Strength

Perhaps the most obvious of the advantages of training with Speedo swim fins is the increase in leg strength you will experience. The swim fins add resistance as you kick against the water, which means you need to work harder to propel yourself forward. This means stronger legs so when you do swim without the fins, you will be able to propel yourself forward with less effort and energy spent.

Reduce Shoulder Strain

One of the biggest issues many swimmers encounter when training is shoulder strain. Although it may seem unlikely, the use of Speedo fins means your shoulders will experience less strain as you go through your training workouts. This reduces your risk of injury and helps ensure you don’t overwork other areas of the body.

Correct Body Position

The positioning of your body int he water is essential to ensure you are able to perform your best in any race. It can also be one of the most difficult elements for many swimmers to perfect. The use of swim fins as part of your training regime allows you to focus on the positioning of your body. Once you have a feel for how your body should be aligned in the water, you will be able to achieve this form more easily the remainder of the time.

Improve Ankle Flexibility

Finally, when you use swim fins as part of your swim training, you will improve the flexibility in your ankles, which means your kicks will be more effective. While most of your swimming power comes from your upper body, proper kicks is essential to propel yourself forward without expending too much energy so you can maintain your speed throughout the races.

If you’re looking for a great pair of Speedo swim fins or something from the other competitive swimwear brands in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry everything you need to improve your training and give yourself the boost you need in the water.

Improve Your Technique With Swim Paddles

Improve Your Technique With Swim Paddles

When it comes to competitive swimming, there are a lot of pieces of gear you need to ensure your training is as effective as possible. Swim paddles are one of the most overlooked training tools because many people don’t realize what benefit they could possibly have. As you shop for your competitive swimming products in Dallas, consider how you can improve your technique by adding swim paddles to your rotation.

Swim paddles are a valuable training tool.
Learn how you can benefit from swim paddles.

Build Your Power

One of the ways swim paddles can help improve your swimming is to help you build power. When you wear these paddles on your hands, it generates increased resistance against the water. This means you need to work harder to propel yourself forward, which gives your muscles a greater work out. While it’s important not to overuse your paddles, the more you use them, the more power you will develop.

Correct Your Technique

A good performance in competitive swimming hinges on using the proper technique. The longer you’re involved in swimming, the easier it is to fall into lazy habits that can have a negative impact on your race times. Swimming paddles can help you focus on how you are moving your hands in the water, forcing you to think about your technique. If you aren’t swimming properly, the swim paddles will hinder your swimming more than they will help.

Mix up Your Workout

Doing the same training exercises over and over can become repetitive and can actually hurt your performance. Your mind may grow weary of swimming and it can increase the risk of giving up altogether. If you aren’t already using swim paddles, adding them to your work out can help mix things up and ensure you are focusing on every aspect of your competitive swimming so you can do better.

Ideal for All Strokes

The good news is using swimming paddles is it works well for all strokes. It doesn’t matter whether you’re focused on the butterfly, the backstroke or any other swimming stroke, you will experience great benefits when you add this training tool to your arsenal.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimming products in Dallas, contact us. We carry a variety of swim paddles, along with everything else you need to train more effectively.

5 Ways Swim Snorkels Improve Your Technique

5 Ways Swim Snorkels Improve Your Technique

Consider swim snorkels in your training routine.

There are many types of competitive swim equipment in Dallas, TX, designed to help you improve your swimming technique. Each one has a specific design that helps you target certain aspects of your swimming form so you can put them together and perform your best. Swim snorkels are no different, including the Finis snorkel. Regardless of which one you choose, it’s important to understand how these snorkels can improve your technique.

Improved Alignment

Proper alignment is incredibly important to your swimming technique. Any unnecessary movement, such as a side to side wiggle, is wasted energy that could be used to propel you forward. A swim snorkel can help you focus on proper alignment so you can swim more effectively.

Arm Strokes

A strong stroke is essential to propel you through the water faster and more efficiently. As you use swim snorkels as part of your training, you are able to focus more on what your arms are doing, rather than trying to breathe properly. This enhanced focus sets the foundation for a stronger arm stroke in the end.

Correct Your Balance

Lifting your head out of the water to breathe can have a negative impact on your training, raising the upper half of your body and lowering your legs. This lack of balance can slow down your swimming. Using a snorkel allows you to keep your head down so your body lies more balanced in the water.

An Even Kick

As you turn your head to breathe, you may inadvertently be kicking in an asymmetric patter, which won’t propel you through the water the way you need to increase your speed. The use of your Finis snorkel keeps your kicks even so you can swim more efficiently.

Core Rotation

Another area where competitive swimmers tend to struggle is with their core rotation. If you pay close attention, you’ll see your body tends to rotate with every turn of your head. Using a swim snorkel removes this component and allows you to focus more on your core rotation so you can train your body to stay straight as you move through the water.

Swim snorkels can be a valuable tool when it comes to your swim training. If you’re looking for a snorkel or other competitive swim equipment in Dallas, TX, contact us. We carry everything you need to be a more effective swimmer.

How Important Is a Racing Swim Cap

How Important Is a Racing Swim Cap

Which swim team cap is best for racing?

Every competitive swimmer understands the importance of wearing a team swim cap any time they enter the water. It’s easy to remember this important piece of gear when you’re practicing, but when it comes to meets, there’s so much on your mind it’s often easy for these seemingly minor details to go overlooked. While it may be okay to use your practice swim cap, most swimmers want something a little better for their swim meets to ensure the optimal performance. Consider the following when you choose your team swimming cap for meets.

Movement Is Essential

The most important thing to consider when choosing your team swim cap for races is your ability to move through the water. Not only is the swim cap designed to cover your hair, but it should also make your head more hydrodynamic. Swim caps remove much of the resistance and drag you will experience if you leave your hair loose while you are swimming. This is why, although fine for practicing, you should avoid certain latex and silicone caps for racing. These caps can create wrinkles along the top of your head, impeding your ability to move smoothly through the water. Because your head typically hits the water first, this should be the smoothest point of contact with the water.

Dome Caps Are the Most Beneficial

Many swimmers are likely to go with a cap that fits their head because they feel this is the best way to achieve the results they need. However, this isn’t typically the case. Instead, you should look for a dome cap, such as the Arena 3D silicone swim cap. These caps are designed to be rounded at the top, eliminating the wrinkles that can occur with your typical team swim cap. If you run a race with each type of cap, you will quickly realize a domed cap can improve your swimming times.

A Comfortable Alternative

One of the reasons many swimmers have been hesitant to wear dome swim caps is because they have a tendency to be less comfortable than the traditional counterpart. The good news is many swim companies have designed a softer alternative, such as the Arena 3D silicone swim cap, giving swimmers the comfort they’re looking for while maintaining hydrodynamics.

If you’re looking for the best team swim cap for your races, contact us. We carry everything you need to become the most effective swimmer possible.