Swimmers, Especially Competitive Swimmers, Need Swim Caps to Become Faster Athletes

Improve swim times with team swim caps.
Team swim caps can help you move more effectively through the water.

As a competitive swimmer, you need to find as many ways as possible to improve your swim times. This means making your body as hydrodynamic as possible. For many swimmers, the addition of team swim caps can be the ideal way to hide your hair and reduce the amount of resistance you experience in the water. Custom swim caps, such as printed swim caps, can help you make a splash, as well as improve your swim times.

Create Less Resistance

The greatest enemy of any swimmer is resistance. There are a number of things that can create this resistance, but the hair is one of the biggest culprits. While many swimmers shave their bodies to help reduce this natural resistance, there are many who are unwilling to shave their heads as well. For these swimmers, wearing a solid silicone swim cap can be the ideal solution. These caps will smooth out the hair and eliminate any resistance that results, allowing you to swim faster without having to give up your hair when you aren’t swimming.

A Variety of Options

Once you decide on using team swim caps, you will need to sort through the various options available. For many swimmers, a solid silicone swim cap can be the ideal choice for a number of reasons. Silicone caps are made from a thicker material and are thus more durable. However, this means you may lack some flexibility. Therefore, you need to make sure you are choosing one that will fit your head and is designed to cover the amount of hair you have. Failing to take these factors into account may mean your cap doesn’t fit the way it was intended.

You may love your hair, but it is slowing you down in the pool. Any body hair can create more resistance in the water, increasing your swim times. Even those fractions of a second can really count when you are swimming competitively. This is why it’s important to consider custom swim caps to help hide your hair and improve your swim times. In addition, you will be able to showcase your unique sense of style in the pool.

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Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Classic Goggles for Kids Prevents Annoying Leaking and Fogging

Prevent fogging and leakage with outdoor swimming goggles for kids.
Outdoor swimming goggles for kids shouldn’t fog or leak.

One of the biggest issues parents find when buying outdoor swimming goggles for kids is leaking and fogging. Some of this problem is due to the difficulty fitting children with swim goggles. However, if you’re looking for kids goggles that don’t leak or fog, there are solutions. For instance, the Speedo Jr. Hydrospec classic goggles are an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

Keep Your Child’s Eyes Safe

The most important reason to supply your child with outdoor swimming goggles is to help protect their eyes. Chlorine and the other chemicals used in pools can be irritating to anyone, especially young children. In addition, there can be some debris in the water that could get in your child’s eyes as he or she swims. Properly fitting goggles can be such an important element as part of your child’s swimming experience, whether it is recreational or they are taking swimming lessons or getting involved in competitive swimming. Keeping your child’s eyes safe should be one of your top priorities.

Speedo Jr. Hydrospec Classic Goggles Are the Perfect Option

Speedo swimming equipment comes in a variety of sizes and styles to ensure the perfect fit for everyone. The Speedo Jr. Hydrospec classic goggles offer a sleek fit in a variety of fun colors that work well, not only for children, but also for adults who may have a smaller face and have difficulty wearing other adult swimming goggles. They are constructed of a soft, one-piece frame and an adjustable split head strap to create the perfect fit for every child. The tough lenses also offer fog-proof properties and the soft gaskets hug the face to help prevent leaks, which can be a problem with less expensive children’s swimming goggles.

Finding the perfect outdoor swimming goggles is essential if you want your child to perform their best and to ensure their eyes are protected when they swim. Whether you are spending a lot of time at the pool this summer or you’re heading for the beach, having the right Speedo swimming equipment is essential. This includes kids goggles that don’t leak or fog, giving your child an advantage in the water.

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Lifeguard Spineboards Are a Necessity for Every Swimming Pool This Summer

Every pool needs lifeguard spine boards.
Lifeguard spine boards are a must at every pool.

When people head to the pool or the beach, they expect to have some fun and head home unscathed. Unfortunately, water can be a major hazard, even for individuals who are experienced and have been trained in swimming. This is why it’s essential to have lifeguard spine boards on hand in case of an emergency.

Keep Victims Stabilized

One of the most important reasons you need lifeguard rescue equipment is to ensure you can provide as much care as possible until medical help can arrive. Lifeguard spine boards are a critical element in situations where a neck or spinal injury is suspected. It’s always better to take the appropriate safety precautions if there is any chance of these types of injuries to help lower the risk of exacerbating the injury and causing further damage. There’s less harm in keeping  a patient stable than there is if you move an injured person before adequate help can arrive.

Make Sure It’s Easily Accessible

In addition to making sure you have the right lifeguard rescue equipment on hand, you also need to ensure it is easily accessible and all of your lifeguards and other staff know where it is located. In most cases, it’s best to hang lifeguard spine boards as close to the pool as possible so they can be grabbed quickly in the event they are needed. It can be difficult to keep an accident victim still while someone is getting the spine board. Factor in the time it can take to place it and carefully transfer the patient and there could be precious seconds lost to a higher risk. Having this equipment close at hand will help protect victims from further injury.

Having the right lifeguard equipment in Dallas, TX, is essential to make sure everyone is safe at the pool or the beach. This includes lifeguard spine boards. No one expects to experience a serious accident when they are out for a day of swimming and fun, but these accidents often happen unexpectedly. For this reason, it’s important for pools and beaches to be fully prepared so they can provide the required assistance to minimize injuries and ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

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Lifeguarding Is a Great Summer Job for Teenagers

Look great at your new summer job with Speedo lifeguard swimsuits.
Speedo lifeguard swimsuits are essential for your new summer job.

One of the rights of passage as a teenager is working that summer job. While many teens head to fast food restaurants and other retailers, a lifeguarding job can be a great experience as well. Not only will you be able to protect lives, but you will also get to look great in Speedo swimwear, such as the Speedo Guard Energy Back Swimsuit.

Learn Life Skills

When you become a lifeguard, there are certain life skills you will learn. Most people are aware lifeguards are trained in CPR and other first aid techniques. However, there are other important skills you will develop over the course of your time as a lifeguard. Lifeguarding will teach you how to make important decisions quickly, as well as how to be more responsible.

Communication Skills

When you put on Speedo lifeguard swimsuits, you aren’t just there to be a presence to remind people to be safe. You will need to communicate with people and develop your people skills. For instance, you need to know how to talk to people to correct their behavior and steer them in the right direction. You will be providing customer service to everyone who spends time at the beach or the pool and may need to exercise some conflict resolution as part of your job as well, which can be a useful skill for the future.

A Summer in the Sun

Who wouldn’t want to spend their summer days out in the sun? While some of the best benefits will come in the form of useful life skills, working as a lifeguard will allow you to put on your favorite Speedo swimwear every day and spend your days soaking up the rays. As long as you don’t forget you are there to protect those who are swimming, you can enjoy a great summer job with less stress than many of the jobs your peers may have taken.

Being a lifeguard for the summer can be a rewarding experience for teenagers. While one of the reasons teens want to put on Speedo lifeguard swimsuits and become a lifeguard is for the enjoyment of spending the summer at the beach or pool, there are other important skills and lessons to be learned. Along with decent pay, teenagers who lifeguard for the summer will enjoy a great income, as well as a rewarding experience.

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How to Choose the Perfect Adult Swimming Fitness Goggles

Workout with the right adult swimming fitness goggles.
Adult swimming fitness goggles keep you safe while you workout.

Having the best pool fitness gear will help you not only perform your best in the pool, but can also help you look amazing. When it comes to adult swimming fitness goggles, it’s about more than just choosing something that will look great and keep the water out of your eyes. It’s about choosing the perfect ones to fit comfortably. Knowing how to find the right goggles can let you know if the Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles are the best choice or you should consider something different.


First and foremost, you need to consider the lenses. If you’ll be swimming outdoors, you need to make sure lenses offer UV protection for your eyes and anti-glare coating to help you see your best. For those who wear prescription glasses, prescription lenses can help you see better as well. You may also wish to choose mirrored lenses for outdoor use or colored lenses for a variety of purposes. For instance, blue lenses are known to increase underwater visibility.

Goggle Type

Fitness goggles are slightly different from training and competitive goggles in the way they fit and their function. Competitive goggles, for instance, are typically more streamlined and have a lower profile. If you will primarily be using your goggles for fitness swimming, be sure you are choosing the right ones.


Another important component of your adult swimming fitness goggles is the straps. Some individuals find it more comfortable to wear goggles with one thicker band around the head. Others find it best to spread out the pressure with dual straps that can be adjusted separately for a more customized fit. This makes trying on the goggles an important step before you buy.

Other Features

There are a number of other features you may want in the best pool fitness gear. For instance, anti-fog lenses can be a perfect solution when you are swimming in extreme temperatures in particular.

Choosing the best pool fitness equipment will help you make the most of every workout in the water. Whether you choose the Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles or another option, you will find you can see more clearly as you move through the water. Make sure you choose goggles that not only offer the function you need, but also a comfortable fit so you can wear them as long as you spend time in the pool.

If you’re looking for the best pool fitness equipment in Dallas, contact us. We carry a vast array of the best pool fitness gear available.

Show Your Pride With the TYR American Flag Crosscutfit Swimsuit

You can show your American pride with your competitive swimwear.
Show your American pride with this competitive swimwear.

It’s summer time and time to hit the pool or the beach. In addition, the middle of summer is also a celebration of our freedoms as Americans. In this case, why not sport the TYR American Flag Crosscutfit Swimsuit? Rocking these TYR practice swimsuits will help you perform your best in the water, as well as show your pride in the American spirit.

Durable Competitive Swimwear

If you want to improve your competitive swimming, it’s important to make sure you choose a durable suit you can rely on for long use. As you learn your swimming techniques, you will become accustomed to the way your body moves and feels within a particular swimsuit. The TYR American Flag Crosscutfit Swimsuit is a durable suit constructed of their Durafast Elite fabric, which is 30 percent lighter than many other fabrics. The fabric also offers UPF 50+ sun protection and allows for 360 degree range of motion. Most competitive swimmers will get up to 2000 hours of use out of this swimsuit, making it a good buy as a practice suit.

An Attractive Cut

In addition to providing all the features competitive swimmers are looking for. These TYR practice swimsuits are designed in a flattering style women will love to wear at the pool and the beach. This competitive swimwear features a medium neckline with comfortable, flexible straps and an open back design. With modest leg openings and reliable coverage, women can wear this swimsuit with confidence. Whether they are spending time training at the pool or they are relaxing on the beach on a day off, this swimsuit is bound to attract attention.

When you want to improve your competitive swimming, it’s important to make sure you have the right swimsuit on hand. The TYR American Flag Crosscutfit Swimsuit is the perfect choice, both because of its durability and its fit.  However, this isn’t the only thing that attracts competitive swimmers to this suit. The fun American flag design is sure to turn heads and show off your sense of American pride, no matter where you are.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We can help you find the perfect swimwear to meet your needs, as well as your budget.

Olympic Trials Racing Suits – Order Your Tech Suit Now For Olympic Trials

Use Speedo tech suits for the Olympic trials.
Find the right Speedo tech suits for the Olympics.

The 2016 summer Olympics are quickly approaching and it’s time for swimmers to start thinking about the Olympic trials. As you prepare for the trials at the end of the month, it’s important to make sure you have the right swimsuit to meet your needs. The Speedo LZR Racer X suits can be the perfect option for your competitive swimwear. Consider these Speedo tech suits for the best results.

Jammer Style for Men

The Speedo LZR Racer X Jammer is the perfect option for men who are interestedi n trying out for the United States Olympic swim team. This competitive swimwear is the newest addition to the Speedo LZR line and features a comfortable fit and greater compression than any of its predecessors. The CompreX material provides swimmers with many features, including stretch technology that allows for a natural fit without stretching the fabric out.

Kneeskin Style for Women

For women looking for Speedo tech suits, the Speedo LZR Racer X Open Back Kneeskin offers the same advantages and features. One of the features many female swimmers enjoy in this competitive swimwear is the comfortable fit and compression that helps swimmers move through the water more effectively. Their new K-tape technology mimics the use of Carbon Flex taping to create a better fit and compression. The core and chest compression on this swimwear makes it one of the most desirable choices for female swimmers who want to shave time off their races to qualify for the upcoming Olympics.

Preparing for the Olympics is about more than making sure you have the proper technique to move as quickly and efficiently as possible. It’s also about choosing the ideal Speedo tech suits to give you the greatest competitive edge possible without breaking the rules. This competitive swimwear will help you get the best times possible and will increase the chances you will be at the top of the list when the final Olympic team is set.

If you’re looking for the best competitive swimwear in Dallas, contact us. We can help you find the ideal swimsuit for your needs, whether you’re trying out for the Olympics or you are a more casual swimmer.